3 Elements Of Awesome Landing Pages You Can't Do Without

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Building An Effective Landing Page Got You Feeling Like A Fish Out Of Water?

Go Fishing For Customers With An Awesome Landing PageIn our last post, we discussed the advantages of becoming an inbound marketing expert and how doing so will invite mucho mas traffic to your company's website. In that post, we briefly touched on how critical creating awesome landing pages is to your online success. If your plan of action doesn't or hasn't included landing pages built to convert leads, you're lacking a comprehensive strategy. The beauty of a magnificent, super-effective landing page lies in its elegance. Here's what we mean.

Land The Big One Yet? Here Are A Few Tips For Creating Awesome Landing Pages

Though there are a number of ways to go about making your landing pages sizzle, we think there are three essential ingredients you need to remember when building awesome landing pages. For them, elegance is an asset. It's to your advantage to approach them with a 'less is more' perspective. Landing pages are about action. With that in mind, let's cast our lines.

  1. Seize their attention with an electric headline! Whether it's news copy, print ad copy or online content, if you don't have a headline that grabs people by the short hairs and persuades them to look further, you've failed. We don't mean to be coarse, but we can't understate how decisive a headline is for luring visitors to your lander and converting them. The headline is most likely the first thing they'll see. Be direct and concise: tell your prospect exactly what your offer is. Did you recently publish a new white paper? Tell them it's a white paper. An insightful inbound marketing consultant can show you how good writer will craft a golden, attention-grabbing hook that, when paired with your concise, on-the-level info, will convert those leads. Along with that headline, provide a little context for your visitor. Briefly tell your public what's of value to them. 

  2. Lead capture form - If you want an awesome landing page, then you must integrate a lead capture form into it. Like the great headline you just wrote, keep your capture forms short and to-the-point. The longer the form is, the less likely your lead will furnish you with that all-important information you need to convert them. Here's another valuable tip: be very sensitive to your visitor's personal info. Privacy is a big deal. It doesn't hurt to acknowledge that fact, either. Reassure them that you will not share their information with anyone (you won't, right?) and that their information is your privilege. Include a link to your company's privacy policy. Though you want to keep these forms as compact as possible, make sure you're getting what you need on your end, too. Just don't go wild or your prospect may jump ship.

  3. Wisely-worded 'submit' button - Your submit button is essentially a call-to-action (CTA) and as such, it should plainly state what pressing it will do. In the example of the white paper I used above, tell them it's a "download." Words like "download" and "register" eliminate any sense of trickery your visitor may sense. After all, there are a lot of sharks in the water. Don't be a shark. Don't even appear to be a shark. Inbound marketing is about inviting your prospect into your living room and casually talking about your business. 

Bonus tip: Remember how we said awesome landing pages are all about elegance? Include only one, streamlined, direct CTA on your lander. Don't distract your lead. Social media buttons can also be extremely beneficial if they're smartly designed to flow well with the rest of the page.

Need Help Creating Your Outstanding, Stupendous, Awesome Landing Page?

So, there it is. Those are three essential elements for creating awesome landing pages. A carefully crafted, elegant and concise lander is absolutely essential for getting your prospects acquainted with your business and potentially getting them on your team. Contact a Tampa inbound marketing agency to learn even more!