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Transforming the Way Companies Market, Sell, & Service Their Customers

Meet the Crew

These are the people that make the magic happen.

Content creator extraodinaire for Bluleadz. I have been with the company since 2013 and have worked with clients in numerous industries to create valuable and informative content that attracts leads organically. On my days off, I like indulging in my tabletop gaming and model-building hobbies.


  • Food: Lasagna
  • Hobby: Model Kits
  • Artist: Billy Joel
  • TV Show: Babylon 5
  • Place: Bed

Doug Phillips

Content Marketer

While I may be new to this team, I’m not new to the ever-changing world of marketing! As a marketer, I have more than 8 years of experience in managing digital marketing campaigns. I have a B.A. from the University of Tampa. When not at work, I stretch my knowledge of useless trivia as part of a competitive team. I also enjoy watching sports & managing my fantasy football team.


  • Food: Chicken Nuggets and Pizza
  • Hobby: Socializing
  • Artist: Def Leppard
  • TV Show: Big Little Lies
  • Place: The Mountains

Anita Hawkins

Inbound Strategist

With 20+ years of advertising experience, I’ve worked in all forms of media. Now, I’m focused on creating engaging content for clients as an inbound marketer. Following graduation from WMU, I moved to Florida for year-round boating. When not working or on the water, I'm probably getting on a plane (29 countries and counting).


  • Food: Saganaki
  • Hobby: Boating/Travel
  • Artist: Fleetwood Mac
  • TV Show: Frasier
  • Place: Venice, Italy

Brad Hadfield

Content Marketer

I’ve been designing and developing here at Bluleadz since 2016 but I’ve been a computer geek fueling my creative juices since the early 2000’s. I love every pixel part of design and constantly pushing myself in new ways to design and improve my craft. I also have a serious addiction to Netflix, all Marvel movies, and everything John Mayer.


  • Food: Pizza and Pasta
  • Hobby: Netflix n' Eating
  • Artist: John Mayer
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Place: Colorado

Jackie Baez

Web Designer & Developer Design Lead

Originally from Chicago, I graduated from the University of Tampa with a BFA in Advertising & Public Relations in 2018. Since then, I've worked with various clients in the Tampa Bay region, helping amplify their brands through integrated marketing campaigns. When I'm not working, you can either find me sitting on the beach or attempting an at-home DIY project I found on Pinterest.


  • Food: Mac and Cheese
  • Hobby: Sunset Watching
  • Artist: Magic City Hippies
  • TV Show: Arrested Development
  • Place: Chicago

Taylor Hoffman

Inbound Strategist

College educated, family oriented, high-energy sales leader excited about helping businesses smash growth goals! Enthusiast of all Champa Bay sports! When I'm not working you can find me at the beach, in the gym, or on the softball field.


  • Food: Ribeye Steak
  • Hobby: Softball
  • Artist: Mötley Crüe
  • TV Show: Breaking Bad
  • Place: Nicosia, Cyprus

Patrick McVay

Sales Account Executive

I am a Website Developer and Designer living in Chicago, IL. I am passionate about web development and design. I spend my days with my hands in many areas of web development and helping client’s to build and improve their online presence. Currently pursuing my Bachelor degree in Computer Science at DePaul University. In my free time I love to spend time with my friends and family.


  • Food: Banana Pancakes
  • Hobby: Cooking
  • Artist: Amy Winehouse
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Place: Naples, FL

Gabriela Kostadinova

Web Designer & Developer

Shortly after graduating from the University of South Florida I joined Bluleadz as a Jr. Inbound Marketing Consultant. Fast-forward 3+ years and 100's of hours of learning later and now I'm a Sr. Inbound Strategist obsessed with helping our clients grow their businesses. I spend my free time enjoying too much coffee while getting better than I was the day before.


  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Running
  • Artist: DMB
  • TV Show: Game of Thrones
  • Place: On the trail

Will Polliard

Director of Sales

I live and breathe Inbound Marketing. I drank the Kool-aid many years ago and never looked back. I have a passion for helping companies grow their businesses online. I love sales and marketing and getting out on the golf course whenever I can. I'm a huge family man that loves building tree houses, baseball and going to recitals.


  • Food: Appolo's White Pizza
  • Hobby: Golf
  • Artist: Jimmy Buffet
  • TV Show: Billions
  • Place: Caribbean

Eric Baum


As a Content Marketing Specialist, I’m part of the awesome team building the Bluleadz following. I earned my English degree at University of South Florida, and I’ve been working in content marketing since 2015. I joined Bluleadz in 2018. Outside the office, I enjoy watching baseball, reading, and outdoor recreation.


  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Hammocking
  • Artist: Kevin Devine
  • TV Show: Arrested Development
  • Place: Colorado

Jeff Previte

Content Manager Copywriter Lead

A true inbound marketing believer. Since entering the workforce I have worked with dozens of clients at 2 HubSpot Diamond Agencies. Beginning as an account manager, to a Sr. Account Manager and now Director of Client Services my goal is to help clients grow their businesses through Inbound Marketing and train the Bluleadz team to effectively do the same.


  • Food: Mac n' Cheese
  • Hobby: Traveling
  • Artist: Jake Owen
  • TV Show: Entourage
  • Place: Nashville

Brittany Balog

Director of Service Operations

I was born and raised in Florida, and earned a journalism degree from the University of Florida. As the marketing and brand manager for Bluleadz, I help build our brand through content, marketing initiatives, and more. In my free time, I enjoy the beach, playing Animal Crossing (like a 10-year-old), and watching movies.


  • Food: Tacos
  • Hobby: Beachin'
  • Artist: MAGIC GIANT
  • TV Show: Love Island
  • Place: Lake Gaston, NC

Baylor Cherry

Inbound Strategist/Designer Marketing Lead

I have a passion for personal and professional growth and have worked in career development since 2008. I’m happiest when helping others pursue a career utilizing their unique skills, expertise, and passion. This is why I love working with Bluleadz and growing our all-star team. I’m a proud mom of two awesome boys who keep me on top of all things Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.


  • Food: Chips and Queso
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Artist: Van Morrison
  • TV Show: This Is Us
  • Place: Anywhere with my favorite people

Jen Larimore

Human Resources and Recruiting Manager

I earned my Master’s degree in Art History & Criticism at USF and have published works of journalism, art criticism, and poetry. My passion for writing started with scribbles in crayon and now involves empathetic storytelling that connects with the audience through emotion and eloquence. When not working, I enjoy rollerskating and thrift shopping.


  • Food: Mac & Cheese
  • Hobby: Thrift Shopping
  • Artist: Lorde
  • TV Show: Parks & Rec
  • Place: With my dog, Pinto Bean

SK West

Content Marketer

My favorite Christmas gift as a child was a typewriter. Since then, I've gotten to do a lot of writing — first as I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, then in law school, and during the almost 10 years I worked as an attorney. Now, I get to do it as a content marketer. My favorite clients are happy clients. My northern star is to create useful content. My spiritual guides are Yoda and Albus Dumbledore.


  • Food: Avocado Toast
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Artist: La Oreja de Van Gogh
  • TV Show: Felicity
  • Place: Home

Alejandra Zilak

Content Marketer

With roots in Lake George, NY, I moved to the Tampa area in 2010 for a new chapter as an aspiring business professional and an impassioned father. I have over five years of sales, marketing and HubSpot growth within the Bluleadz family. In my free time I love all things dogs, coffee shops, Marvel content and quality time with my daughter & our dog, Finn.


  • Food: Tiramisu
  • Hobby: Basketball
  • Artist: The Beatles
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Place: Glen Lake

Cory Abry

Sales Account Executive

With a degree in Accounting from The Ohio State University, I’ve worked almost 25 years with numbers. I like making columns balance and organizing a company’s books so that those who need them have the correct reports to be able to do their own jobs. I’m a Florida transplant from Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) and love the sunshine in Florida! I love family time and can’t wait to go on my next travel adventure!


  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Live Concerts
  • Artist: Zac Brown Band
  • TV Show: Schitt's Creek
  • Place: San Gimignano, Italy

Laura Bisesi

Accountant/Office Manager

Born in Brookhaven, Long Island, NY, I moved down to Florida with my family around age 4 and have lived in Tampa for most my life. As paid media specialist, I work with clients to ensure that they get the best possible return on their advertising investment. When not working, I'm usually in a Dungeon and Dragons campaign or behind a screen playing League of Legends.


  • Food: Pasta and meat sauce
  • Hobby: Table Top Roleplaying Games
  • Artist: Billy Joel
  • TV Show: The West Wing
  • Place: Saranac Lake, NY

Kenny Kavanagh

Paid Media Specialist

Originally from the Northeast with stints in a wide variety of places, I moved to Florida just over 2 years ago, and recently joined the Bluleadz team. I’ve been passionate about storytelling since before I could hold a pen or pencil and earned my MFA in Fiction from BGSU. When I’m not writing or reading, I’m likely outside with my dogs, playing tennis, running, or enjoying the amazing Tampa Bay Area.


  • Food: Tabouli
  • Hobby: Tennis
  • Artist: Tom Petty
  • TV Show: Schitt's Creek
  • Place: Anywhere near water

Jennifer Brown

Content Marketer

As the Director of Marketing, I'm responsible for attracting and engaging our target market and supplying our sales department with a qualified pipeline that will fuel the growth of our agency. Marketing minded with a bunch of crazy ideas... that sometimes work.


  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Racquetball
  • Artist: Billy Joel
  • TV Show: Seinfeld
  • Place: NYC

Rob Steffens

Director of Marketing & Client Success


Where It All Started

In 2009, Bluleadz CEO Eric Baum noticed a shift in the ways companies could market to their customers. After digging deeper into what this evolution consisted of, he discovered the power of inbound marketing thanks to HubSpot TV. 

Cut to over 10 years later: Bluleadz stands tall in the HubSpot Solutions Partner space as an early adopter of the inbound methodology. As a Diamond Certified Agency, Bluleadz continues to educate and guide companies on how to implement inbound in everything they do. 

Since its founding, Bluleadz has grown in size while delivering the results clients deserve, influencing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and generating millions of leads. Their Tampa headquarters is home of the Tampa HubSpot User Group (HUG), as well as the go-to venue for epic ping pong tournaments.

The History of Bluleadz

Let’s walk down memory lane to see how Bluleadz grew out of its roots from PPC and SEO to becoming the world’s first inbound agency.


The small but mighty team of four BZ employees learns and adopts inbound marketing while watching HubSpot TV. 🎓 Awesomeness ensues.



Bluleadz officially joins as a HubSpot Solutions Partner, registering their first client with HubSpot – the first of many delighted clients.😀



The hyper-growth phase kicks into full swing, doubling the size of the BZ team to 12, leading to bigger office spaces. 🚀 The highlight of the five year mark – welcoming Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot, as the guest speaker at the Tampa HUG workshop.



More hyper-growth: The team size, number of clients, and revenue doubles, and Bluleadz becomes more recognizable in the world of marketing. The team wins two American Marketing Association awards in the Tampa Bay chapter.🏆



A big year in the HubSpot world: Bluleadz earns the highest milestone for certified agencies, reaching Diamond Partner Agency status. 💎 They also win a HubSpot Impact Award for best client blog series.



Continued rapid growth moves the headquarters to a brand new office overlooking the water in Tampa Bay. The new digs inspired a new look, leading to a successful rebranding and launching of a new website. 🍾


2020 (& Beyond)

A growing team opens the doors for an expansion of services, including the launch of their HubSpot onboarding and implementation program. 📈 Both the Bluleadz marketing team and client services team win five big awards, including a Telly Award and Communicator Awards.


Our Core Values

Partners & Certifications

HubSpot Diamond
Westshore Alliance
Databox Certified
Wistia Silver

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