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Inbound in Everything We Do

Meet the Crew

These are the people that make the magic happen.

After earning a Journalism degree from the University of Florida, I joined the Bluleadz team as a Brand and Marketing Specialist. I am thrilled to be a part of building the Bluleadz brand through social media, office design and branded swag.


  • Food: Tacos
  • Hobby: Beachin'
  • Artist: MAGIC GIANT
  • TV Show: New Girl
  • Place: Lake Gaston, NC

Baylor Cherry

Marketing & Brand Specialist

As a Content Marketing Specialist, I’m part of the awesome team building the Bluleadz following. I earned my English degree at University of South Florida, and I’ve been working in content marketing since 2015. I joined Bluleadz in 2018. Outside the office, I enjoy watching baseball, reading, and outdoor recreation.


  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Hammocking
  • Artist: Kevin Devine
  • TV Show: Arrested Development
  • Place: Colorado

Jeff Previte

Content Manager

A true inbound marketing believer. Since entering the workforce I have worked with dozens of clients at 2 HubSpot Diamond Agencies. Beginning as an account manager, to a Sr. Account Manager and now Director of Client Services my goal is to help clients grow their businesses through Inbound Marketing and train the Bluleadz team to effectively do the same.


  • Food: Mac n' Cheese
  • Hobby: Traveling
  • Artist: Jake Owen
  • TV Show: Entourage
  • Place: Nashville

Brittany Balog

Director of Client Services

Shortly after graduating from the University of South Florida I joined Bluleadz as a Jr. Inbound Marketing Consultant. Fast-forward 3+ years and 100's of hours of learning later and now I'm a Sr. Inbound Strategist obsessed with helping our clients grow their businesses. I spend my free time enjoying too much coffee while getting better than I was the day before.


  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Running
  • Artist: DMB
  • TV Show: Game of Thrones
  • Place: On the trail

Will Polliard

Director of Sales

I’ve been designing and developing here at Bluleadz since 2016 but I’ve been a computer geek fueling my creative juices since the early 2000’s. I love every pixel part of design and constantly pushing myself in new ways to design and improve my craft. I also have a serious addiction to Netflix, all Marvel movies, and everything John Mayer.


  • Food: Pizza and Pasta
  • Hobby: Netflix n' Eating
  • Artist: John Mayer
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Place: Colorado

Jackie Baez

Web Designer

With 20 years of advertising experience, I've written for many brands across all forms of media. Now, crafting engaging content as an inbound marketer is what gets me up in the morning—and keeps me up late. A WMU graduate, I moved to Florida for year-round boating. When not on the water, I’m probably on a plane (24 countries and counting).


  • Food: Saganaki
  • Hobby: Boating & Traveling
  • Artist: Fleetwood Mac
  • TV Show: The Sopranos
  • Place: Paris

Brad Hadfield


My background is primarily in academics, with several years in teaching and editing for a peer-reviewed journal. As a copywriter, I'm focused on creating exciting content that tells engaging stories about a wide range of industries. In my free time, you can find me working on my latest novel or trying to get a new band off the ground.


  • Food: BBQ Potato Chips
  • Hobby: Playing Guitar
  • Artist: Paradise Lost
  • TV Show: Game of Thrones
  • Place: Helsinki, Finland

Ben Sperduto


I hold a BFA from the University of Tampa and have been working in advertising and media since the early 2000's. Over the years I have gained experience in graphic design, paid search, cable tv and project management. I enjoy helping clients reach their business goals and coming up with new ideas.


  • Food: Salmon Sashimi
  • Hobby: Boating
  • Artist: Kacey Musgraves
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Place: Las Vegas

Jennifer Franklin


My passion for graphic design began in high school yearbook class over a decade ago. I have experience designing for inbound, traditional, and nonprofit marketing. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication from Southeastern University. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends & family, traveling, & being outdoors.


  • Food: Crab Legs
  • Hobby: Traveling
  • Artist: Bon Iver
  • TV Show: Sons of Anarchy
  • Place: Yosemite

Brittany McMillen

Graphic Designer

I am a content creator with a passion for bringing brands to life through video. As a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications with a degree in Telecommunication-Production, I have nearly a decade of professional video production experience. Go Gators!


  • Food: Publix Sub (Italian)
  • Hobby: Event Planning
  • Artist: Huey Lewis
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Place: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Brooks Allen

Video Production Specialist

Content creator extraodinaire for Bluleadz. I have been with the company since 2013 and have worked with clients in numerous industries to create valuable and informative content that attracts leads organically. On my days off, I like indulging in my tabletop gaming and model-building hobbies.


  • Food: Lasagna
  • Hobby: Model Kits
  • Artist: Billy Joel
  • TV Show: Babylon 5
  • Place: Bed

Doug Phillips


I’ve been with Bluleadz for going on three years and have been working in the industry for five years. My role is to design and implement awesome interactive experiences. I’m also a dad, gamer, yoyoer, fixed-gear cyclist and all around nerd. I graduated from The Art Institute of Tampa in the summer of 2012 with my BFA in graphic design.


  • Food: Pierogi
  • Hobby: Cycling
  • Artist: Alkaline Trio
  • TV Show: Home Improvement
  • Place: Not Florida

Steven Kielbasa

Web Designer

I joined Bluleadz in 2014, shortly after graduating from the University of Tampa. I love helping my clients grow their business with inbound marketing by working with them to create awesome and unique content. Born and raised in Naples, FL, I enjoy watching Friends re-runs, relaxing at the beach/pool, and spending time with my friends and family.


  • Food: Garlic Bread
  • Hobby: Crafting
  • Artist: Luke Bryan
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Place: St. Lucia

Jackie Wiley

Account Manager

As the token ‘young one’ of the office, I haven’t let this slow down my journey to a Senior Strategist. With the basis of my career at Bluleadz, my dedication has always been capitalizing on a strong online presence. I truly enjoy building client relationships, developing new ideas and putting a plan in place to provide value and grow businesses.


  • Food: Nachos
  • Hobby: Beachin'
  • Artist: Maren Morris
  • TV Show: New Girl
  • Place: California

Cassandra Leonard


I've been in the Digital Marketing Industry since 2012, but with Bluleadz since 2016. I work closely with our marketing and sales team from brainstorming marketing strategies to making everything look pixel-perfect. I’m a curious person at heart and jump to every opportunity to learn something new or take on a challenge.


  • Food: Jamaican Jerk Chicken
  • Hobby: Tennis
  • Artist: Chris Brown
  • TV Show: 24
  • Place: NYC

Karey Mitchell

Web Designer

I joined Bluleadz in 2018 as an Inbound Marketing Consultant. My background is diverse in account management, business development and marketing. I love being able to help clients discover what marketing can do for their business. A native from New Hampshire, I now reside in the Tampa Bay area after graduating from the University of South Florida in 2013.


  • Food: Bacon
  • Hobby: Sports
  • Artist: Chris Stapleton
  • TV Show: The Office
  • Place: Baxter Lake

Kristin Jordan

Account Manager

Born and raised in Tampa, I graduated from The University of Tampa with a Marketing & Economics degree. After beginning my career in content creation and copywriting, I joined the Bluleadz team in 2019. When I’m not writing up a storm, you can find me at a concert, by the pool, or trying out a new recipe.


  • Food: Tacos
  • Hobby: Concerts
  • Artist: Travis Scott
  • TV Show: Narcos
  • Place: Miami

Katherine Wolf

Marketing Specialist

As a PPC Specialist, I’m part of the amazing team building the Bluleadz following. I graduated from USF in 2016 with my Advertising degree, and I’ve been working in the PPC space ever since. Outside of the office, I enjoy many things including baseball (Go Braves), video games, cars, and the beach.


  • Food: Chicken Alfredo
  • Hobby: Cars
  • Artist: Linkin Park
  • TV Show: Rick And Morty
  • Place: Nags Head, NC

Corey Lapp

PPC Specialist

I live and breathe Inbound Marketing. I drank the Kool-aid many years ago and never looked back. I have a passion for helping companies grow their businesses online. I love sales and marketing and getting out on the golf course whenever I can. I'm a huge family man that loves building tree houses, baseball and going to recitals.


  • Food: Appolo's White Pizza
  • Hobby: Golf
  • Artist: Jimmy Buffet
  • TV Show: Billions
  • Place: Caribbean

Eric Baum


I join Bluleadz with just over a year of marketing experience, graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2018. My previous roles and background have led me to be passionate about all types of marketing, but I am very eager to learn more. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skillset as a Jr. Account Manager. In my free time, I like to snowboard, play soccer or go to concerts.


  • Food: Ramen
  • Hobby: Attending Concerts
  • Artist: Odesza
  • TV Show: The Office
  • Place: Amsterdam

Sara Sprenger

Marketing Specialist

While I may be new to this team, I’m not new to the ever-changing world of marketing! As a marketer, I have more than 8 years of experience in managing digital marketing campaigns. I have a B.A. from the University of Tampa. When not at work, I stretch my knowledge of useless trivia as part of a competitive team. I also enjoy watching sports & managing my fantasy football team.


  • Food: Chicken Nuggets and Pizza
  • Hobby: Socializing
  • Artist: Def Leppard
  • TV Show: Big Little Lies
  • Place: The Mountains

Anita Hawkins

Marketing Specialist

As the Director of Marketing, I'm responsible for attracting and engaging our target market and supplying our sales department with a qualified pipeline that will fuel the growth of our agency. Marketing minded with a bunch of crazy ideas... that sometimes work.


  • Food: Pizza
  • Hobby: Racquetball
  • Artist: Billy Joel
  • TV Show: Seinfeld
  • Place: NYC

Rob Steffens

Director of Marketing


Our Mission

Transform the Way Companies Market, Sell, and Service Their Customers

The Tampa BZ Team

With roots in SEO, PPC,website design and development spanning over a decade, Bluleadz CEO and Ping Pong pro Eric Baum was always waiting for the next big thing. In 2009, he found it through inbound marketing. He understood that engaging with visitors, leads and customers online would make brands more valuable and help foster trust among clients and potential customers. Pushing all chips on Hubspot orange, he built the industry-leading, award-winning company that we know today.

As early proponents of inbound, Bluleadz may seem like a dinosaur in the industry. But we’re much more Jurassic Park at a red carpet premiere than Smithsonian Museum on a rainy Sunday. We love growing our clients’ businesses with inbound & HubSpot more than coffee…have you ever had really good coffee? Exactly. Hence, our commitment.

We are a motivated, collaborative, transparency-first digital marketing agency who are like family, and we pride ourselves on truly understanding what is most important to our clients and how we can most effectively apply our expertise to help meet their goals.

We live by 5 core values

Everything we do must be awesome

Do the right thing

Take Ownership / Self Motivated / Reliable

Be passionate & have a positive "can do" attitude

Treat everyone with respect, honesty & consideration


The Story Behind the B and the Z

The year it all started! After watching a lot of HubSpot TV, our group of 4 Inbound Marketers jumped in with both feet first and started drinking the HubSpot Kool-Aid.
After officially becoming a HubSpot Partner, we secured our first client and registered them with HubSpot. From there, we began to grow Bluleadz by using the Inbound Marketing techniques we provide to all of our clients today.
Building on the success of our first few years, we shifted into hyper-growth and doubled the size of our team from 6 to 12. This lead to us outgrowing our work space not once, but twice, moving us into larger offices. But the biggest highlight of the year was welcoming Brian Halligan, the CEO of HubSpot, as the guest speaker at our annual Tampa HUG workshop.
A whirlwind of a year that saw us doubling the size of our agency in terms of revenue, team size, and clients. We also won 2 American Marketing Association awards in Tampa Bay.
Just a few short years after our first sip of the Kool-Aid, we achieved the highest HubSpot Partner Milestone by becoming a Diamond Partner Agency. We also won a HubSpot Impact award for the best client blog series.
After another period of rapid growth, we once again outgrew our office and moved into a spacious waterfront property overlooking Tampa Bay. To celebrate the occasion, we successfully rebranded the company and launched our new website.

Partners & Certifications

HubSpot Diamond
Westshore Alliance
Databox Certified
Wistia Silver

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