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Bluleadz HubSpot Onboarding vs. HubSpot Direct Onboarding

HubSpot provides its own guided onboarding program that helps businesses get their HubSpot account set up properly for their needs. However, if you don’t have enough internal resources or if your setup is complex, this option may leave you needing additional support.

HubSpot Partner Onboarding with Bluleadz is ideal for businesses that need more advanced assistance. Our HubSpot experts don’t just guide you through each tool — we set up HubSpot for you. 

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Our HubSpot Onboarding Process

As an accredited HubSpot Onboarding and Implementation Agency, our team of certified HubSpot experts walk you though each step and provide implementation services and train your team along the way. Each HubSpot onboarding can take 30 to 90 days, depending on your needs.

1. Define Your HubSpot Onboarding Goals

Meet with your team of certified HubSpot experts to establish your initial objectives and assign priorities to each goal.

Week 1

2. Complete Your Initial HubSpot Technical Setup

Work closely with your Bluleadz team to set up your HubSpot portal so that every tool fits each of your team’s needs.

Week 3

3. Tackle the Highest Priority Goal First

Collaborate with our team to establish a clear project plan for one objective, then implement your strategy using your HubSpot tools.

Week 5

4. Continue to Hit the Rest of Your Onboarding Goals

Focus on the secondary and tertiary goals you initially defined as we continue to educate your team on each HubSpot tool.

Week 8

5. Progress Evaluation During a 60 Day Check-In

After two months, we look at the rest of your goals and see what final steps are needed to complete your onboarding.

Week 9

6. Shift From Onboarding to HubSpot Growth

Upon completion of your HubSpot onboarding, your team establishes ongoing implementation needs with Bluleadz. This transition includes a kickoff call with your Bluleadz inbound strategist, content marketer, and other specialists to define ongoing strategies that we help implement as part of our HubSpot growth services.

Week 10

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FAQs About Our HubSpot Onboarding Services

Depending on your goals and the scope of the project, we can get your team started using HubSpot in as little as 30 days. 

More complex onboarding can take 60 to 90 days. 

HubSpot account information, third party application information (if applicable), technical information for successful HubSpot setup, feedback during consultation calls, and approvals throughout strategy development.

We estimate your program will require about 2 hours of your time per week at the most. 

Direct onboarding through HubSpot is a great resource if you have the time and internal resources available to work closely with HubSpot. 

However, if you prefer more assistance, the Bluleadz HubSpot onboarding team sets up everything for you! 

TLDR: HubSpot guides you through setting up your portal. Bluleadz configures your portal to make it work easily for you and your teams. 

Our sales team identifies your needs and provides a customized package that includes every hub you need set up. 

That program plan is defined in a weekly schedule, and our teams work together while meeting every week to configure each hub so they work best for you. 

No matter where you are in the onboarding program, you can cancel any time. 

Yes, we offer month-to-month commitments for various HubSpot services, including:

Additionally, our HubSpot Growth Services is our monthly retainer program, where you get a dedicated team of inbound strategy and content marketing experts that provide strategy and drive implementation to hit your goals. 

We have a kickoff call to introduce both teams. Then, we follow a weekly schedule together, configuring each tool one by one. 

During weekly calls, we review our progress and answer any of your questions. We establish priorities upfront and complete each of them as we progress. 

Upon completion of your onboarding program, you can opt for our monthly retainer services to get expert guidance on developing and implementing strategies that align with your unique goals. 

The HubSpot onboarding team at Bluleadz doesn't just walk you through how to set up your hub. We do it for you and provide a hands-on experience with weekly calls. 

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