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Effortlessly migrate your important data to HubSpot using our seamless CRM integration and migration services. Keep your business organized and running smoothly with accurate and up-to-date information, leaving the technical details to us while you concentrate on expanding your business.

CRM Health and Dependability

Accurate and Automated Data Updates

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What is a CRM Migration & Integration?

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When new customers are looking to get onto HubSpot, they always face at least one of two major hurdles when it comes to their data:

(1) Move entirely off of an antiquated or more restrictive CRM and successfully migrate all of their database information into HubSpot.

(2) Keep key data sources and properties active in the previous system, but successfully integrate it with the HubSpot CRM so both systems communicate with each other in an ongoing basis.

Our certified technical HubSpot experts can solve for both to ensure your data health is optimal and updating seamlessly that way you're always getting most out of HubSpot's automation capabilities.

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Data moved from your other CRM tool (or tools) onto the HubSpot platform.
When available, ongoing synchronization of data between alternate CRM(s) and HubSpot.
Consultation on how to manage the import of data from alternate CRM(s) into HubSpot.
Reports, custom sales dashboards, and recommendations for implementing the data within the HubSpot platform.

*Availability of automated import may vary from one CRM to the next -- please contact Bluleadz for more information about your CRM*


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CRM Migration & Integration With Bluleadz

The HubSpot CRM has grown exponentially in both capabilities and demand in recent years proving to be the #1 choice for our customers. See how we've helped them get set up for success:

"Bluleadz provided outstanding support for our HubSpot onboarding and CRM migration. Their expert team ensured a seamless transition, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and effective communication throughout. The comprehensive training sessions further empowered our team. Bluleadz is an exceptional choice for businesses seeking excellence in HubSpot implementation and support."

M.D. Ishtiaq

Web Developer
"Wildly helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. Working with Bluleadz was a great experience. They understood exactly what our startup needed to create our CRM, and shared with us the right level of guidance to help us learn and adopt processes and workflows within. We are excited about how our program will work moving forward, all because Bluleadz listened and helped us in the right ways."

Dana Larson

Director of Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

A CRM migration typically involves a one-time movement of data from one CRM tool to another. This is often the preference when permanently moving from an old CRM to a new one. A CRM integration seeks to connect two tools so that data can be shared from one to the other on an ongoing basis. This is useful if you plan to keep using both tools moving forward.

HubSpot’s CRM works optimally with all of the other HubSpot tools — such as sales, marketing, and support. However, it also integrates with many popular marketing and sales software; and our specialists will gladly set them up to work together.

No. All of our certified HubSpot experts, account managers, copywriters, strategists, and designers/developers are full-time Bluleadz employees.

We do everything within our control to ensure that you work with the same dedicated specialist throughout the duration of your project. However, if for any reason that needs to change, you will still get someone who will be fully updated on the process of your CRM migration and integration to ensure seamless collaboration and successful completion.

Our standard onboarding process is between three to five business days. However, this can be expedited based on any possible time-sensitive needs you may have.

There are a few things that can delay the completion of a CRM migration or integration project.

This includes things like:

  • Delays in getting access to data files or CRM logins.
  • Errors in the formatting of an integration/migration table document.
  • Incorrect project scope.

Most of the businesses we work with are in the B2B SaaS, cloud, IT, manufacturing, and professional services industries. That said, our approach is industry-agnostic at its core and we’ve worked successfully with other industries.

This depends on your specific business needs and the amount of support you’ve purchased. However, you can get a basic setup completed within 10 weeks.

Each week, your CRM migration and integration expert at Bluleadz will review what’s already been completed and go over the next steps. You will then have time to discuss your specific concerns that may arise during the remainder of the migration and integration process.

We don’t outsource anything, so your entire team is always in-house. Our pricing is flexible to fit your budget and your goals. You’re never stuck in long-term contracts – we collaborate with clients on a month to month basis. And we take a holistic approach to transforming all aspects of your business – marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Data dependability is something that no modern business can afford to constantly worry about. Our technical HubSpot experts are ready to provide a seamless migration and integration for you.

Let's get your team successfully moved over to HubSpot and in complete control of their data with the most in-demand, modern, user-friendly CRM on the market. 

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