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Inbound Marketing Resources

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This is a great place to get some awesome information about inbound content, HubSpot, design, training, social media marketing and much more.

How to Start Getting Leads on HubSpot in 30 Days

  • Start Ramping Up Your Lead Generation Efforts on HubSpot
  • Learn How to Make the Most of Your Existing Traffic Sources
  • Tips to Create Clearly Defined Buyer Personas

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The Marketer's Guide to Using Instagram

  • How to Build Your Companies Following
  • Learn How to Identify the Best Hashtags
  • Use the Stories Feature to Your Companies Advantage

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How To Pitch Inbound Marketing To Your CEO / Management Team

  • How To Show Inbound Marketing Value To Your CEO & Management Team
  • What Inbound Marketing Has To Offer Your Sales Team
  • How To Approach Different Key Players In Your Organization And What Concerns They May Have

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Overcoming The 5 Biggest Email Marketing Challenges

  • Email Marketing Solutions for Every Industry
  • How to Create Compelling, Concise Email Content
  • How to Increase Email Open Rates

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YouTube Style Guide For Business

  • Get More Results From Your Company YouTube Channel
  • How to Fine Tune Your Company YouTube Channel
  • Branding Guidelines for Your Company Channel

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HubSpot Diamond Partners Analysis

  • An Overview of HubSpot's Leading Diamond Partners
  • Detailed Information From Price Range - Service Offerings
  • Agency Info & Next Steps for Quick Contact

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How To Create An Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

  • Understand The Benefits Of Influencer Marketing
  • How To Select The Right Influencers
  • How To Boost Your Brands Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

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How to Build An Internal Inbound Marketing Team

  • Pinpoint Which Positions You NEED To Have
  • Understand What Each Position Brings To The Table
  • What Qualities To Look For When Hiring For These Roles

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How to Choose The Right Inbound Agency

  • How To Pinpoint Which Direction Your Company Needs To Go
  • Questions To Ask Yourself When Selecting An Inbound Agency
  • Best Ways To Get Started With An Agency

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How To Create A Campaign In HubSpot

  • How To Create A Marketing Campaign In HubSpot
  • Where To Host Your Website Files
  • Ways To Build A Call To Action

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5 Ways To Use Video In The Marketing And Sales Funnel

  • How To Make Intro Videos For Prospects
  • Step By Step Instructions For Creating Custom Video GIFs
  • How To Shoot And Edit Videos For Marketing Campaigns

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How To Create An Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

  • How To Identify Your Target Market
  • Tips To Create A Compelling Content Offer
  • How To Set Up Workflows

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The Marketer's Guide to Tracking Analytics

  • Learn Which Metrics You Need To Track & How Often For Success
  • How To Use A Combination Of HubSpot & Google Analytics
  • Tips From Marketing Experts

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The Power of Video in Marketing Automation

  • How To Generate Powerful Customer Insights
  • How To Create Compelling Video Campaigns
  • Ideas On How To Integrate Video In Your Marketing Strategy

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How to Use Social Media to Find New Leads

  • Understand The Fundamental Social Prospecting Concepts
  • Easy To Follow Instructions To Put Fundementals Into Practice
  • Pro Tips To Help Guide You Towards Success

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Introduction to Growth Driven Design

  • Does Traditional Web Design Leave Your Website Open To Risks
  • How To Generate The Most Money From Your Website
  • How GDD Can Save You Time, Money, & Resources

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HubSpot CRM & Salesforce: Which is the best solution for your business?

  • Answers To The Top CRM Questions
  • Benefits & Drawbacks Of Both HubSpot CRM & Salesforce
  • CRMs That Promote SMarketing

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An Introduction To Business Blogging

  • Learn Business Blogging Best Practices
  • How To Choose Topics To Blog About
  • How To Optimize Your Blog Posts

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30 Great Lead Gen Tips, Tricks & Ideas

  • Best Lead Generating Examples From Bluleadz
  • Awesome Lading Page Tips
  • How To Create Irresistible Offers

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Social Media Paid Advertising

  • What Does Social Media Paid Advertising Look Like
  • Which Platfom To Advertise On
  • How You Can Create Your First Ad

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How To use Facebook For Business

  • How To Attract New Fans To Your Page
  • Get The Scoop On Facebook Advertising
  • How To Use Facebook To Boost Your SEO

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An Introduction To Email Marketing

  • How To Solve Email Marketing Challenges
  • Various Marketing Emails For Your Business
  • How To Measure Your Emails Performance

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10 Useless Things To Cut From Your Marketing

  • What Marketers Can Eliminate To Maximize Results
  • Streamline Your Marketing Efforts To Get Better & Faster
  • How To Stop Over-Reporting

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50 Shades Of Marketing

  • How Colors Can Change Customer's Perspectives
  • Different Shades Of Colors To Promote Different Ideas
  • How To Use Color To Help Your Business Grow

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Get Found Online

  • Optimize Your Website For Search Engines
  • How You Should Use Social Media To Drive More Traffic
  • Create A Business Blog To Attract New Website Visitors

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Inbound Marketing Plan

  • Define Your Target Market & Customer Persona
  • Select Core Keywords For SEO
  • Analyze What Your Competition Is Doing

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6 Smart Ways To Spend Your Leftover Marketing Budget

  • Create Incredible Value With No Budget Whatsoever
  • Establish A New & Improved Sales Funnel
  • Creative Ways To Make Sure You Invest Efficiently

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How To Serve Up Better Leads To Your Sales Team

  • How To Serve Up Better Qualified Leads To Your Sales Team

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Bluleadz Video Specialist

  • What Our Video Specialists Do

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Bluleadz PPC Specialist

  • What Our PPC Specialists Do

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Bluleadz Designers/Developers

  • What Our Designers/Developers Do

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Bluleadz Inbound Marketing Consultants

  • What Our Inbound Marketing Consultants Do

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How Bluleadz Becomes Content Experts In Your Industry

  • How Bluleadz Handles The Content Creation Process

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Inbound Sales Process: A Complete Roadmap

  • Where To Start The Inbound Sales Process
  • What To Do When An SQL Comes Through Your Site
  • What Steps To Take After Your Initial Calls

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SMART Goals Template

  • Summarize Your Ultimate Marketing Goals
  • Determine Your Ultimate Marketing Needs
  • Set A Deadline For Meeting Your Goals

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LinkedIn 101 Tip Sheet

  • Learn the LinkedIn Branding Basics
  • Understand Your Paid Media Options on LinkedIn
  • How to Increase Your Brands Visibility on LinkedIn

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How To Rank Higher In Local Search Results

  • How To Optimize Contact Pages For SEO
  • Ways To Leverage Social Media & Review Aggregators
  • Best Practices For Creating Location-Specific Content

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Keyword Research Tipsheet

  • Key Steps To Identify The Right Keywords
  • How To Compile A Comprehensive Keyword List
  • What To Analyze To Determine The Right Target Keywords

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B2B Web Design Checklist

  • Learn How Your Website Can Pass The Blink Test
  • How To Reinforce Your Site Content
  • What Makes or Breaks a Homepage

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The Ultimate Blogging Checklist

  • How To Identify Blog Topics
  • Blog Formatting Best Practice Tips
  • How To Analyze Your Blog Once It's Published

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Inbound Marketing Bootcamp

  • 5 Day Video Training Program To Help Take Your Marketing Efforts To The Next Level

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Find And Convert Leads With Video Marketing

  • Setting Achievable Video Marketing Goals
  • Using Video As A Lead Conversion Tool
  • Video Marketing Automation

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How To: Migrate A WordPress Blog To HubSpot

  • Video Tutorial: How To Migrate A WordPress Blog To HubSpot

How To: Sync Social Media Accounts in HubSpot

  • Video Tutorial: How To Sync Up Your Social Accounts In HubSpot

How To: Create Smart Form Fields in HubSpot

  • Video Tutorial: Creating Smart Form Fields In HubSpot

How To: Create a Video Voicemail

  • Video Tutorial: Creating A Video Voicemail

5 Things You Need to do for Your Business on LinkedIn IMMEDIATELY

  • 5 Tips For Your Business's LinkedIn

How To: Create a 301 Redirect In HubSpot

  • Video Tutorial: How To Create A 301 Redirect In HubSpot

How To: Set a Background Image Using a Custom Module in HubSpot

  • Video Tutorial: How To Set A Background Image Using A Custom Module In HubSpot

7 Video Tips Your Business Needs to Know RIGHT NOW

  • 7 Video Tips To Start Implementing

5 Ways Your Business is Using Social Media Wrong

  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Business's Social Media Presence

7 Awesome Hacks for Creating an Amazing Email Campaign

  • Hacks To Create An Amazing Email Campaign

How To: Use HubSpot to See Where Your Leads are Coming From

  • How To Use HubSpot To See Where Your Leads Are Coming From

How To: Create a Modal Popup Window in HubSpot

  • Creating A Modal Popup Window In HubSpot

How To: Add a Google Custom Search to Your HubSpot Website

  • Video Tutorial: How To Add A Google Custom Search To Your HubSpot Site

How To: Upload a Wistia Video to Your Website

  • How To Add A Wistia Video To Your Website

5 Ways to Improve Your Business's Local SEO

  • Improve Your Business's Local SEO

3 Easy Ways to Align Sales and Marketing

  • 3 Ways To Align Your Sales & Maketing Teams

How To: Place Google Analytics On A HubSpot Website

  • Video Tutorial: How To Place Google Analytics On A HubSpot Website

5 Videos Your Boring Business Needs RIGHT NOW

  • Different Videos You Can Make To Showcase Your Business

#askinbound: "Where does SEM fit in with inbound marketing?"

  • How Does SEM Fit In With Inbound Marketing

#askinbound 09: "How do I unite marketing and sales?"

  • How To Get Marketing & Sales On The Same Page

#askinbound 08: "Does an inbound agency need to be in the same city as me?"

  • Does The Location Of An Inbound Marketing Agency Matter

#askinbound 07: "Which CMS should I use?"

  • Which Content Management System Should You Use

#askinbound 06: "Why Is My Traffic Down?"

  • Diagosing A Decrease In Website Traffic

#askinbound 05: "Where Do I Start in Inbound Marketing?"

  • A Good Place To Start Implementing Inbound Marketing

#askinbound 04: "How do you Set Up Your Annual Goals?"

  • How To Set Up Annual Goals

#askinbound 03: "What's the Best SEO Advice You've Ever Heard?"

  • SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Business

#askinbound 02: "Should You Hire An Inbound Marketer or Outsource It?"

  • Inbound Marketing: In-House Or Outsourced

#askinbound 01: "Is Inbound Marketing Right for Every Business?"

  • What's A Good Fit For Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing Success Story
  • Inbound Marketing Best Principals