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The last 14+ years of experience taught us a lot about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of business software solutions. With over 15,000 SaaS brands in the market (and a lot more to come), there are so many providers to sift through. 
While it's a luxury to have plenty of options to help you overcome your major sticking points that slow your business growth, the process of developing a tech stack is complex. 
HubSpot, the all-in-one platform that powers growth for businesses of any size, is what we live and breathe. As an accomplished HubSpot partner, we're experts in implementing the best integrations to fit our needs and the needs of our clients. HubSpot is the central hub of our tech stack, bringing together some of the best business tools on the market to fuel revenue growth. 
Through years of researching, testing, and analyzing various solutions, we’re proud to celebrate the best of the best. 
Meet our preferred partners.


The central hub of thousands of growing businesses, HubSpot unites marketing, sales, customer service, and website development. They provide all the tools you need within their individual hubs, including the CMS Hub and a free CRM, and maintain a growing app ecosystem of over 200 tools that integrate seamlessly to empower businesses to grow better.  

Our team lives and breathes this all-in-one platform on a daily basis. As a proud 5 Star Elite Solutions Partner, the Bluleadz team knows how to grow businesses on HubSpot in all kinds of industries.

We use HubSpot for:

  • Attracting over 250,000 monthly unique visitors to our blog.
  • Generating over 1,200 qualified leads each month.
  • Earning 14,000+ subscribers for our blog.
  • Achieving consistent revenue growth year over year.

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Give your team the power to have more impactful conversations with your clients. Aircall is the cloud-based phone system for support and sales teams that is built to work for your team's work in conjunction with your CRM.

Simple and beautiful UI for admins and users, it is designed to give control to managers and admins, focusing on ease of use, connecting to both Sales and Service/Support tools.

You are able to create numbers in 100+ countries and begin onboarding the same day. Add numbers, users, or routing rules on the fly with consistent 99.99%+ uptime.

Aircall is a HubSpot Strategic partner and preferred integration for telephony solutions.

We use Aircall for:

  • Automatically log calls and sms to HubSpot
  • Automate the creation of deals and ticket using tags
  • Take calls on the go while accessing HubSpot information on Contact, Deals and Tickets
  • Live Coaching
  • Have advanced reporting capabilities on phone call interactions.


Equip your sales team with the tools they need to close deals fast. DealHub is the ultimate revenue amplification platform that covers every aspect of the sales process. 

Some of the most notable features include:

  • A Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution that helps your reps create accurate quotes in no time
  • Contract management capabilities for streamlining the contract creation process
  • A subscription management feature to simplify how you handle recurring revenue channels


Voice and SMS is exploding in the sales world for good reason: Your sales team can connect with your leads directly and have engaging conversations. Kixie is an excellent AI-powered platform that automates outreach and includes a full telephony stack, including call queues, call transfers, IVR, and more. 

Most notably, it integrates perfectly with your CRM, so you can maintain an organized sales process that collects all your customer interactions in one place. With the automatic dialer, local presence tool, automated triggers, and real-time call coaching, your sales team can spend more time building relationships and hitting your revenue goals. 

We use Kixie for:

  • Creating a local presence to connect with leads. 
  • Automating text messaging and calling to streamline operations. 
  • Tracking and recording phone calls in our CRM. 
  • Leaving engaging voicemails with one click.

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Website accessibility is about more than just preventing potential lawsuits. It’s about doing the right thing, which is one of our core values. All your site visitors deserve an equally awesome user experience, including those who live with disabilities. Fortunately, there are official website accessibility guidelines you can follow.

To achieve ADA and WCAG compliance, you need accessiBe. This is the best web accessibility software available because it uses AI technology to apply adjustments that ensure full compliance. You only need to add a single line of code, which takes five minutes, and you’re set up for 24/7 automated compliance. Most importantly, every person who comes to your website can find what they need. 

We use accessiBe for:

  • Achieving 24/7 ADA and WCAG compliance. 
  • Delivering a positive user experience for all people. 
  • Enabling users to make adjustments for orientation, content, and colors. 
  • Improving SEO to boost our ranking potential.

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Generating sales is no easy feat. But AI technology certainly speeds up the process. Our sales team uses Seamless.AI to enhance lead intelligence, prioritize outreach, and personalize engagement to have more meaningful conversations. 

This tool helps users gather contact information, including emails and phone numbers, which speeds up the process of building contact lists, social lists, website lists, and account lists. Not to mention, it integrates seamlessly (hence the name) with all your favorite apps, including your CRM, email provider, and dialers. 

We use Seamless.AI for:

  • Building more informed lists for our inbound specialists. 
  • Streamlining lead qualification and data management. 
  • Accelerating our daily sales development performance. 
  • Booking more meetings and closing more deals.

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Your sales strategy needs multiple touchpoints to be successful. This is where text messaging comes in handy, and Salesmsg is the best two-way business texting software option on the market. 

This tool enables your team to execute and manage impactful text conversations with your leads for an unlimited amount of contacts. It’s user friendly and built to help you scale your efforts, thanks to its broadcasting feature for sending mass texts and the auto-reply capabilities. You also get access to segmentation options, software integrations, shared inboxes, and analytics features. 

We use Salesmsg for:

  • Conducting mass outreach to keep leads engaged. 
  • Segmenting our leads to deliver hyper-targeted messaging. 
  • Sending reminders to reduce our rate of no-show meetings. 
  • Boosting outreach engagement to increase the amount of meetings.

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