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Pricing Made Simple

Your goals and budget determine how we help you drive success for your business. Our pricing is built to help hit your goals within your budget. As a client, you can prioritize your goals based on two paths – projects or month-to-month retainers.

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Who Is the Retainer Path For?

Companies that want to set the path for long-term growth and revenue acceleration.

What Does This Path Consist Of?

We provide month-to-month retainer options that align with your specific areas of focus:

Digital Marketing

Starts at $5,000/Month

Attract more traffic, get qualified leads, and boost brand awareness.

What This Package Includes →
What You Get
  • Kickoff call for goal setting
  • Documented strategy for 6 months
  • Automation software setup
  • 8 dedicated team members for content, design, and more
  • Weekly asset deliverables based on your strategy
  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins
  • Monthly ROI reporting

Sales Enablement

Starts at $5,000/Month

Equip your team with tools, training, and resources to close more new customers.

What This Package Includes →
What You Get
  • Kickoff call for goal setting
  • Documented sales process audit
  • Automation software setup
  • Expert training and ongoing coaching services
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Continuous sales pipeline management consulting 
  • Monthly revenue reporting

Sales Development

Starts at $6,000/Month

Research leads, engage in prospecting, and turn leads into qualified sales opportunities. 

What This Package Includes →
What You Get
  • Kickoff call for goal setting
  • Sales automation software and reporting setup
  • Playbook, battlecard, and template creation
  • Sequence and campaign setup
  • Weekly training and sales call coaching
  • Customized CRM contact views and lists
  • Dedicated SDR team and services

Website Development

Starts at $5,000/Month

Look better than your competitors, convert more traffic, and drive revenue.

What This Package Includes →
What You Get
  • Kickoff call for goal setting
  • Documented website optimization audit
  • Documented website development process 
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Content marketing and messaging strategy
  • Monthly site performance reporting

Who Is the Project Path For?

Businesses that have specific goals they want to accomplish as fast as possible.

What Does This Path Consist Of?

We offer projects tailored to those goals and built with a budget in mind:

I Need Website Help

Projects built to boost conversions and get leads from your site.

See Project Options →
Website Projects
  • Webpage Build
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Migration
Ranging From $2K-$75K

I Need Leads

Projects centered on earning more qualified leads for your sales team.

See Project Options →
Lead Gen Projects
  • Lead Gen Strategy
  • Lead Gen Consultation
  • Campaign Creation
  • Content Support
Ranging From $1K-$25K

I Need Traffic

Projects built for driving your target audience to your website.

See Project Options →
Traffic Projects
  • SEO Strategy
  • SEO Consultation
  • Topic Cluster Creation
  • Content Support
Ranging From $1K-$25K

I Need Sales

Projects for filling your sales pipeline and getting new customers.

See Project Options →
Sales Projects
  • Sales Consultation
  • Sales Coach
  • Sales Email Templates
  • Sales Content Support
Ranging From $1K-$25K

Serving Your Needs


In-House Teams


Flexible Points Pricing


Month-to-Month Agreements


Transform All 3 Segments of the Flywheel

Your Goals, Our Services

The future of business belongs to the inbound organization – companies that apply the inbound methodology to marketing, sales, and service. We are proud to be the world’s first inbound agency, helping companies transform each aspect of their business to fuel sustainable growth for the long term.

Every approach, no matter your budget, comes with all you need to get your inbound strategy started. Your strategy can be based around monthly agreements or built for ad hoc projects centered on your objectives. 

Based on your strategist’s recommendations and your goals, your plan could include any of the following services:

Igniting Your Growth

Our team operates under Scrum, an agile framework where each of our teams creates tasks within weekly timeframes called sprints. These sprints ensure your priorities are at top of mind and your deliverables are high quality and provided within your deadlines.

We use an agile approach for allocating your resources and customizing your strategy as priorities shift and change in real time. Value-based points are assigned to each deliverable, which aligns with your ongoing goals and initiatives.

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

Getting StartedDo I need HubSpot?

Yes. We are a proud HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency, 💎 and we’re honored to be guiding HubSpotters in making the most of their investment.

ResultsWhen can I start seeing results?

Efforts in all things inbound need to be consistent for at least a few months. But keep in mind that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Getting StartedHow long does it take to get started?

About one week after clients sign a proposal. This ramp-up time often depends on when you complete the new client questionnaire.

Getting StartedAre there really no long-term contracts or fine print sections?

That’s right. Our monthly commitments have worked for a decade because our work speaks for itself: Our client retention rate is 91-96%.

The Bluleadz DifferenceWhat if I need to adjust my budget?

Our service team is an extension of your team, so they'd be happy to accommodate any changes with your budget. Simply contact your account manager to discuss any updates.

Getting StartedWhy do you suggest an inbound to marketing, sales, and service?

The future of business belongs to the inbound organization. When you build your flywheel, customers are the central focus to drive sustainable growth.

The Bluleadz DifferenceDo you only take month-to-month contracts, or do you accept project work?

Most of our clients enjoy our month-to-month contracts, but we also do projects! We've delighted many clients with one-off project work too, including website redesigns, sales training, and SEO strategies. Reach out to our inbound specialists to get a complimentary plan for your project!

Let's Start Building Your Strategy – Book a Meeting Today!

Ready to elevate your business to the next level? Our inbound specialists are ready to jump on the phone and get started setting goals with you and developing your strategic initiatives.

Pricing designed to fit your needs & your budget.