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HubSpot’s CMS Influences $45,393 in Revenue for Warehouse Storage and Supplier

Who They Are

Southern States Enterprises (SSE) was founded with the drive to change how people perceived the status quo for warehouse operations. For years, they’ve served Florida and Georgia warehouse owners and operators, helping them find the right solution for them. 

They provide a variety of services, which fall under three separate companies:

  • Motive Power: Technicians provide training for forklift battery lifecycle optimization. 
  • Storage and Handling:  Experts help with design consultation, system engineering, installation, relocation, and removal services.
  • Dock and Door: This team helps with drafting dock area plans, designing and installing customized solutions, and providing maintenance and repair for equipment. 

As you can see from their many service offerings, SSE acts as the one stop for material handling solutions. 


The Problem: Earning Traffic and Managing Deals

In 2018, their traffic generation was strong, but it wasn’t consistently growing. For example, in June 2018, they earned 1,201 sessions, then they peaked that year in August with 1,534 sessions. By December, they were back down to 1,201. 


The organic traffic acted as a great indicator of the value of creating valuable content in blogs. Their optimized content was getting found and steadily increasing sessions over seven months.


They wanted to continue driving sustainable traffic growth, which called for a change in strategy. They also didn’t have a system in place to monitor and track ongoing deals that were in their sales pipeline. 

The Solution: Executing a Content Strategy and Sales Enablement Strategy

The Bluleadz team guided SSE by increasing the frequency of blogging to six times per month in Q1, using keyword research to create industry-specific content that aligned with their three companies. 

To address managing their sales pipeline, Bluleadz developed a sales enablement strategy in Q1 2019, which consisted of setting up sales sequences, monitoring data in their pipeline, and using the quotes tool in HubSpot. 

This set the SSE sales team up for success by providing more visibility of their pipeline health and automating follow-up processes. Sales automation was a primary area focus throughout 2019 and into Q3, honing in on automating emails and building workflows for all three separate pipelines.


The Results

Generally speaking, they saw consistent growth in organic traffic throughout the first three quarters of 2019.


Throughout Q1 to the end of Q3, traffic increased by 145 percent. In January 2019, they generated 1610 total sessions, and by September 2019, they reached 3,943. 

Comparing Q3 year over year, they nearly doubled their blog sessions.

Q3 2018


Q3 2019


The sales enablement strategy yielded greater visibility of each sales pipeline, influencing revenue throughout 2019. In Q3, that influenced revenue reached a total of $45,393. 

Through a more robust content strategy and developing sales enablement initiatives, SSE saw immense growth in many areas, including traffic and influenced revenue.

"Bluleadz has done an outstanding job producing content that has increased traffic, attracting more relevant readers to our site."

Jeff Fischer, CEO, Southern States Enterprises (SSE)

$ 45393 influenced revenue in Q4

250 % increase in blog views YoY

Build a sales enablement strategy that streamlines deals.

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