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HubSpot’s Content Strategy and SEO Recommendations Tools Yield a Significant Website Traffic Increase for DaaS Company

Who They Are

vXchnge is a leading carrier-neutral colocation services provider that delivers brand protection and reliability through its data-center-as-a-service. They provide the most reliable uptime in the industry, as well as the highest levels of regulatory compliance and robust physical and cyber security. 

Their data centers are located in 14 hypergrowth markets within the U.S., and they run at a greater than 99.99999% uptime. They've established their reputation by serving some big name companies, like FedEx, HomeAway, Whole Foods, AT&T, and more. 


The Problem: A Scarce Content Production Schedule

As a leading name in the industry, vXchnge had a lot to offer, and they proved themselves with current customers. However, they were struggling to attract new eyes to their site. 

The issue: They weren't consistently publishing blog posts on a regular schedule. The average publication schedule consisted of two to three posts per month. 

As a result, their website was severely underperforming. Their April 2018 sessions reached just 1,093 sessions. While they operate in a niche industry, these numbers still did not meet the expectations of their marketing or sales teams. 

The Solution: A Documented Content Strategy

After kicking off their relationship with Bluleadz in May 2018, vXchnge decided to pursue a comprehensive content strategy. This included:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO best practices
  • Competitor analysis
  • A structured editorial calendar

Our content team, including our copywriter, strategist, and account manager, collaborated on creating a new, more in-depth editorial calendar to replace their previous one. 

The previous editorial calendar included basic information, like one target keyword, a content offer, expected publish date, and not much else. 

The new editorial calendar was designed to deliver more targeted content. It included all the basic information from the previous version, as well as the following:

  • Buyer persona and stage of the buyer's journey
  • The intent of the post
  • A list of semantically related keywords
  • URL information and tags
  • A list of related articles 
  • Campaign and associated calls to action (CTAs)

Part of this content strategy called for an increase in blog post publication frequency. Increasing the amount of content output aligned with a few key goals they had:

  • Boost traffic
  • Increase lead generation
  • Improve ranking potential

The Solution: An Increase In Publication Frequency

Our content team built out a more aggressive strategy that would be executed over the course of several months. 

In May 2018, we increased publication to two articles per week. The results showed over the course of a few months. In April, they were getting 1,093 organic sessions.

The new publication schedule was as follows:

  • May - June 2018:  Two posts per week. 
  • July - August 2018: Three posts per week.

By the end of August, organic search increased to 1,703 sessions. 

These numbers were promising, so vXchnge upped content output even more. In the second week of November, our content team started publishing five articles per week. 

By the end of November, their organic search traffic jumped to 3,293. This was a big spike over the course of five months. The organic search saw an increase of over 200 percent after the new content strategy was initiated. 


The Results

The added focus to SEO strategy and increase in blog post publication frequency yielded massive gains.

The company ended December 2018 with a total of 3,063 sessions, after peaking at 3,293 in November, totaling an 180 percent increase in organic traffic growth.

They also saw an increase in blog views over the same time period, from 567 views to 3,057. These traffic numbers impacted their brand awareness and paved the road for more targeted, effective lead generation strategies. 

440 % increase in blog views in 8 months

180 % increase in organic traffic

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