HubSpot Templates

For your website, sometimes you just need a framework to build off of. In this case, we've created two templates where you can hit the ground running that much faster.


That Work For You

Not in the business of wanting to build a website from scratch? Don't worry; you have another option: to work off of an existing template. The Bluleadz Design Team has created two templates for you to choose from: The Tampa and Miami template sets. 

 This works well for businesses that don't have the time, budget or resources to go through a full-scale website redesign. 


You get a great template in days – not months. So if you need a fresh redesign, this does 90% of the heavy lifting for you. Who doesn't like getting something great fast?


You still have the ability to tailor formatting, colors, and layout to your style guide and parameters. And because we created these templates, we have the power of ultimate customizability.


These templates are versatile and effective for businesses in any industry. We implemented inbound best practices so they set you up for success. 

Available Template Sets

Below are our available template sets. Think of them as exactly that: a framework on which you can build your brand, messaging, colors and more. 

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