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Equip your sales team with all the tools they need after our accredited team of certified HubSpot experts set up your Sales Hub. This seamless transition will help align your process with your sales tech stack. 

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HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation


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Your Sales Hub
Onboarding Plan

Get your sales tools set up and aligned with your sales process within just a few months by working closely with our team of certified HubSpot onboarding and implementation experts.

Weeks 1 - 3: Kickoff & Technical Setup

Meet your team, then we get started on all the essential first steps (e.g., custom CRM views, sales rep email integrations) for enhancing your revenue operations.

1 - 3

Weeks 4 - 8: Sales Hub Implementation & Quick Wins

Our team continues advanced tool setup, including email templates and snippets, deal stage development, and sales automation. We also establish short-term goals with you and implement a strategy to achieve them.

4 - 8

Weeks 9 - 10: Reporting Setup & Final Assessment

We finalize all your reporting needs, build custom reports and dashboards, and then provide strategy recommendations for your team to implement on an ongoing basis. We also review your options for leveraging our other HubSpot services, including consulting, training, managed services, and monthly growth plans.

9 - 10

Benefits of Our Sales Hub Onboarding & Implementation Services


With our extensive HubSpot accreditations and proven track record of onboarding numerous new companies, our team takes pride in helping businesses succeed with HubSpot.

Our Sales Hub onboarding and implementation services help your team: 

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of all the Sales Hub tools at your disposal.
  • Get all your essentials set up by our certified HubSpot implementation experts
  • Align everyone on how to leverage sales tools to follow your sales processes
  • Ensure your sales data management is reliable and accurate
  • Increase adoption across your sales team to unlock the full potential of your HubSpot portal

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How Clients Feel About Our HubSpot Onboarding Services

We know we’re great at what we do, but see what our clients have to say about our Sales Hub onboarding and implementation services:

Read 500+ 5 Star Reviews!

Jason Luchterhand

Sales Hub implementation
Brittany was an amazing resource for our team as we implemented both Marketing & Sales Hubs into our process. We hit a few uncontrollable snags in our implementation process, and Brittany was quick to help us control the controllable, and get us as far along as possible despite some of those headwinds. We are leveraging her for additional consulting as we wrap up the project. Very highly endorsed and extremely helpful. Thank you!

Chat Pierce

These guys do it all and they do it with excellence. They are one of the OG HubSpot firms and it shows in their commitment to quality and performance in everything they do. Marketing, Sales, We site it's all there..

Morgan Kielisch

Marketing Hub Implementation
Our onboarding went smoothly thanks to Brittany. She helped us navigate the sales and marketing hubs while also keeping our goals top-of-mind.

Jelani Hunte

Marketing and CRM Implementation
Our company started with Bluleadz in Q4 on '19' we had no inbound strategy and wanted to pivot to a better CRM that could help take our business to the next level. Within months we made a smooth transition to HubSpot, developed an inbound philosophy and are now able to expand our sales team!


Sales Hub Onboarding

Costs & Breakdown

During the span of 10 weeks, we offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet your individual needs. Your Sales Hub onboarding plan encompasses several common elements, such as the following:

  • Set up email integrations for your reps.
  • Conduct data imports into the HubSpot CRM. 
  • Set up necessary integrations (e.g., Salesforce).
  • Create workflows to automate sales team notifications.
  • Define and set up lead lifecycle and deal stages. 
  • Create sales email templates, set up HubSpot tasks, and help with snippets. 
  • Provide training on relevant Sales Hub tools.
  • Deploy a recommended quick win strategy, such as a sales sequence or ABM implementation. 

Price: Starting at $7,000



Bluleadz HubSpot Onboarding vs. HubSpot Direct Onboarding

While HubSpot does offer a guided onboarding program for businesses to set up their accounts, it may not be sufficient for those with limited internal resources or more intricate setups. This could leave you in need of additional assistance.

Bluleadz's HubSpot onboarding services go beyond just guiding you through each tool. Our HubSpot experts will set up every tool for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Plus, you can customize the level of support you need to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

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FAQs About HubSpot Onboarding & Implementation Services

HubSpot’s Sales Hub works optimally with all of the other HubSpot tools — such as CRM, marketing, and support. However, it also integrates with many popular CRM, sales, and support software; and our specialists will gladly set them up to work together.

No. All of our account managers, copywriters, strategists, and designers/developers work full-time in-house at our office in Tampa, FL.

We do everything within our control to ensure that you work with the same dedicated specialist throughout the duration of your project. However, if for any reason that needs to change, you will still get someone who will be fully updated on what your team needs to ensure seamless collaboration.

Each week, your dedicated HubSpot specialist will review what’s already been completed and go over the next steps. You will then have time to discuss your specific concerns that may arise during each step of the implementation process. 

Most of the businesses we work with are in the B2B SaaS, cloud, IT, manufacturing, and professional services industries. That said, our approach is industry-agnostic at its core and we’ve worked successfully with other industries.

This depends on your specific business needs and the amount of support you’ve purchased. However, you can get a basic setup completed within 12 to 16 weeks.

Our service team is happy to accommodate any changes with your budget. Simply contact your account manager to discuss any updates.

Our standard onboarding process is between three to five business days. However, this can be expedited based on your needs.

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