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Boost Sales with CallRail-HubSpot Integration

Okay, so you have CallRail, the leading call tracking and AI conversation insights solution that helps companies increase conversions, save money, and close more deals. You also have HubSpot Sales Hub. Now what?

It's time to unlock the full potential of your sales pipeline with the power of the CallRail and HubSpot integration.


Boost Sales with CallRail-HubSpot Integration


Exploring the Benefits of the CallRail-HubSpot Integration

So why would you want to integrate CallRail with your HubSpot platform? Let's dive into the benefits of the integration:

  • Enhanced Lead Intelligence: Know the 'who', 'what', and 'how' behind every call. With CallRail's detailed analytics plugged into HubSpot, you'll gain insights that turn conversations into conversions.
  • Streamlined Call Tracking: Say goodbye to manual tracking. Every call is logged automatically in HubSpot, giving you more time to focus on closing deals rather than crunching data.
  • Personalized Customer Interactions: With call data and history information, it's easier to tailor each interaction to the customer's preferences based on your previous engagements.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Empower your sales strategy with actionable insights derived from call analytics, directly impacting your bottom line. Discover which marketing campaigns drive inbound calls to optimize future campaigns around lessons learned.
  • Improved ROI Tracking: Connect the dots between marketing efforts and sales outcomes to measure the true impact of your campaigns. Track offline and online efforts to make ROI tracking more granular and accurate than ever.

Long story short, integrating CallRail with your HubSpot platform makes it easier to track, manage, and optimize your sales team's interactions with customers.

Key Use Cases for CallRail in Enhancing Sales Performance

Finding ways to support your sales team is crucial for maximizing revenue generation. Here are a few ways you can use the CallRail-to-HubSpot integration to support your sales reps:

Enhancing Personalization for Calls

Imagine being able to greet every caller with knowledge of their last purchase or recent website visit.

By leveraging both CallRail and HubSpot customer data, your reps can have a more holistic picture of each prospect. This enhances personalization for call scripts to make every interaction more engaging.

Efficient Lead Management

Automatically categorize and score your calls within HubSpot. This ensures hot leads get put in the "fast lane" to your sales team. Meanwhile, you can focus on nurturing warm leads with automated workflows.

This lets you focus your sales team's efforts on the prospects who are the most likely to close—helping you grow your business' revenue.

Marketing Campaign Optimization

Which campaign drove the most valuable calls? CallRail's data funneled into HubSpot gives you the answer, so you can invest wisely in what works.

Future campaigns can be optimized around what did or didn't work so your marketing team can save time and effort, too!

Comprehensive Reporting

Create reports that tell a story, not just numbers. You can craft compelling narratives that drive strategic decisions by marrying CallRail's analytics with HubSpot's reporting tools.

Remember, you can't optimize what you don't measure. Measure as much as possible by combining your CallRail analytics with your HubSpot analytics so you can make the best possible optimizations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating CallRail with HubSpot

Ready to harness the power of this dynamic duo? Follow these steps to integrate CallRail with HubSpot:

  • Verify that you have your company's CallRail JavaScript snippet installed on your website.
  • Go to your CallRail Settings menu in the left nav bar.
  • Choose the company you want to integrate with HubSpot.
  • Click the "Integrations" option at the top of the page.
  • Choose "HubSpot" from the integration list.
  • Select whether CallRail should post activities for outbound calls (in addition to the inbound call tracking).
  • Go to the "Contact Settings in HubSpot" section and adjust the following options:
    • Choose "Create a new contact when no contact is found" to instruct the CallRail app to post new contacts to HubSpot.
    • Choose "Do not create new contacts" to prevent CallRail from creating new contacts in HubSpot. This will limit the app to only posting activity for existing contacts in your HubSpot database.
    • Choose "Create @call.com email addresses" to have CallRail generate an email address ending in "@call.com" for every new contact the app creates. This is primarily recommended when your HubSpot settings require an email address for every contact.
  • Click "Authorize" when finished.
  • Log into your HubSpot portal (you should be taken there automatically).
  • Choose a HubSpot account to connect to, then review and agree to the scope of the CallRail data access requirements.

Once integrated, the real fun begins. Watch as leads are nurtured with newfound precision, and your sales team transforms into a well-oiled machine, powered by data.


The CallRail/HubSpot integration is NOT HIPAA-compliant. So, CallRail users with Healthcare Call Tracking plans should not integrate CallRail with HubSpot. While HubSpot is HIPAA-compliant, CallRail notes that the integration is not compliant.

Leveraging Call Data to Optimize Your Sales Strategy

The secret sauce to a winning sales strategy is often found in the data others might overlook or outright ignore. CallRail's treasure trove of call data can redefine your sales approach by helping you:

  • Identify Peak Performance Times: Discover when your team excels and align your staffing accordingly. For example, do you close more deals right before lunch when customers are hungry and more prone to impulse purchases? It sounds like you need to have additional reps working the pre-lunch hour!
  • Analyze Call Patterns: Spot trends and use them to anticipate customer needs or adjust your pitch. If your agents are following a set call script, when do prospects drop the most calls? Correlating this data with your script could help you increase the number of calls that go all the way to the end.
  • Tailor Training Programs: Use call recordings to coach your sales team with real-world examples, turning good into great. For example, you could highlight how your top-performing reps interact with prospects to create a list of best practices for your other sales reps to follow.

The line "Knowledge is power" might be a cliche, but it's a cliche for a good reason. The more information you have, the easier it is to optimize your sales process to guide more customers to the "Deal Closed" stage.

Maximizing ROI with Advanced CallRail-HubSpot Features

Imagine squeezing every drop of value from your sales calls. That's what you get with CallRail's advanced features in the HubSpot ecosystem:

  • Keyword Call Tracking: Zero in on which keywords drive calls and capitalize on that intel to boost your SEO and PPC strategies.
  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Automatically swap phone numbers on your site to track the customer journey, ensuring you know which pages are sparking interest.
  • Form Tracking: Extend the power of call tracking to forms, giving you a comprehensive view of how leads engage with your brand.
  • Multi-channel Attribution: From first click to final sale, map out the customer journey across every touchpoint, attributing success to the right channels.

Get Help with Your HubSpot and CallRail Integration!

Integrating your HubSpot and CallRail platforms is just the first step. Leveraging that integration to maximize sales results can be a whole other challenge. 

Bluleadz is here to help! Our team uses the HubSpot/CallRail integration to optimize our sales efforts. If you need practical advice, HubSpot implementation services, or ongoing HubSpot integration support, book a meeting with the experts at Bluleadz!

Douglas Phillips

Douglas Phillips

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