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9 Marketing Hub Tool Updates in June 2024

HubSpot continuously works to implement and modify its tools to make them more valuable and useful for marketers.

Without further ado, let's review some of the major updates to HubSpot's Marketing Hub in June of 2024:

Blog | 9 Marketing Hub Tool Updates in June 2024

HubSpot Marketing Hub Updates in June 2024

1. Transactional Email Filter

Here's a simple update for when marketers need to review email health. This new filter allows you to filter out all but transactional emails when checking email health.

This helps you get more granular data from your email health tool that you can use to get more insights into your transactional emails.

2. New Campaigns Limits

HubSpot has increased the maximum number of marketing campaigns that users can generate. The new campaign limits vary based on your Marketing Hub subscription tier:

  • Professional: up to 5,000 campaigns
  • Enterprise: up to 10,000 campaigns

This is up from the previous limit of 1,000 campaigns.

3. Manage Approvals in the Mobile App

The HubSpot App just got an update allowing users to view and process marketing approvals in the app. This enables marketers and team leads to speed up the marketing approval process to make marketing more efficient.

This feature is available to HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise users.

4. Commenting on Marketing Assets via Mobile

If you're on Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise, you can now comment on Marketing Hub Assets in the mobile app. You can now:

  • Leave messages
  • Tag teammates
  • Provide feedback

Doing this directly in the app allows users to collaborate seamlessly, whether in the office or out and about. 

This is a key collaboration update for any marketing team.

5. New Ads Attribution Filters

HubSpot announced four new ad attribution filters for users. This will allow users to be more granular when assessing the ROI of their advertising campaigns.

HubSpot allows users to see which customers have an ad interaction on their contact record, and combine that data with analytics data to provide new filters to better showcase the entire customer journey.

Any paid media/ad specialists on your team will likely appreciate this update. 

6. AI View and Filter in SMS and Marketing Email Management

This is another new AI-powered feature available to HubSpot users. The AI view and filter tool enables marketers to filter and manage SMS messages and emails created using AI support.

This helps marketers save a little time on finding and filtering any messages that were made using AI assistance.

7. New Bot Open & Click Rate

Is data from bot engagement throwing off your email marketing data? Find out using the new "Bot Open & Click Rate" tool built into HubSpot. The email details page now shows open and click rates including and excluding recognizable bots.

Note that HubSpot can only show "bot rates" for recognizable bots. If the HubSpot tool cannot identify the bot, it cannot be included in the statistics.

This will help marketers know how many of their emails are getting looked at by actual people instead of getting "opened" by bots that cannot truly engage with them.

8. SMS Available on Marketing Calendar

Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise subscribers will now be able to view scheduled and published SMS messages on their Marketing Calendar

This will enhance the visibility of SMS messages and help marketers coordinate their SMS messages with their other outreach efforts. In other words, your multi-channel marketing strategy will benefit from this change.

9. Changes to Button Padding in Email

Here's a fun little change to the email editor: new padding options for button CTAs in emails. Now, Marketing Hub users have access to inner and horizontal padding options in the email editor. 

It's not a huge change for many, but it will provide HubSpot users with a bit more control over the look and feel of their CTAs in emails. 

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