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7 Things Your Boss Wants to Know about Effective Lead Generation

In marketing circles, the importance of lead generation is pretty much a given. However, marketers may have to report to bosses who may not have marketing backgrounds, which can be problematic when you’re trying to explain why generating leads should be a top priority. To help prepare you for that inevitable encounter with a non-marketing higher up, we’ve assembled a short list common things that your boss might want to know about effective lead generation: Question #1: “What’s a Lead?”  Read More

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Creating A Clean Website Design

Representing your business with a clean, professional website is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience, while also separating yourself from the competition. Clean, nonintrusive page layouts, alignment choices, and stylistic fonts and colors all work together to improve your user experience, and build viewer trust in your company; this trust fuels lead generation, and can eventually bring more customers to your business. Powerful website design does not have to be flashy, or even striking to viewers. The most effective modern website designs actually make use of open space, fluidity and simple organization to connect with visitors.  Read More

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Things to Watch out for when Migrating Your Website to HubSpot’s COS

For many companies, the time and cost investment of updating their existing website may seem daunting enough, let alone changing their website over from one platform over to an entirely new one. However, while there are a few challenges associated with transferring your website from one platform to another, for many companies, the benefits of making the switch to HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS) far outweigh the associated challenges. Now, it is important to know that virtually every website content platform is unique, and will each pose different challenges and benefits: more than we could reasonably cover in a single blog post. Instead, we’ll focus on a few of the more common issues that we’ve encountered while migrating our client's websites from their old systems to HubSpot’s new COS.  Read More

How Much Should Your Inbound Marketing Budget Be?

There are countless “back-of-house” factors that play into an effective inbound marketing campaign, and knowing their roles and costs helps you better budget your content marketing plans. The benefits of content creation, lead management and software monitoring make inbound marketing worth the investment in almost any case, but it’s always a good idea to know where your funds are going, and how they are being used to create a positive ROI later on.  Read More

Three Surefire Ways to Get on Google’s Radar (in a GOOD way)

Recently, we’ve discussed some of the major SEO mistakes that can result in penalties from Google, the most popular web search tool currently in use. While it is important to avoid getting on Google’s bad side, it is just as important to get noticed by the search engine so that your site can be seen by potential visitors. But, how do you get on Google’s radar so that your site will rank high in their search engine results?  Read More

HubSpot's CEO, Brian Halligan, Visits Tampa For A ‘Fireside Chat’

HubSpot CEO and founder Brian Halligan joined the Tampa HubSpot User Group (HUG), Bluleadz, and countless other inbound marketing professionals at the Don Vicente De Ybor Inn for a relaxed, informative ‘fireside chat’ on March 19. Halligan kept the conversation casual with the fifty-plus attendees, engaging audience members in a lengthy Q-and-A forum on inbound marketing principles and the future of the business.  Read More

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How to Overcome 3 Huge Online Marketing Challenges

Effective marketing is a major element in the success of any business. After all, who’s going to buy your products or services if nobody knows about your business? Promoting products and services has been an integral part of successful sales strategies since before the English language had a word for marketing. However, during the last few decades, the face of effective marketing has changed dramatically. With the rise of the internet as a way to gather and distribute information to every corner of the globe almost instantaneously, marketers have had to adjust to this powerful new medium for reaching out and getting the attention of potential customers.  Read More

How You Might Be Screwing Up Your SEO Strategy

Staying on top of the Google search results page is an all-important first step in drawing organic traffic to your website. With strong SEO comes more leads, more customers, and more money. What business doesn’t like money? Yet, despite the overwhelmingly positive results of using effective SEO practices as an element of inbound marketing, many companies keep screwing up their SEO strategy to the point that their websites get buried by Google and other leading search engines. In marketing, as in life, it is important to learn from the mistakes of others. To help you with that, we’ve assembled a list of most common ways that companies have messed up their own SEO so that you can avoid their mistakes. Not only will avoiding these errors help your company earn more attention and generate more revenue, you won’t have to tell people that something named Penguin kicked your company’s collective rear. SEO Mistake # 1: Keyword Stuffing  Read More

Why Hosting Your Website With Your Designer Is A Bad Idea

Here at Bluleadz, we see a lot of website design projects. Chad, our website design manager, is an awesome designer and he knows how to make a website really shine and stand out online. Thanks to Chad, our company is an effective web design agency. However, even though we will gladly design your website, we wouldn't recommend that you have us host your website. Why wouldn’t we want you to host our website with us? Wouldn't that mean more money for us? There are a number of good reasons why no company should have a web design agency doing the hosting for their website (even if they have designers as awesome as Mr. Pierce and his team). Here is a short list of the top reasons why you shouldn’t host your website with your web design agency:  Read More

How Effective Lead Generation Will Lead To Your Next Raise

One of the most important measurement for the success of any inbound marketing campaign is how effective it is at generating leads. It’s a fact of life for marketers that more leads mean more chances to engage with people and turn them into customers. This is, quite naturally, a great boon to the company as a whole. However, what does effective lead generation mean to you, as a marketer in your company? As the marketer responsible for lead generation efforts, what do you get out of pushing leads through the proverbial roof?  Read More