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7 Hallmarks of Awesome Social Media Ads

For companies new to social media advertising, crafting powerful ads and getting networked users interested in your brand is probably one of the greatest entry barriers of online marketing. Things like word choice, visual simplicity and even leaving out your products can completely change how viewers react to your social media ads.  Read More

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Happy Birthday To The Best Boss Ever!

Happy Birthday To The World's Best Boss Man!! Eric Baum  Read More

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6 Social Media Flubs to Avoid

Social media can be a company's greatest asset or greatest setback, depending on how it's utilized. Out there, in complex marketplaces inhabited by thousands of businesses, your marketing needs to stand out in a positive way. When social media is used at its best, the potential for an increase in traffic is astonishing. In order to enhance your inbound marketing strategies, make sure you are avoiding these common mistakes, which are made every day throughout the business world.   Read More

How to Use Targeted Facebook Ads to Your Advantage

Given the platform’s astronomically sized user following (over 1 billion unique users as of 2014) and broad networking capabilities, Facebook is so much more than a conventional social media site… it’s an essential tool for growing companies to focus their marketing efforts, and a powerful source of leads when used effectively.  Read More

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Check Out Our Responsive, New HubSpot Template

Here at Bluleadz, our awesome marketing team specializes in more than just inbound know-how: we’re also design experts, committed to helping both our clients and other growing businesses succeed on the web through innovative template design and one-stop HubSpot integration.  Read More

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How to Win Using LinkedIn Campaigns

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, are evolving with the times to make it easier for marketers to reach their desired customers. As the algorithms and tools to reach customers become more and more finely tuned, the growth potential for small and medium-sized businesses through these services has never been greater.  Read More

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Pinterest's Promoted Pins

Pinterest is releasing a new business tool to help its users reach wider audiences. The Business Tool, in general, is relatively new; it was created only about 18 months ago. Even before the Business Tool, we knew Pinterest was important for marketers from the very beginning! Businesses all over the world have discovered the personal and visual aspects of communication that Pinterest provides. Pinterest is now targeting more small and medium sized businesses with the new Promoted Pins service. The “do it yourself” pins are aiming to gain more views for users. With Promoted Pins, businesses will be able to: Target to new customers and Promote their best Pins  Read More

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Twitter Ads have Gone Global

Twitter is evening the playing field for small and large businesses. Just recently, on September 4, 2014, Twitter announced that their self-service ad products are available to small-medium businesses in 11 new countries. “With the self-service ad products, your business can extend its reach beyond your current base to find new customers interested in your products or services.”  Read More

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Facebook Ads Expanding from the Outside, In

Any Facebook user knows that your personal information is used in order to create your profile. We already know that Facebook is very smart; it recognizes the ‘People You May Know’ and the ‘Places Near You.’ But did it just get even smarter? How did it know I wanted a new purse? How did it know I was thinking about buying a new car?   Read More

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6 Tips for Creating an Undeniable Content Offer

To capture those precious leads, it’s no secret that you need an offer... but not just any offer. You need to create an awesome content offer that will get your leads sales-ready. This can be in the form of an ebook, whitepaper, consultation, product demo... the list goes on! Any material of value can be considered an offer. Create a content offer that they can’t resist. Start cranking your lead generation with these 6 tips. 1. Create Value You must compel your leads to fill out a form. They’re not giving you their information for nothing. The only way most of your visitors will complete one of your forms is if they're very interested in what they’re getting in return. A form on your landing page will weed out the less sales-ready visitors so you’re left with the bottom of the funnel leads. Just like your blog, you don’t want the offer you’re putting out to be too promotional. Instead, you want it to be educational. You want your business's other informative material, such as case studies and fact sheets, to be easy to find on your website. Ideally, your leads will use that material to learn more about you; however, it wouldn't be appropriate for an offer.  Read More

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