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The Confused Inbound Marketer’s Guide to Understanding Ad Rank

Every website you search on Google has a Google Rank, but few users understand its importance. Ad rank essentially determines what order your ad will appear (if at all) on Google searches. Very important stuff. Users want to see relevant information in their search; likewise, advertisers want the right traffic visiting their site. Google Ad Rank aims to achieve just that by making every click of your mouse an essential “vote” being cast for that site.    Read More

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging opens up a sea of opportunities for business to showcase their brand and generate new followers. Hosting a guest blogger to your site, or doing so yourself, can be an important part your inbound marketing plan. An awesome guest blog (on the right site) will allow different visitors a chance to get to know your brand. To help you show off your talent to a whole new audience and start guest blogging, we’ve outlined the do’s and the dont’s for you to get started.  Read More

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Sales and Marketing: A Match Made in Inbound Marketing Heaven

Uniting your business’ sales and marketing forces, in a strategy known by Hubspot as “Smarketing,” can be one of the most profitable (and challenging) steps you can take in improving your overall reach and lead potential. Poor communication, lack of trust, and insufficient information sharing between sales and marketing teams often become huge burdens that detract from a company’s growth potential. The mistrust between sales and marketing isn’t a tradition that should be a part of your business model… it’s a significant loss of potential which holds businesses back from meaningful sales, and facilitates revenue decline.  Read More

How to Pass the Dreaded Marketing Blink Test

The old “elevator pitch test” (you know, that test where you have 30 seconds to win over a client) is dead.  We now live in a visually driven society, where you must capture your prospects eyes - not ears.  That means generating creative content that stands out against the rest.   So, what exactly is the blink test? Cut your 30 second elevator pitch down to just three seconds.  Your visitors need to know what your company does in the blink of an eye.  If they don’t receive instant gratification from your site, they’re as good as gone.    Read More

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Can You Answer These 6 Questions About Your Social Media Strategy?


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6 Blogging Tips for Lead Generation

Crafting the ideal online presence for your company is much more than a 1-2 step process. From web page spacing and keyword choices to color schemes and calls-to-action, there are countless individual factors that affect the success of your online marketing… one of which is your content creation, aka blogging. Optimizing your blogging behavior and content quality is an essential part of generating online leads. No matter how strategically placed your landing pages are, or how refined your SEO strategy is, your business will never realize its full potential for online lead generation without strong and suitable content.  1.) Outline Blog Goals for Your Marketing Strategy  Read More

6 Reasons to Amp Up Your Content Marketing

Fact: 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing.  (Content Marketing Institute)  Read More

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8 Simple Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

The best online marketing strategies are those that combine inbound concepts and website design under one joint effort. For the best results in improving your company’s reach online, you can’t have one or the other. As we’ve spent countless blog articles detailing the best techniques for inbound marketing strategies, we’re going to take a different route this time. Instead, this article serves as an outline for what not to do with your web design, capturing eight detracting behaviors and techniques we see all too often with business webpages. A sizeable part of improving your web design is knowing what to avoid.  Read More

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7 Reasons Your Blog Posts Suck

I’m not here to necessarily bash your blog… I am here, however, to tell you why it may not be at its full potential and even better, how to get it there. Blogging has proven to be a valuable secret weapon in the inbound marketing industry. 79% of marketers with a company blog reported inbound ROI in 2013 and these numbers are expected to increase. Company blogs hold the purpose of not only intriguing, but educating viewers to your website. Without having a top-notch blog, you’re already lagging behind the huge percentage of businesses growing at this very minute. The following 7 reasons are why your blog could be falling behind.    Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Inbound 2014

Inbound 2014 is a few short weeks away.  The marketing conference, taking place Sept. 15-18, offers attendees access to the best in the biz, all in one building.  There are other reasons besides the obvious to attend.  Each year, this conference is getting bigger and better.  Whether it be sales, marketing or entrepreneurship you’re interested in, its all here.       Read More