Picture This: Infographics, Facebook Timeline And Brand Boosting

Written By: Eric Baumon 04.24.2012
Topics: Facebook
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Now that the shift for businesses to Timeline on Facebook is complete, it’s time to start making the most of its visual storytelling power. We pointed out in an earlier post how the emphasis on new Timeline Facebook pages is pictures. While not everyone is ecstatic about the change, it’s important to put your personal feelings aside, understand what the shift means for your business and use it for maximum brand punch. After all, a great deal of marketing and advertising is done with pictures, so it’s really not as monumental a transition as it appears to be. In fact, because of visual flexibility, you might find that you can do more with Timeline than your previous Page. This can help your organization, boost its online presence and create brand continuity throughout the Internet. The results? Amazing.

Infographics And Timeline Integration

Infographic ExampleInfographics have measurably increased in popularity over the last few years. We’re sure this has everything to do with the Internet being central to our lives. Infographics, like traditional print ads, encompass data and copy. Data visualization is a beneficial practice you can use to help your audience understand large portions of information quickly and universally. Infographics are ideal for this. However, as opposed to a traditional ‘numbers-heavy’ infographics intended for business associates, you’ll want to pare back the hard data and focus on the data useful to your leads. At this juncture, Timeline is more useful to B2C-oriented marketing than B2B, but this will change over time.

To understand Timeline and how you can use infographics as part of your Facebook marketing strategy, you’ll want to understand the most important page elements you’ll employ for useful infographics. Those two page elements are pinned posts and milestones. You can also make the most of regular posts, however, the pinned posts and milestones are two powerful tools for infographics concerning your brand.

Use Pinned Posts To Keep Important Content At The Top

Pinned posts are very useful because they will remain in prominently in place for 7 days. You can then choose to modify them or re-pin them. It stays at the top of your Timeline. Normal content will be pushed down the page, so important and useful information you want seen should be pinned. A powerful, laser-focused infographics is ideal for pinned post. Say you design an infographics showing how customer X increasingly benefited from your product over a period of time. This is perfect for pinning.

Facebook Timeline   Bluleadz

Milestones, on the other hand, are excellent PR tools. You can use milestones to show important dates in your company’s history, to show how you’ve helped other businesses thrive (ideal for B2B!) and other points in time meant to impress your public by showing off your performance. Product launch dates and lead escalations for client are just two best practices for Milestones on Timeline.

Facebook has already proven to be a valuable tool for businesses. Now it’s time to see how adaptable your business is.