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3 Essential Marketing Strategy Tools [Vlog]

The key to any successful marketing initiative is a plan, and the best way to create a plan is to look back on previous efforts. Monthly analytics should be the first thing you consider when developing a new campaign. This data can help you determine weak spots in your content strategy, or reveal customer pain points you may have overlooked in prior efforts. 

This, paired with dedicated calendars for content, should form the framework for each month of standard online marketing.


Everything You Need for a Great Marketing Campaign

  • Editorial Calendar: a monthly or quarterly plan for blog and news content, which helps you stick to a schedule and drive campaigns forward. This document should include titles, offers or next steps, and target personas.
  • Social Media Calendar: similar to an editorial calendar, a social media calendar serves as a basis for consistent content. This tool can be used to align social media activity with other marketing efforts (emails, new campaigns or blogging) across your most powerful channels.
  • Monthly Snapshot: a monthly snapshot is your marketing report card. What kind of traffic are you bringing in, and where are your visitors converting? Your snapshots should include blog and page performance, social media and priority keywords, which go hand-in-hand in creating a comprehensive overview of your recent marketing campaigns.

With these 3 marketing tools, you should be well on your way to creating powerful content that provides value to both first-time and return visitors.

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Jenna Tinney

Jenna Tinney

As an Inbound Marketing Consultant at Bluleadz, it is my passion to work directly with clients in order to help maximize their inbound marketing strategies. In my spare time, I enjoy being outside on the water either paddleboarding, fishing, boating, scuba diving or just relaxing in the sun.