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31 Highly Clicked Call to Action Examples

The difference between a conversion and a bounce can be as simple as a creative Call-to-Action (CTA) button! Every aspect of your landing page is another opportunity to speak to your audience and get them to take action.

Your CTA is a small part of your landing page, but it should stand on its own. Make the text as specific as possible and give your visitor a reason to click. Make it strong enough to move your visitor to action and convert. Keep it is as clear as possible so your reader knows what their next action will be.

Here are some alternatives to "submit" that when used alone, or in combination will improve your click-through-rates!

Verbs and Action Words

Your CTA button is there to get visitors to convert. Verbs and action words can help guide your visitors through the process, getting them from point A to point B.

1. Start

Implies once you click you're ready to get going. “Sign up for a free trial (Start sending files in minutes)”

2. Stop 

Prevent negative action or tell them how they can prevent something – “Stop losing leads”

3. Download

Let your visitors know how to get what they are looking for. - "Download my tickets."

4. Grow (Build)

You can help your reader create something by providing the tools they need - “Grow Your Email List” or "Build a Community"

5. Discover

Tell your visitor how to do something - “Discover how our product can help”

6. Join

Make your reader feel like they're a part of something - “Join our Fast Growing Network”

7. Register

Let your visitor know how they can be included. - "Register now"

Make it “Negative”


A negative CTA can actually appear more honest. It can stop your visitor in their tracks and make them think. A negative CTA can play on fears or frustration and remind them you're there with a solution.

8. Sick

Sick implies that your fed up. “Sick of missing out on profits?” It makes the reader feel uneasy, and maybe you have the solution.

9. Worried

Another word that makes readers feel uneasy about a situation. They'll keep playing it over in their head and aren't getting the results they expect - “Worried by your low conversion rate?”

10. Confused

Do you have the answers? Play on your readers confusion by showing your expertise - “Confused about Facebook Advertising?”

11. Tired

Play on your visitors frustrations. - "Tired of not producing ROI?"

Make it Personal / Persuasive

Make your CTA all about the visitor and how you can meet their needs. When they came to your page, they were looking for a solution. Give them one!

12. You/Your

This can make your visitor feel like you're on their team. You want to help. It personalizes your CTA – “Secure Your Finances”

13. Results

This word drives home an important factor for anyone trying to make a decision. "Get Better Results"

14. Me/My 

Similar to you/your, helps your visitor to take possession. It gives your visitor what they need - “Get My Guide!”

15. Guarantee

A little confidence and assurance goes a long way. - "Get More Customers, Guaranteed!" 

16. New

Because who doesn't like to see/have shiny new things? - "Download our New Guide"

Communicate Value

Providing value is incentive to get visitors to click. Answer the question “what am I getting from this?” For example, give them a bonus if they purchase your product immediately. It could be as simple as "what desire am I fulfilling by clicking this CTA."

17. Want

Want conveys desire. Play on the urge to fill the void with your CTA - “Want to achieve the highest conversion rates?”

18. Need

Need takes want and makes it stronger. It makes it a requirement – you need to do it now. It can also show confidence - “ the only widget you'll ever need!”

19. Save

Show a visitor what they'll keep if they hire you or buy your product. People will be likely to click because they keep something of value - “Save Time” or “Start saving for retirement”

20. Free 

Gets conversions by lowering the barriers of entry. People will click because there is little commitment. Also, who doesn't love free stuff?? - “ Get your free ebook”

21. Try

Another word that implies no commitment. They can test your product before making a commitment - “Try our product!”

Give A Reason

Give visitors a reason to complete your CTA. Studies show when you give a reason, people are more likely to take action.

22. Why 

Gives them a purpose for taking an action - “Why not get the most from your website?”

23. Find

Plays into visitors urge to discover. People are naturally curious - “ Find out how to boost traffic”

24. Click Here

Let's your visitor know how to get what they need. - "Click here to schedule your demo"

Convey Urgency

Use your CTA to compel your visitor to take action, NOW! Your goal should always be visitors act now, rather than later. Time sensitive words convey urgency.

25. NOW!

This tells visitors to do something without further delay. - “Shop with us now!”

26. Pre-Order

This tells the visitor they will be the first to receive their product once it has been released. - "Pre-Order Billy Joel tickets now!"

27. Don't Miss

Help convey urgency by driving FOMO (Fear of missing out) - "Don't miss this once in a lifetime concert."

28. Today

Encourage your visitor to take an action today! Not tomorrow or next week. - “Get my free ebook, Today!”

29. Hurry

Drive a sense of urgency, your visitor may miss out on if they don't take action now. "Hurry! 50% off all fall clothing!"

30. Today Only

Again, give your visitors FOMO. "Today Only -- 25% Booked Massages" 

31. Contact Us

Let your visitor know its easy to get in touch. - " Contact Us today for more information"

Simple changes can increase your conversions. Test various words and combinations to determine which are most effective for your business. These 31 words will give you a solid foundation towards creating effective CTAs. Leave “submit” behind and get creative to boost your conversion rates!

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Rob Steffens

Rob Steffens

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