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5 Ways to Inspire & Reward Your Marketing Team

A motivated team is a productive team. Everyone has their own definition of success. The motivation for working, reaching goals and sustaining momentum are truly different for every individual. While baby boomers are often motivated by monetary success, the millennial generation is more motivated by freedom, respect, and the occasional cash bonus....

Many marketing departments offer monetary rewards when team members reach goals. And while money is the reason why we all work, and a great motivator, there are plenty of other creative ways to show your team appreciation, in fact sometimes just a simple “Thank You” is all they need to stay motivated!

Let's look at some fun and creative ways to inspire and reward you marketing team members that can keep them motivated, productive and engaged!

Improving Your Companies Marketing Culture

While bonuses, and incentives are a great way to keep team members motivated, creating a culture of inclusion and appreciation can go a long way towards keeping your team functioning like, well... a team!

Creating a marketing culture can help promote your business to everyone from clients to potential hires. Inspiring your team to develop a strong marketing culture is a win-win for everyone involved. Consider:

Team Building Exercises

Doing things as a team can reinforce bonds that can translate into a better working environment. Sometimes a break from the pressure of the job can inspire your team to work harder.

Consider taking your entire team on a team building outing like white water rafting, or a visit to an escape room. Taking your team out of their working environment and offering experiences that bolster teamwork can help to get them to work closer on daily projects back at the office.

Be Flexible

Millennials are increasingly making their way in the workforce. They're all about work-life balance and need to know that their job practices this too. Flexibility like offering telecommuting on occasion, or flex time can improve morale and keep workers motivated.

Provide Regular Feedback to Your Team

Feedback is an important way to keep your team engaged. Let them know how specific projects are progressing. Be detailed and give helpful suggestions to help team members grow. Recognition can form stronger personal bonds and go a long way toward inspiring employees. Foster open communication. Don't just talk, listen as well!

Offer Workshops or Other Learning Opportunities 

A marketing professional's job is constantly changing as new technologies and opportunities arise. Offering workshops to provide training or ongoing education is a great motivator that can pay off for both your employee and your business. Your team needs to stay updated on the latest technologies and techniques, providing them the opportunity to improve professionally will keep them inspired, motivated and on the job longer.

Now that you've worked on building your team culture, let's look at five specific incentives you can use to motivate and inspire your team members.

Creative Rewards That Will Keep Your Team Motivated and Inspired

Monetary rewards can lose their luster, and cost you a lot. While monetary rewards are a great motivator, and should be a part of your incentive program, there are plenty of creative approaches you can take to keep your team motivated.

Here are five ideas to get you started!

1. Throw A Party


We'll start with the easiest and most fun option. Marketers thrive in a creative atmosphere. Consider a themed party to get their creativity flowing. A party can help employees to relax and blow off steam after a project is completed. Celebrating their success is a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done and can motivate your team for the next project... and after party!

2. Offer Time Off 

For many Millennials, money is not a motivator. They're seeking to achieve a work/life balance. When a team member completes a tough task, or lands a new client, give them a day off to celebrate and recharge. Allowing your best team members the flexibility to work from home and offering flexible hours can be a great motivator, especially for Millennials!

3. Take Them Out Of The Office

Does your team golf? Does the member that just wrapped up that big project enjoy fine dining or a night at the ballgame? Taking them on your next golf foursome, out to dinner, or the ballgame can show them you appreciate their efforts. Nothing is more motivating than hearing “the drinks are on me” from the boss!

4. Create An Employee Recognition Day

Did one of your team members just land a major client or reach a difficult goal? Consider throwing a day to appreciate their efforts! Order lunch in, make the team sign a hat, anything that draws attention to their recent accomplishment. This is a simple way to show how much you appreciate their efforts and it's a great motivator for a team member that is contributing to your teams success!

5. Give Them A Gift Card

Personally knowing your team is an important step into understanding what motivates them. Does your team member appreciate a round of golf, or a spa day, or coffee from a particular cafe? Giving them a gift card to their favorite place is a great way to show your appreciation and keep them motivated.

Employees thrive when their superiors offer recognition. Taking a team member to dinner or out for a round of golf is often a better investment than a check. Show your team how much you appreciate them and they'll return your investment 10 fold!

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Rob Steffens

Rob Steffens

I am the Director of Sales & Marketing here at Bluleadz. I'm a recent newlywed who enjoys spending time with my wife vegging out and binging our favorite shows or getting some exercise on the Racquetball court.