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How HubSpot's AI Service Hub Tools Help Improve Customer Satisfaction

Okay, stop me if you've heard this one: the company's VP of finance (or whoever's in charge of the budget) is demanding that the customer support team slash its expenses by 15%. However, the CEO wants to increase customer satisfaction and net promoter scores to an average of 8.5 out of 10 or better.

In other words, you and your support team are being asked to do more, with less. It's a tale as old as customer support itself.


Blog | How AI Service Hub Tools Help Improve Customer Satisfaction


In the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience (CX), the quest for efficiency and results is the necessity that sparks innovation.

HubSpot's AI-infused Service Hub has emerged as a beacon of transformation, revolutionizing the way customer support and experience are approached—making it more efficient and easier to achieve positive customer experience.

Let's explore how this cutting-edge platform, where efficiency dances hand in hand with empathy, helps organizations like yours increase customer satisfaction.

Empowering Your Support Team to Do More with AI

Getting more done in less time is always going to be a priority for any business. The more tasks an employee can complete in a given timeframe—the more productive they are—the better. HubSpot's AI Service Hub tools help your support team get more done in less time.

How? Here are a few of the time- and labor-saving features of HubSpot's Service Hub:

  • Reply Recommendations. HubSpot's AI assistants help service team members save time by recommending replies to specific customer comments.
  • Skills-Based Routing. Put the right customers in front of the right service rep ASAP. HubSpot's skills-based routing system helps shorten the amount of time customers spend waiting to be put in touch with the right support rep. It also helps reps avoid wasting time trying to find out which department to route a call to.
  • AI Chatbot. Automate your responses to simple customer queries with an AI chatbot that can respond to customers almost immediately 24/7. Keep your support team focused on the major issues that require their attention instead of answering simple questions that anyone in the organization could answer.

The AI Help Desk acts as a trusty sidekick, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered, and every interaction is a step towards building a stronger relationship.

By blending AI's efficiency with your team's empathy, your company can scale its support without sacrificing the personal touch that customers desire.

Accelerating Support with AI Help Desk

Time-to-response and time-to-resolution are both critical metrics that have a direct impact on the customer experience. However, optimizing for faster responses and resolutions has been a challenge for many businesses.

Some common reasons for a support request resolution speed include:

  • Delays in first response time
  • Excessive back-and-forth
  • Lack of data needed to resolve issues
  • Issues being routed to the wrong support staff

In other words, the journey from a customer's query to resolution is often fraught with twists and turns. However, with the AI Help Desk, this journey becomes a straightforward one that provides customers with speed and satisfaction.

The AI Help Desk's prowess lies in its ability to sift through queries, prioritize them, and ensure they're matched with the right resources (i.e., skills-based routing). 

HubSpot's Service Hub also has tools to enhance internal communication—creating workflows and sequences that assign out due date-bound tasks as needed to ensure that customers receive timely service.

This helps transform every interaction with your brand into an affirmation of its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Seamless Conversations Across Channels

In today's digital age, customers engage with brands across a plethora of channels, expecting a seamless experience irrespective of the medium.

Sometimes referred to as "omnichannel communications," the ability to interact with customers across social media, email, phone calls, and other channels is crucial to providing a seamless customer experience.

HubSpot's Service Hub uses AI tools and a unified conversations inbox to help support teams weave a cohesive narrative across email, social media, live chat, and more.

This omnichannel approach ensures that the customer's story is heard, understood, and addressed harmoniously, eliminating the disjointedness that often accompanies multi-channel interactions.

Matching Ticket Pipelines to Your Processes

No two customer issues are the same, requiring a solution as unique as the problem itself. The customizable support ticket system within HubSpot's Service Hub allows customer service teams to meticulously craft the perfect response for every type of issue they commonly face.

By allowing teams to customize fields, statuses, and workflows, this system ensures that the resolution process is not only efficient but also aligned with the customer's specific needs.

This bespoke approach to issue resolution reinforces your brand's commitment to providing personalized support, turning challenges into opportunities for delight.

Quick Tutorial: How to Create and Customize a Ticket Pipeline

You can set up multiple ticket pipelines in HubSpot IF you're on HubSpot's Service Hub Starter, Professional, or Enterprise subscription.

Note that higher tiers of Service Hub provide access to more ticket pipelines—Starter accounts can create two pipelines, Professional accounts can create 15 pipelines, and Enterprise accounts can have 100 unique pipelines.

Here's the process for customizing a pipeline:

  • Go to your HubSpot Settings menu (click the gear icon in your main HubSpot nav)
  • In the left nav menu of your Settings, click on the "Objects" dropdown and click on "Tickets"
  • Click the "Pipelines" tab from the "Objects" menu
  • In the "Select a pipeline" dropdown, either select an existing pipeline or click on "Create pipeline"
  • To add new ticket statuses, click "+ Add status"
    • Enter a ticket status name and choose whether the ticket status will mark the ticket as "Open" or "Closed"
  • To reorder statuses, click-drag the status and drop it in the desired position
  • To delete a status, click on the "Delete" button that appears when hovering over the status name
  • To edit ticket properties, hover over the "Conditional stage properties" column and select the "Edit properties" option
    • to require a given property for a ticket status, click the checkbox in the "Required" column
    • to remove a property, click the "X" icon next to that property

Empowering Customers with Knowledge: Self-Service Meets AI

In the quest for answers, sometimes the most empowering tool a brand can offer its customers is the ability to find solutions independently.

HubSpot's Service Hub Professional and Enterprise enriches this self-service landscape with a comprehensive Knowledge Base creation tool fueled by AI to ensure that accurate, helpful information is put at the customer's fingertips.

How does AI factor into the Knowledge Hub tool? Here are a couple of ways that you can leverage AI in HubSpot for your Knowledge Base:

  • Rapid Knowledge Base Article Creation. Need help fleshing out your knowledge base? AI assistant tools in HubSpot help you rapidly spin up articles based on common customer questions. Just be sure to have an expert review the article for errors before publishing it for your audience!
  • Recommending Articles to Customers. The AI Chatbot feature can help your customers self-service by recommending knowledge base articles that closely match their queries. This allows your customers to more easily find the information they're looking for.

This empowerment not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters a sense of self-reliance, building a foundation of trust and confidence in the brand.

Turning Feedback into Fuel: How AI Shapes Customer-Centric Strategies

Feedback is the compass that guides businesses towards continuous improvement and customer-centricity. HubSpot's Service Hub harnesses the power of AI to transform customer feedback into actionable insights.

The "AI assistant" tool in the Service Hub Tickets and Conversations Inboxes can analyze customer communications to quickly create summaries for your service team members that help them capture the salient points quickly. This makes it easier for your team to compile notes about customer issues and get other team members up to speed when handing a customer off.

By systematically analyzing feedback, businesses can tailor their strategies to better meet customer needs, forge stronger relationships, and drive loyalty. This feedback loop is not just a mechanism for improvement but a testament to the brand's dedication to evolving with its customers.

In the field of customer experience, HubSpot's AI-infused Service Hub stands out as a masterpiece of innovation, empathy, and efficiency.

As businesses navigate the challenges of scaling support and fostering customer loyalty, HubSpot offers a beacon of hope, promising a future where customer satisfaction is not just a loosely defined goal, but a virtually guaranteed outcome.

Need Help Mastering the AI Tools in Service Hub?

You're not alone. While Service Hub is easy to learn, it can take a lot of effort and dedication to master. Give your team a shortcut on the path to mastery with HubSpot onboarding and training solutions that help your team integrate these tools to the fullest.

Book a meeting today to get started!

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Douglas Phillips

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