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How to Add Estimated Read Time to a HubSpot Blog

Estimated read times are becoming more and more popular on business blog posts, and for good reason. They help blog visitors set expectations and can be the deciding factor if a visitor takes the time to read your blog or click through from a subscriber update.

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They're a subtle way to add transparency, and that's something most audiences can admire. The major publishing site Medium is a great example of this, as read times can vary significantly between posts.

Image of Medium's estimated read time feature.

As it turns out, adding an estimated read time feature to a blog is straightforward if your website is on HubSpot.

The Code to Make it Work

Ready to roll and add an estimated read time to your blog? Awesome! Here's the code snippet from the video to add read time to your HubSpot blog:

{{ content.post_body|wordcount|divide(300) }} min read time

That should do it! If you have any trouble or need extra help, feel free to comment below.

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Stefen Phelps

Stefen Phelps

Stefen Phelps is a husband, father of three, full-time web developer & UX designer, as well as a hobbyist musician/videographer residing in Brooksville, Florida.