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How To Edit an Author Profile in HubSpot [Vlog]

If you're creating a company blog with multiple content authors, one essential step you should take is making sure you update all Author Profiles with current information. By this, I mean information abouttheir personal websites or website pages, linked social media accounts and biographies. But why is this important?

In this blog video, I provide a full rundown on creating and editing HubSpot Author Profiles, as well as ways that keeping your profiles updated improves the experience for your readers.



Editing a New Author Profile

To edit your blog Author profile inside of your HubSpot portal, all you need to do is:

  • Open your Blog dashboard under the Content tab within your HubSpot dashboard
  • On the left, scroll down to and click Authors
  • Scroll to either "Add new author" on the right, or "Edit full profile" next to the existing author profiles below
  • Here, your author profile should pop up on screen, and you will able to directly edit author avatars, bios, website information and social media accounts.

Why is doing this important? Keeping your author profiles updated and current with new authors gives users a channel to reach out to thought leaders on your blog, as well as team members. This is an easy way to build stronger relationships with new visitors, which is a core component of inbound.

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Brad Hadfield

Brad Hadfield

With 20+ years of advertising experience, I've written for many brands across all forms of media. Today, I put that experience to work for clients as an inbound marketer. A WMU graduate, I moved to Florida for year-round boating. When not on the water, I enjoy traveling (25 countries and counting).