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How to Optimize a Blog in HubSpot [Vlog]

If you're a new HubSpot user, navigating the blog tool may seem like information overload. HubSpot blog tool is built out a bit differently than similar tools on other platforms. Namely, it integrates with everything else in the CRM; CTAs, campaigns, lists and other automated marketing tools.

To make things a little easier, in this video walkthrough I provide a step-by-step process on creating a HubSpot blog post and optimizing existing blog posts.

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Everything to Consider When Optimizing a Blog Post

When optimizing a business blog post on HubSpot, there are more than a few bases to cover before taking the post live. These include:

  • Title and post URL
  • Campaign
  • Selected keywords and tags
  • Inbound and external hyperlinks
  • Author
  • Meta description
  • Featured images and media
  • Scheduling

Make sure all of these elements are addressed and follow the steps in the video tutorial above, and you'll see improvements in your company's blog posts in no time.

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Casey Crane

Casey Crane

I'm a hard working, driven, and focused communicator with experience in writing, editing, media relations, photojournalism, marketing, and customer service. I have a keen eye for detail and always am looking for new ways to improve myself personally and professionally.