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What's the Best Software for Creating Infographics? | Marketing Minute

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What's the Best Software for Creating Infographics? | Marketing Minute #005


Hey guys, my name is Jackeline Baez. I'm one of the designers here at Bluleadz. Today, we're going to talk a little bit about what we think is the best program to use to create infographics—and that is Adobe Illustrator.

One great thing about Adobe Illustrator is that you can actually export your graphics into an SVG, which is a scalable vector graphic. This means that you won't get all those pixelated lines, and everything will be nice and smooth.

Another great thing about using Illustrator is that if you have pre-existing SVGs, you can just pop them right into the program—customize them, morph them, change the colors—and you'll have complete control of the graphics.

These are just some of the reasons why we use Adobe Illustrator to create infographics. We hope you found this helpful, and we hope you stay tuned for more design content and Marketing Minutes.

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Want to create a kick-ass infographic? In this Marketing Minute, Bluleadz Designer/Developer Jackeline Baez has all the information you need about our infographic software of choice, Adobe Illustrator.

Custom SVG files, animation, cloud support; it's all there.

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