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What Is a Pillar Page? | Marketing Minute

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What Is a Pillar Page? | Marketing Minute #006


Hey everyone, Jeff Previte here. I'm the content marketing specialist here at Bluleadz, and I wanted to talk about pillar pages in this Marketing Minute.

So, what is a pillar page? A pillar page is a long-form piece of content that is comprehensive, ungated, and focused on a broad topic. Pillar pages are part of what's called a topic cluster. Topic clusters consist of both pillar pages and cluster content.

The reason topic clusters are so important is because they aren't just focused on keywords—they're focused on topics, subtopics, and the semantic relationships between those pieces of content.

There are several benefits to using a pillar page approach:

  • First of all, you can boost your search visibility.
  • Second, you can have a more organized approach to your content planning strategy.
  • And finally—and best of all—you can generate leads by offering a pillar page as a downloadable resource.
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Need to take your content marketing efforts to the next level?

In this Marketing Minute, Jeff Previte, the content marketing specialist at Bluleadz, explains what a pillar page is, how it relates to topic clusters, and why this approach is vital to your content marketing strategy.

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