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The Remarketing Rundown: A Few Things You Should Know



Remarketing is a form a digital advertising that allows marketers to target people who have interacted with their website or other avenues and attempt to re-engage them by showing a targeted ad based on their interaction.

There are many ways to utilize remarketing—the most common form is to target users who have been a specific website but didn’t make an initial purchase or fill out a form.

How Does Remarketing Track People?

In order to implement remarketing, the first thing a marketer must do is add a piece of code to their website called a pixel or a tag. This pixel will start tracking people who have been to the website by using “browser cookies.”

From there, they will be able to create target audiences and further define the remarketing audience.

For example, let’s say I own a shoe store and I want to target my website audience that is interested in running shoes. I could create a list of anyone who visited a page on my website with a URL that contains “running-shoes” (as long as my URL parameters include that phrasing). Then, I can show them a specific ad based on their interest in running shoes.

Another type of remarketing is using Customer Match. This uses a list of emails that your customers have given you. Once they are logged in to the platform you would like to advertise on, you can show them an ad to try re-engaging them, maybe with a new offer.

Where Can I Remarket?

Almost all platforms offer some form of remarketing: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and the list goes on. Each platform will have a separate pixel or tag, so make sure you are adding each one to your website in the proper section.

Another important thing to note is the the pixels do not work retroactively. They only start tracking from the day you implement them on the site and most platforms won’t let you retarget until you have a minimum amount of people in your list. So, keep that in mind when creating your lists, too!

All in all, remarketing is a great way to re-engage customers who have interacted with your business before, whether that is with website traffic or a customer email list.

I recommend implementing this in more than one way with your marketing efforts, since you can appeal to customers based in their interests with your business!

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Published on May 18, 2018


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