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Top 6 Benefits of Putting Your Website On HubSpot

Content management systems are meant to be a one stop shop for planning out inbound marketing strategies, executing marketers’ plans and monitoring outcomes. While not all content management systems fulfill these expectations, there is one that is designed to act as a comprehensive dashboard for not only marketers and salespeople, but also designers.

Enter HubSpot’s Content Optimization System. HubSpot’s COS is not just a content management system -- it also acts as a website builder for personalized landing pages and sites that can achieve results for better quality leads and higher revenue.

Here are the six top benefits of putting your website on HubSpot’s COS:

1. Responsive Design to Capture Mobile Users

Mobile devices account for the majority of time spent online for some of the biggest markets in the world. According to comScore, mobile device users access more than 60 percent of digital content in nine global markets analyzed in the 2017 international report entitled, “Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs.” These markets include the U.S. Canada, the U.K. and China.

With more people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to view content, responsive design is a crucial factor in whether visitors successfully engage with business websites since it allows websites to be viewed on different screen sizes. When visitors are unable to view website pages using a variety of technology, from desktops to smartphones, they will likely exit from the website without viewing another page. Furthermore, smartphone and tablet users may not be able to navigate or respond well to websites that are not optimized for mobile.

HubSpot’s COS responsive design technology is what differentiates it from typical content management systems. To make it easier for marketers and designers to create websites that use responsive design, HubSpot offers drag and drop template layouts. The COS responsive grid is a 12 column responsive-grid system so designers can see what website pages will look like for various mobile devices.

2. Integration with Popular Blog Platform WordPress

HubSpot also provides a way for businesses to connect its COS with WordPress blogs and sites, the most used content management system in the world. Stats gathered by ManageWP.com revealed WordPress dominates almost 60 percent of the share of the market with more than 603 million Google search results coming from WordPress.

Since WordPress is already a popular content management system for business websites -- with HubSpot noting that WordPress powers almost 1 in 4 of all sites on the web -- signing up for HubSpot’s COS means companies can more easily edit, schedule and publish blogs on both platforms. The company has a HubSpot for WordPress plugin to install the HubSpot tracking code for WordPress posts, syncing marketing data to your HubSpot dashboard. There is no cost to integrate HubSpot with WordPress using this plugin.

3. All-In-One Dashboard for Content Marketing

As content marketing requires numerous techniques and strategies, HubSpot’s COS has a full-featured dashboard to optimize your content and track results for whatever your marketing vision may be. Unlike other content marketing platforms, the HubSpot COS is made for lead generation in mind. It is also made to oversee all the different channels marketers typically use, from email blasts to social media, instead of just website pages.

The marketing platform has an interface with content optimization and lead generation tools already included, unlike WordPress where users have to install additional software or plugins. HubSpot’s content tools allow marketers to customize landing pages with calls to action using their chosen keywords and descriptions of products and services as well as include forms to collect information from leads.

In addition to the above content tools, HubSpot offers features for collaborating with team members to plan out content, improve search engine optimization and publish posts to social media networks.

4. Personalize Content for Your Ideal Audience

Inbound marketers plan content to engage their ideal audience by creating customer profiles and at the same time website visitors want to feel special and know they are valued. To achieve these goals, the COS by HubSpot lets marketers utilize personalization tokens to tailor content to various personas.

A Forrester Consulting and Persado survey of senior marketers in the U.S. and Europe found 64 percent of participants made individualized content and offers on a channel-specific basis via customer data. This indicates that personalization is critical to target content not only for personas, but also based on where they are in the sales funnel or buyer’s journey.

The personalization tokens for HubSpot’s COS apply for landing pages, email newsletters and other individual website pages so businesses can approach customers individually no matter the channel. This will provide a personalized website experience and have content appear that will resonate to the visitor depending on their persona, demographics, incomes or revenues and even time zones.

COS users simply choose their personalization token category, such as contact or company, to begin the process. For example, for the personalization token category of “office location,” users can personalized content based on:

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Country

  • Phone

Business to business users of HubSpot’s COS will especially benefit from the personalization token category for “company” as it can customize content based on factors related to sales and revenue, including the following:

  • Total Money Raised

  • Total Revenue

  • Salesforce Account ID

5. Plan Your Content Calendar

Marketers often structure their marketing plan around an editorial calendar for blogs, social media posts, infographics and other types of content. However, marketers find it difficult to manually enter in traffic and revenue data for each individual post to track performance. HubSpot offers a content calendar feature to track editorial content, publishing dates, keywords for posts among team members and collaborators.

HubSpot COS users can also modify the content calendar and color code their calendar events and posts. To stay on track with their publishing dates, marketers can set their blog posts as tasks and assign the task to a team member.

Marketers can organize their blog and other content by creating a blog post task that lists the following:

  • Blog title

  • Scheduled publish date and time

  • Assignee for blog post task

  • Title of blog

  • Topics

  • Body of blog post

Once this task is completed, team members can preview the posts and click Complete task to let their coworkers know the blogs are done.

6. Analyze Website Performance

There are plenty of options for analytics tools meant for search engine optimization and inbound marketing. Instead of switching back and forth between these tools, HubSpot offers analytics features already built into its COS to gather lead conversion opportunities and see return on investment reports.

Marketers gain insight into current website performance as well as have the ability to experiment with different versions of content using the A/B testing features of the platform.

The content tools in HubSpot’s COS work hand in hand to deliver better analytical reports. For instance, HubSpot’s blog editorial calendar templates also allow marketers to see which posts use certain keywords and calls to action.

Additionally, you can also utilize the powerful features of Google Analytics for your HubSpot pages. Simply go to your HubSpot Marketing account and apply your Google Analytics tracking code to all the pages you want to monitor.

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