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Why Are Social Media Sites Blue?

Why are social sites blue?

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Have you ever wondered why most of the major social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, utilize various shades of the color blue? Hey, we here at Bluleadz even use it! What makes the color blue such a popular marketing tool? If you've wondered this before, you're not alone.


Why Be So Blue?

social media logosBlue is a calming, relaxing color that accompanies red and yellow as primaries. Sometimes called “the Nirvana color,” blue symbolizes the comfort, sky, water, sleep, the mind, trustworthiness and safety (think Police Officer uniforms). Most importantly, blue represents communication – which makes sense in regards to websites designed for communication.

Blue promotes interaction. Most other colors tend to distract the consumer, whereas the color blue disappears as a transparent background. Each website that is designed with a blue color scheme does so in different spectrum, using different shades to suit their needs.

The Colors and Why

Whether the reason is due to the sense of welcoming, the evolving sense of transparency as the consumer reads through the website, or a symbolic color, each website chooses their design for a reason.

Twitter’s mascot is a bird, so it only makes sense that their blue represents the sky on a perfect day. Facebook is blue because the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is red-green colorblind, so blue is the richest color for him. The list below shows of popular websites and why they chose blue for their web design. 

Blue makes Skype look innovative

Skype uses blue on its website to convey a sense of innovation. As you know, Skype lets you easily connect to anybody with the app through video or text. It makes the company look sleek and modern. A lot of other tech companies, like Telecom, HP, Dell and AT&T, also take advantage of using the color blue in their marketing to attract visitors. It gives these companies a sense of stability that is appealing, unlike red or orange which symbolize energy and passion.

WordPress uses blue to establish trust

WordPress also utilizes blue on their homepage to give visitors a feeling of trustworthiness and stability. The company wants visitors to have confidence in them as a blogging platform. Blue is used in their accent colors to bring attention to their navigation and call to actions. This is a great practice because this is where you want to guide visitors.

Pandora capitzles on blue

Pandora uses blue demonstrate creativity to users. Even though when we were younger, we were told
blue is for boys and pink is for girls, blue is actually gender neutral; blue is meant for both men and women, just like Pandora. Blue holds the attention of the user and is easy to look at for prolonged periods of time.  

Blue as a Marketing Tool

As a marketing tool, blue follows a pattern designed to attract customers. This pattern can be traced in three steps:

  1. Attract with a welcoming color. A blue website wants its viewers to feel welcome. They are stepping into a friendly environment that is not intimidating nor boring.
  2. Portray safety and reliability. With the primary color of a website being blue, the website is thus designed to whisper to the customer, “Look how reliable I am. I am safe, as well as both light-hearted and professional. I am comfortable. Look at me.”
  3. Disappear into background. Now that the color has done what it was designed to do, it can now take a few steps back to allow the reader to become completely enveloped in the information they are receiving. How often do you pay attention to the blue borders of your Facebook window or the sidebars of Microsoft Office? Exactly. 

Blue For Your Website

What do you want to your website to portray? Natural, comfortable, and reliable elements are all portrayed in the color blue. Any color will work for a website when used in an efficient way, but if you are looking to portray the specifics of communication, then blue is the way to go.

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