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Why & How You Should be Using HubSpot Lead Flows on Your Website

HubSpot lead flows are great lead generation tools. They’re an easy way to get some quick conversions through your website. If you’re not sure what a lead flow is, they’re HubSpot’s version of a pop-up form and they’re available whether you’re on the free version of HubSpot or their professional Enterprise tier.

You’re probably thinking this is not a good idea because most people hate pop-ups and think they’re annoying. This is the general consensus if you were to ask someone what they think of website pop-ups, which is why it’s important to know when and where it’s appropriate to use a lead flow on your website.

Effectively using lead flows (and following the inbound way) gives your website visitors and leads multiple ways to get in touch with you once you’ve captured their interest. Used appropriately, pop-ups can be a powerful inbound marketing tool to convert your website visitors into blog subscribers and/or leads. In an article on AWeber, they found that using a pop-up form to obtain blog subscribers converted 1375% better than traditional forms.

Types of Lead Flows

Pop-Up Box

Pop-up boxes are your typical type of pop-up, hence the name. They’re the best type of lead flow if you’re looking to quickly grab the attention of your website visitors.

Pop-up boxes are best used for:

  • Highlighting the most valuable piece of content on your website
  • Promoting a new content offer
  • Growing your email list
  • Promoting social channels

Recommended Flow Trigger: On exit intent

Drop-Down Banner

Drop-down banners will be displayed as a thin, full-width bar at the top of your website. They’re direct, non-disruptive, and helpful for your website visitors.

Drop-down banners are best used for:

  • Time-sensitive offers and promotions like a holiday sale or special offer
  • Registering for upcoming events or webinars
  • Growing your blog subscribers list (via your blog pages)

Recommended Flow Trigger: After elapsed time

Slide-In Box Left/Right

Slide-in boxes appear at the bottom of your website and will slide in from the left side or right side depending what you select. They’re friendly and subtle for the visitors on your website.

Slide-in boxes are best used for:

  • Promoting content offers
  • Growing your blog subscribers list (via your blog pages)

Recommended Flow Trigger: On 50% page scroll

Lead Flow Triggers

As listed above, you should have noticed the recommended flow trigger for each type of lead flow. When you’re creating your lead flow, you’re given the option to adjust when your lead flow will appear on the pages or pages you’ve selected. Here are the 3 lead flow trigger options:

  • On Exit Intent - Your lead flow will trigger when your website visitor’s mouse exits their browser window. It’s important to note that this trigger option is only available for a pop-up box.
  • After Elapsed Time - Your lead flow will trigger after the desired set amount of seconds you choose. There is a minimum of 7 seconds for this option.
  • On 50% Page Scroll - Your lead flow will trigger once your website visitor scroll down 50% of the selected website page(s).

It’s important to think about what you’re lead flow is offering in order to select the best type of lead flow and trigger option. For example, if one of your website visitors is reading a blog post, they're going to be scrolling down the page; in this case, a slide-in box on 50% page scroll would be the best option and provide the best user experience for that visitor.

Get Started with Lead Flows Today!

I hope I’ve stressed enough about how important it is to know when and where it’s appropriate to use a lead flow on your website. Make sure you check out some of the additional options available when creating your lead flow, such as adding an image, changing the color of your lead flow, and changing the color of your text. As an added bonus, if you're a Basic, Professional, or Enterprise HubSpot customer, you can add custom form fields to your lead flow, too!

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