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Inbound Design

With You In Mind

Our inbound design methodology ensures a sleek, modern and professional website redesign from top to bottom.

Hubspot and Wordpress Web Design Best Of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

The time it takes for websites to collect dust happens quicker than you think. In fact, it’s happening right now. Ask yourself: When’s the last time any substantial changes were made to your website to help improve the user experience and conversion path? If it’s been longer than 6 months, you’re already behind the curve.

Our inbound design approach utilizes data and analytics to delve deep into your buyer personas and make incremental improvements based on their needs. This helps you not only overhaul your site, but also monitor and tweak to increase conversion rates and results over time.

Websites shouldn’t have a “set-it-and-forget-it” philosophy – hence why we’ve developed this approach. Why? Because inbound works, and paired with design, it’s nigh unstoppable.

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Our Process is Simple

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a night, you can’t overhaul a website in that amount of time, either. But don’t fret – after an initial conversation and planning phase, the redesign process happens in 4 easily-digestible steps:


This step can be the hardest to understand, as its sole purpose is to show layout and page flow/hierarchy. Wireframes do not show design, but rather are low fidelity in order to isolate the layout of the website pages apart from word choice and imagery. Think about it as a bare-bones black-and-white blueprint. Not fleshed out, but giving you the boxes and abstract configuration of what a page is going to look like and how it’s going to flow. Although not colorful or exciting, it’s a necessary step.

Full-Color Proofs

Consider proofs a high-fidelity Photoshop website rendition. This is where you’re able to view colors and (ideally) content if it’s ready. Now is the time to make tweaks and lock in the preferred design. Doing so makes the rest of the process go by much more smoothly. From its finalization, proofs are the template used to match in the development phase.


This is where all the coding hoopla happens. Using the static proofs as a baseline, our designers translate them into a functioning and dynamic website using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Keep in mind the amount of time this takes can vary greatly depending on the platform, complexity, and desired animations.


The final step is – you guessed it – taking the site live! Depending on whether you have an existing site we’re updating or we’re transferring to HubSpot’s COS, it involves more than just flipping an “on” switch. There’s also a period of 24-48 hours where your website may intermittently display your previous site as the domain settings resolve and update. That said, we like to launch on a weekday in order to be on-hand for any issues that may arise.

Hubspot and Wordpress Design Process

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We understand your website is a window to your business’s soul and can make or break someone’s impression instantly. With over 100 redesigned websites under our belt, our priority lies in innovation meshed with inbound best practices for peak results.

Check out what we’ve done for our clients below:


What Clients Think

Brian Dziuk.jpg

Brian Dziuk

Marketing Director - RASTRAC

“We wanted a way to increase our web traffic and drive up the number of qualified leads. With the help of Bluleadz, we have optimized our website and seen a very noticeable difference in the amount of blog views, interactions, and qualified leads. The team is always bringing great ideas to the table, and I consider them a valuable part of our marketing department.”
Victor Barris.jpg

Victor Barris

CEO - Identropy

“Since teaming up with Bluleadz, our monthly blog traffic and inbound activity have skyrocketed. Bluleadz has truly become an extension of our team. It’s been a highly productive and positive experience, working with the Bluleadz team, and our focus and appreciation for our inbound efforts is at an unprecedented level.”
Carlos Lahrssen.jpg

Steven Cunningham

Marketing Director - Sciessent

I have received nothing but great support from the Bluleadz team. You are my first recommendation for anyone entering a website development project.

We're Here to Chat

Inbound design makes sense, but you may still have some lingering questions – and that’s okay! We’re not here to talk your ear off; we want to hear how we can help! Simply fill out the form on this page and we can start a productive and helpful dialogue tailored to benefitting you and your website’s endeavors.