But it isn’t going to work without upkeep and innovation, and many websites simply wind up collecting dust.

Ask yourself: When was the last time any substantial changes were made to your website to help improve the user experience and conversion path? If it’s been longer than 6 months, you’re already behind the curve.

Websites shouldn’t follow a “set-it-and-forget-it” philosophy. Our inbound design approach utilizes data and analytics to delve deep into your buyer personas and make incremental improvements based on their needs.

This helps you not only overhaul your site, but monitor and tweak to increase conversion rates and results over time.

Our Process is Simple

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, a website can’t be overhauled in one either. But fret not–after an initial conversation and a bit of planning, the redesign process happens in four easily-digestible steps:


This step provides a look into the layout and flow/hierarchy of each webpage. Wireframes do not show design, but offer a bare-bones black-and-white blueprint of how the site will appear without concern for word choice and imagery.

Full-Color Proofs

This is where you’re able to view colors and content (if it’s ready). Now is the time to make tweaks and lock in the preferred design. These proofs will be the template used to match in the development phase.


Now all the coding hoopla happens. Using the static proofs as a baseline, our designers translate them into a functioning and dynamic website using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Keep in mind the amount of time this takes can vary greatly depending on the platform, complexity, and desired animations.


The final step is — you guessed it — taking the site live! Depending on whether we’re updating an existing site or transferring you to HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS), it involves more than just flipping a switch. There’s a period of 24-48 hours where your website may intermittently display your previous site as the domain settings resolve and update. That’s why we like to launch on a weekday in order to be on-hand for any challenges that may arise.

See What We've Got

We understand your website is a window to the soul of your business and can make or break someone’s impression instantly. With over 100 redesigned websites under our belt, our priority lies in innovation meshed with inbound best practices for peak results. Check out what we’ve done for our clients below:

View More Designs

OmniComm Systems, Inc.
Heimsath Architects
BioZone Scientific International, Inc.
Eastern Metal Supply
Go Galapagos
Florida Transportation Systems, Inc.
Big Think Edge
Disability Experts of Florida
Ovation Travel Group
BLUE Software
Chargeback Gurus
RSC Diagnostic Services
Empire Flippers
Southern State Enterprises
Glasshouse Real Estate
Innovative Group
Fusion Web Clinic

What Our Clients Think

Mike Swigunski

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Empire Flippers

Great Quality Work! 5/5 Stars

Working with Bluleadz was a really great experience and the work they delivered was top notch. We were experiencing gmail clipping issues and they were able to resolve this issue and completely revamp all of our emails to make them perform better and improve the overall design. I highly recommend Bluleadz!

Katie Sloane

Sr. Marketing Manager


Great Partner and an Awesome Team!

Bluleadz brings website design and inbound strategy ideations to life. We evaluated multiple certified agencies before selecting Bluleadz, and they exceeded our expectations. The Bluleadz team was efficient, responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. In Bluleadz, we found a real partner that we could rely on. I would recommend Bluleadz to any business seeking to redesign and optimize their site. Looking forward to working with them again and fostering our relationship!

Who's a Good Fit?

These are the problems we solve for our clients on a daily basis. If you can relate to any of the ones listed below, then you definitely make a good fit with BZ.

Outdated Website

Your website needs updating because it’s not user-friendly and doesn’t look modern or professional enough to represent our brand.

Not Mobile Responsive

Your website is not optimized for mobile, or is not very responsive and has a very poor user experience overall that needs improvement.

Poor Lead & Customer Conversions

You have more of a brochure-style website and need it rebuilt with modern marketing and sales best practices to generate leads and customers.

Website Autonomy

You need to have your site redesigned but you want the ability to make easy updates or edits to it internally without having to rely on actions from a developer.

Web Design Pricing

Templated website redesigns start at $10k.
Traditional fully custom website redesigns start at $20k.

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Website Design FAQs

How Long Does a Website Redesign Take?

Our standard custom redesign project takes 8-12 weeks depending on variables.

Can You Expedite a Project to Meet a Time Sensitive Deadline?

Of Course! We can expedite any project by adding more team resources.

What are the Benefits of Having our Website on HubSpot?

All in one Marketing and Sales package, with best in class user experience. To learn more, Click Here.

What is Your Typical Process for a Website Design Project?

We break it down into 5 stages. Persona Consideration / Strategy, Wireframes, Full color design proofs, Developing the designs, Launch.

How Will our Target Market be Factored Into Our New Design?

This is part of our persona consideration phase where we take into account all of your branding and target audience.

If We Provide You With Designs, Can You Develop Them?

Yes. We have a team of In house developers that can develop on multiple platforms.

Do You Outsource Any Development or Design Work?

NO. All design and development work is done in-house.

Do I Have to Have My New Website on HubSpot?

No. While we recommend HubSpot, we can build your website on any platform.

Is SEO Included With Your Website Redesign?

No. But we do transfer all existing on page SEO.

Is New Website Content Included With Your Website Redesign?

No. We migrate your current content as is, however we can support content creation for your new website, if that is something you’re interested in.

How Much Time Would Our Company Need to Dedicate to This?

We estimate between 10-15hrs for the duration of the project. This time includes, reviews of work, meetings etc.

Will Our Current Site Be Affected While You Work on the New One?

No. All new websites are worked on in a staging area, which isn't live and has no impact on your current site.

Can You Migrate Our Website?

Yes. We can migrate your website from your existing platform to look exactly the same on your new platform.

Can You Work With Other Vendors on a Project?

Yes. Our team is very open to collaboration with existing vendors you might currently have. Our sole focus is create something you will love.

Website Audit

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