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10 Helpful LinkedIn Groups for Manufacturers

LinkedIn, the social media networking site for professionals, is a tremendous resource for businesses, and business professionals across every industry. It's a site that allows you to engage with other professionals as well as keep up with the latest trends and news in your industry. One of the most valuable resources available to users on the site are LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Groups are industry and job specific networking groups that bring together thought leaders and deliver insights from those in a specific industry. It's a way to share news about your business, find answers to industry specific questions and prospect to develop new business. Following and engaging with other group members offers benefits to those seeking to hire qualified people, users seeking jobs, and businesses prospecting for leads. This includes those in the manufacturing industry.

LinkedIn Groups come in two flavors. Public groups are those that allow anyone to join and participate. Private groups allow you to join, but you will need to wait for the approval of the group owner or moderator before you can participate in the group.

Here are ten must-join groups for those in the Manufacturing Industry.

Ten Helpful LinkedIn Groups For Manufacturers

LinkedIn Groups offer users of the site literally thousands of industry specific communities. Group are a great way to keep on top of industry trends, learn from thought leaders in the industry, engage with potential clients, employers and network with others in your industry. Here are ten of the top groups for manufacturers on LinkedIn.

1. Manufacturing Operations Management

Public Group: 35,409 members

Manufacturing is the backbone industry of a modern economy. Those who work in operations management in this industry have a unique set of needs. This group addresses those needs. Whether you're interested in networking with other like-minded individuals, or seeking to discuss new ideas and innovations this is the group for you.

Connect with this group here

2. U.S. Manufacturing Group

Private Group: 7,512 members

This group provides a great networking opportunity for American manufacturing executives with a global perspective. The group believes that America is strongest with a diversified deep manufacturing base.

Click here to check out this group

3. IndustryWeek Manufacturing Networking

Private Group: 12,569 members

Hosted by the manufacturing industry magazine IndustryWeek, this group provides manufacturers with best practices and analysis to achieve management excellence. This group connects decision-makers in all type of manufacturing businesses. Content is often posted by IndustryWeek writers.

Check out the IndustryWeek Group here

4. Operations Management In Practice

Private Group: 22,639 members

This group discusses a wide variety of topics to help you gain new insight into how you can put new techniques and practices to use in your company. Topics include everything from managing the supply chain to services management, quality management and project management.

Click here for this group

5. Operations/Distribution Managers

Private Group: 19,970 members

If you're a professional in operations management at a manufacturing company this group is a place to share business leads, discuss relevant articles and news, gain expertise, or explore the many job openings in this industry this group is a valuable resource.

Check it out here

6. Lean Manufacturing Flexible Manufacturing Club

Private Group: 32,514 members

If your business or career lies in new lean manufacturing or flexible manufacturing techniques, this is a great group for you. This group consists of professionals interested in the design, supply and use of lean manufacturing solutions and flexible manufacturing systems.

Click here to check out this group

7. Food Manufacturing Industry Professionals

Private Group: 39,567 members

One of the many industry specific groups for manufacturers on LinkedIn. This group is an informal networking group for professionals in the food industry. Discussions include trends, technology, regulations and innovations in the food production industry.

Click to learn more

8. Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution Form

Private Group: 37,135 members

This group is a gathering spot to help Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors to find each other and network. It's an interactive, international group that encourages self-promotion.

Click here to join this group

9. Manufacturing Operational Excellence

Private Group: 13,740 members

MOE is a platform where manufacturing professionals find value in sharing ideas, opinions and experiences. The group is dedicated to furthering members knowledge base of those committed to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Click here to check out MOE

10. Robots in Manufacturing

Private Group: 5,908 members

Not a big group, but a really cool concept! As the use of robots in manufacturing grows, groups like this will lead the way for those in the industry. This group is specifically for designers, manufacturers, marketers and users of industrial robots.

Click here to join the future of manufacturing!

LinkedIn is a tremendous marketing and networking opportunity and social media group for professionals. LinkedIn Groups offer users the opportunity to network, learn and engage with other like minded professionals from around the world.

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