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20 of the Best Meet the Team Page Examples You Need to See (+ Tips)

When visitors visit your site and click on your Meet the Team page, what do they see?

Headshots? A team photo? Nothing? If your answer is nothing, then you should definitely keep reading.

After exploring this page, visitors should get a sense of what your team is like. If it's pretty unclear who they would potentially be working with, then it's time to revamp your Meet the Team page (or create one in the first place).

What Is a Meet the Team Page?



This page is dedicated to highlighting your business' strongest asset: your team.

Sometimes seen as an extension of the About Page, Meet the Team is about introducing your visitors to your employees, providing transparency and a personal touch.

It's a great way to put faces to names and position titles. Today, that's incredibly important since customers prefer a much more personalized, intimate experience with the businesses they purchase from. Long gone are the days of just casual, impersonal sales.

Characteristics of a Strong Meet the Team Page

An awesome Meet the Team page checks off all the right boxes:

  • It has personality.
  • It is full of quality images and/or graphics, including headshots.
  • It branches out from other cookie-cutter designs.
  • It highlights the people who make up your team in both a professional and unique way.

Remember, the whole point of this page is to help familiarize potential customers with your staff. You could be boring about it, but that's not the best way to inspire trust and camaraderie.

Make sure your page uniquely showcases your awesome team and all of their skills with fun, informative employee profiles too!


What Is an Employee Profile?

Employee profiles tell the story of your team members and their relationship with your company. This is where each employee can drop their humility a bit and boast about their capabilities, accomplishments, and what they bring to the team.

You can either publish a professionally written profile created by the company or encourage your team members to write their own during their onboarding process.

Regardless of how it's written, it should always include these important details:

  • Name
  • Position/specialty
  • Years with the company
  • Relevant industry experience/accomplishments

20 Unique Meet the Team Page Examples

Below are some companies that we think are doing a kickass job with their Meet the Team website pages. Take out your notepad and find some inspiration of your own.

1. Lateral

Lateral is a design and development studio that is absolutely killing it with the design of its team website page. When you first land on the page, you see individual headshots of each team member.

However, they aren’t your standard LinkedIn profile picture headshot.

When you look closely, you’ll see that each team member is posed in a way that represents their personality. They took the average team member's headshot to a whole new level by making the individual team members interact and move in the direction the mouse moves. When you highlight a particular person, everyone else looks toward them – slightly creepy but very cool.

2. Etsy

Chances are, if you shop online, then you’ve looked at (and probably bought from) Etsy. By looking at their team website page, you can tell that the group is made up of unique individuals, just like the vendors that sell on their site.

They start with a clean look and highlight their leadership team, but they don’t just focus on the top dogs. You can scroll down and see a collage of all team members whose photos are highlighted with their names as you scroll over. The message of how their team is “lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks” reflects their overall brand.

3. Wistia

Remember how awkward it felt taking class photos back in school? Well, Wistia embraces class photos and shows its fun side with its “yearbook” team page.

Each team member is posed facing the right side of the screen like you did for your senior photo. However, when you hover over the individual, you will see them in a variety of different poses, acting silly and showing their personality. This is only in "Directory Mode," though.

A very interactive "Drum Machine Mode" is the highlight of this Meet the Team page. Each team member is associated with a specific sound. Play around and record your very own song. Press the play button and watch the team's photos come to life.

4. Atlassian

The Meet the Team page on Atlassian’s website is definitely unique – so unique that they created their own personal bobbleheads for their leadership team.

Like traditional bobbleheads, these team members’ heads will bobble back and forth when hovered over. Clicking on a team member will bring up a more professional headshot, a link to their social accounts, and a brief bio.

5. Apptio

When you first get to Apptio's team page, it might look like your typical corporate about us page, but you'll notice they have a compelling video that actually tells the company's story of growth, and their drive to give back with their nonprofit. 

The page shows a lot about their values and provides background on their joining IBM, then links to a whole other page focused on their culture and the initiatives they have in place to foster camaraderie among their employees. It definitely makes you want to get their culture guide and possibly apply for a job!

6. 6tematik

A French agency, 6tematik, ditches traditional headshots with modern silhouettes that have a pop of color for each team member's different features. From pink glasses to a few aqua-blue beards, a different pop feature is added to each individual’s image.

It’s a different spin on your typical team member page, which helps them stand out. They also have a spot on the page where they invite potential new hires to meet for a cup of coffee. I love it… or better said, “je l'aime?"

7. Humaan

Forget traditional office attire when it comes to Humaan’s team photo page! The first team photo is just a taste of all you see as you scroll through the page! This team clearly has a good time while doing great work.

As if the first image wasn’t different enough, the rest of the page has fun GIFs of each team member to show more of their personality. My personal favorite is Matt Boddy – who doesn't love Nerf guns? 


FCINQ's team member page is clean and colorful. You can click on individual photos to view team members' names, titles, and social media links.

FCINQ also incorporates job clusters on its page. If you click on "developers," for example, those who work in the developing category are highlighted, and all other circles are faded out.

9. Electric Pulp

Professional on the outside and fun on the inside is the theme of Electric Pulp’s team member page. The page first appears very clean, with black and white headshots of each team member.

However, as you scroll over each individual, the headshot card flips around to show a funny GIF that represents that team member's personality. From Patrick Swayze dancing to a classic cat GIF, it’s a fun and professional way to show that these coworkers are serious about their job but still enjoy a little fun here and there. 

10. Globule Bleu

Forget everything you know about traditional team pages when looking a Globule Bleu’s website. They start with a puzzle-looking page, made up of images from a Lego man to a blow dryer.

When you then click on a specific image, it leads to a team member's photo made up by similar mosaic squares. Instead of bios, they have a personal quote that is quippy and self-descriptive.

11. Stink Studios

Stink Studios takes a very simple approach to its team page. An ever-refreshing page shows six team members at a time. The background color varies, and each photo has a little personality. When hovered, viewers can see the name and title of each individual.

I enjoy the constant refreshing page feature: it allows you to focus on just six employees at a time rather than seeing everyone who works there. The staggered design is unique and gives a slightly 3D effect.

12. Digital Marmalade

Digital Marmalade proves that it isn’t hard to be both professional and personal on your company team page. 

When first scrolling, you’ll notice very cohesive, right-aligned photos of each team member. When you select a team member, a bar chart will pop up and provide business-related information like “years in the industry,” “years in DM (Digital Marmalade),” and even “coffee-making skills.” 

The best part, however, is the option to select various photos. Each team member has an industry headshot, a personal photo from childhood, and a superhero photo – yes, a superhero photo. 

With each photo, the bar chart changes to display new information. For "Personal," you can learn each team member's favorite football team, book, movie, food, etc. For "Superhero," you will not only discover what superhero each member would be, but you can compare their superhero "skills" such as mobility, healing factor, and stamina.

13. CloudHorizon

CloudHorizon, a mobile product development company, highlights how they're driven to help bring business ideas to life. They tell an impactful story of their beginnings on their About page

Scrolling further down the page, you can see their entire team's faces. They do a great job of highlighting their talented team by providing a headshot. When you hover over their photo, you can see each person's childhood photo and a description of what they wanted to be when they were younger.

14. Unfold

This Norwegian digital agency website's Meet the Team page follows a minimalistic style. Plenty of white space surrounds each member's information, adding to the clean look of their site. They kept information minimum by only including each member's name, work category, email, and phone number. 

Small pops of color are integrated into Unfold's design through squares that are placed offset of each photo. This small touch makes a big difference, and each color draws your attention across the screen to the next team member's photo.

15. Yokel Local

Why Yokel Local? That is the question! This digital marketing agency makes getting to know the team super easy. As a growing small-ish team, Yokel Local's Meet Our Team page provides in-depth bios on all their players. 

The layout is clean and the way it's set up, you can read about each employee individually one at a time. The page boasts the team's core values, which include ingenuity, passion, transparency, and purpose, and then deep dives into their organizational culture.

The page is bare bones but gives you all the information you need whether you're seeking a marketing agency or a job! This page gives a direct link to current job openings, so if you feel you align with the profiles you see, go ahead and apply!

16. Bolden

Bolden focuses on brand strategy, identity, UX/UI, and visual design, and their Meet the Team page is a testament to their skills. Based in the Netherlands, they use a manual scrolling image menu to introduce their team, and each team member gets to highlight two amazing photos of themselves. 

Upon visiting their Meet the Team page, visitors are greeted with a sleek and modern design that instantly catches the eye. The carefully selected color palette and clean typography create an atmosphere of professionalism and sophistication. It is evident that Bolden places great emphasis on aesthetics and understands the importance of visual appeal when it comes to leaving a lasting impression.

17. Team USA

The design of Team USA's Meet the Team page is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and creativity that went into its creation. The layout is visually captivating, with stunning imagery that captures the intensity and grace of each athlete in their respective sports. The use of high-resolution photographs and sleek animations adds a sense of dynamism, perfectly encapsulating the energy and passion that Team USA embodies.

Moreover, the page provides a wealth of information about each athlete, allowing visitors to truly get to know the individuals behind the success. From personal stories to career highlights, the comprehensive profiles offer a glimpse into these remarkable athletes' journeys, struggles, and triumphs. Team USA's Meet the Team page not only showcases its members' athletic prowess but also instills a sense of pride and admiration for their unwavering commitment to excellence. It inspires aspiring athletes and fans alike, reminding us of the power of determination, teamwork, and the pursuit of greatness.

18. Subrosa Digital

The use of captivating visuals, combined with a sleek and modern design, creates an immersive and engaging browsing experience. Subrosa Digital has masterfully incorporated striking imagery and a harmonious color scheme that grabs attention and conveys a sense of professionalism and expertise. The layout is clean and intuitive, allowing visitors to easily navigate and discover the diverse range of services and solutions that Subrosa Digital offers.

What sets Subrosa Digital's About Us page apart is the emphasis they place on storytelling. They go beyond simply listing their services and instead provide compelling narratives that highlight their unique approach, client success stories, and the talented team behind their achievements. Subrosa Digital establishes credibility and confidence in potential clients by showcasing its expertise through real-world examples and testimonials. This approach showcases their exceptional skills and invites visitors to envision the possibilities and benefits of partnering with Subrosa Digital for their digital marketing needs.

19. Media Junction

Media Junction's page showcases its prowess in web design and development by incorporating sleek animations, seamless transitions, and a modern layout. The carefully curated color palette and typography choices contribute to a visually pleasing and cohesive aesthetic that exudes professionalism and creativity. It is evident that Media Junction understands the importance of visual appeal and user experience in creating impactful digital solutions.

Moreover, Media Junction's About Us page demonstrates its commitment to continuous growth and learning. They openly share their values, company culture, and the steps they take to stay at the forefront of industry trends. This transparency showcases their dedication to providing the best possible solutions for their clients and their willingness to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Overall, Media Junction's About Us page stands as a testament to their exceptional skills, creativity, and commitment to client success. It serves as an inspiring showcase of their capabilities

20. Bluleadz

At Bluleadz, we love to show off the awesome people who are responsible for keeping our business booming. We section our staff off into teams and include a photo and personal description of each member.

The colors on the page are consistent with our style guide, and each employee chooses a GIF that they feel represents them. You can also get a peek at some trivia questions and a cute baby photo!

4 Quick Tips for Updating Your Meet the Team Page

Are you ready to update your team’s website page after seeing all of these examples? Adding personality and being creative can go a long way in highlighting your hardworking employees. Here are some easy ways you can start updating your page:

  • Get silly! Show your personality with fun photos of your team. Not everything needs to look as serious as a driver’s license photo.
  • Share fun facts. Highlight each individual's personality with fun facts about each team member.
  • Tell a story. If your company has the capability to create videos, then it’s a great idea to take advantage of that and show what each team member does at the company. If you can’t do full video, then GIFs are a great way to add a video-like feel to the page.
  • Get personal. Visitors are on the page to get to know your team, so share contact info or social icons for different members to encourage them to reach out!

It's so important to have fun when you're celebrating your team. Use these examples to get inspired, and follow these simple tips to take your Meet the Team page to the next level. 

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General FAQ

Why Should You Have a Meet the Team Page?

A meet the team page helps potential customers and clients get to know the people they might be working with. It highlights the people working for your company and can help put a face to the name.

What Makes an Awesome Meet the Team Page?

A kickass meet the team page will have personality, high-quality images of your team and culture, and is unique to your business.

What Should Be Included in an Employee Profile

The most common information to include for each employee is a headshot, name, job position, and a short description. But, you can get as creative as you want with your team pages and add more personalized details to humanize your brand.

Kathryn Bouchard

Kathryn Bouchard

Kathryn is a Content Marketer at Bluleadz. She graduated from James Madison University with a Master's degree in Political Science and is currently living in Castellon, Spain. From Arlington, VA, she loves to read, run, swim, and study all things legal.