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12 of the Very Best Sales Groups on LinkedIn

When your a sales professional and want to stay on top of your game, you need to keep track of new trends and techniques, understand the psychology of selling and keep abreast of changes in your industry.

Doing all of this while maintaining your sales quota can sometimes be a challenge. You need to find reliable sources of information that are readily available, current, and relevant. Welcome to LinkedIn Groups, a one stop shop for professional networking and information gathering.

Groups are industry specific online forums where like minded professionals can gather and share the latest news of the day. It's also a place where you can learn from the thought leaders in your industry, gain insight into new techniques, even find a new position if you're looking. And it's all just a mouse click away!

A quick note though, most LinkedIn groups are public forums open to anyone, some are private, meaning that you can click to join, but you may need to wait for the group owner or moderator to approve your membership before you can participate in the group.

Now with that said, here are one dozen must-read sales groups to help you grow!

A Dozen Killer Sales Groups on LinkedIn!

1. Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales and Social Media

498,946 Members

This group boasts almost 500,000 members and is the largest marketing and sales innovation group on LinkedIn. It's a great place to learn the latest techniques, network and share ideas. Hosted by InnovationTraining.com.

Connect with this group here

2. Sales Best Practices

303,068 Members

This group focuses on sharing your experiences and solutions about selling, marketing and best practices. Topics include: Sales Development / Prospecting, Cold Calls, Productivity, Team Management and Sales Tools and Software among others.

Check out this group here

3. The Sales Association 

96,395 Members

With 96,000 members, many of whom are the top sales people in their industries, this is the preeminent association for business development and sales professionals worldwide. Topics discussed include sales careers, sales management, quotas and other relevant topics.

Join this group here

4. Sales Hacker Community 

10,673 Members

This group is focused on B2B sales. Consisting of relevant sales managers who share their personal insights and experiences with the group. This group was created by thought leader Max Altshuler whose insights are worth checking out!

Connect with this group here

5. Sales Leadership Executives 

2,807 Members

This is a group for sales executives who work in leadership positions. If you're interested in developing leadership skills and learning how to manage your team check this one out!

Visit the Sales Leadership Executives Group

6. Sales Management Association

41,164 Members

This group was created by the chairman of the Sales Management Association, Bob Kelly and is a great group if you're a sales manager. A forum where thought leaders share their experience on sales and businesses to help you get the maximum return on your efforts.

Check out this group here

7. Sales Gravy Job Search & Sales Jobs Recruitment 

3,610 Members

This is another small group that packs a big punch! This group is specifically for recruiters, HR pros and job candidates. If you're looking to hire the best talent, or get hired by the right people, don't miss this one!

Click here to check out this group

8.Business Development: The Missing Link Between Marketing & Sales

298,967 Members

Run by the Noble House Group, this group focuses on all things business development – from sales, marketing and PR to improving communication to “be and remain successful in selected new markets.”

Join this group here

9. Sales Management Executives

299,047 Members

This group is dedicated to education that can allow sales management executives to thrive. If you find yourself in a new role as sales manager, this group is a great way to get up to speed...fast!

Click here to learn more

10. Sales and Marketing Alignment 

154,166 Members

This group shares tips, tactics and techniques to help sales and marketing work together better. It's a great place to learn from people who have implemented successful alignment strategies. Learn how to increase revenues, learn about buyer and price objections and see if solutions selling or feature selling is best for your company.

Join the conversation here

11. Inside Sales Experts 

57,192 Members

This is a serious group focused only on relevant topics. No spam or self-promotion allowed. The objective of the Inside Sales Group is to give executives in inside sales the opportunity to share ideas and information. If you're an inside sales professional you'll learn a lot from this group of thought leaders.

Wanna be an Expert? Join This Group Here

12. Social Selling University  

4,468 members

Social media has changed the sales game, forever. This group is not like typical discussion groups or forums, it features a free online course. They're planning an upcoming series of videos and content about identifying new opportunities and engaging with prospects across social networks. The group will revolve around discussions of the content and how to use social media to drive your revenue goals. A little different approach, but if you want to ramp up sales on social media, give this unique group a try.

Click here to join Social Selling University

LinkedIn is a tremendously valuable resource that, as a business professional, you should be deeply involved with. From networking and prospecting opportunities, to discussion groups and educational opportunities, you can use their resources to grow your career, improve your position, or find a new one! LinkedIn offers you industry specific groups that can serve as networking opportunities and much more.

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