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12 Twitter Tools the Pros Use (& You Should Too)

Social media in general, and Twitter specifically can be a great method for driving traffic to your website, blog post, or e-commerce store. By engaging on Twitter, you'll see almost immediate results in terms of traffic to your site.

To truly explore the power of Twitter, third-party developers have created tools to leverage the platform. There are a huge amount of tools available from a ton of developers.

Most are designed for a single purpose, but the problem is that many are poorly programmed, and others rely on bombarding you with ads in order use their product.

The pros tend to use a few key tools to leverage the power of Twitter. These twelve Twitter tools will help you to increase sales, your reach, your fanbase and engagement levels on Twitter!

12 Must Have Twitter Tools

This dirty dozen will help you to truly maximize your Twitter experience. From advanced analytics, to automating your posting schedule these are the twelve must have tools to manage your Twitter account.

1. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a power tool for Twitter users that offers advanced analytics, and Powerpost. With just a few clicks you can manage and clean up who you're following.

Powerpost allows you to schedule posts to create optimal visibility and increase engagement. It's a free tool that can also help you to unfollow all inactive Twitter accounts. It's easy to navigate and attractive interface makes it stand out from the pack.

2. AgoraPulse

This fast growing social media tool supports Twitter as well as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It features a schedule post and social media calendar, repeat scheduled posts feature, monitors all tweets and mentions from one screen, and monitors all tweets that share your content.

This powerful tool is two steps beyond tools like Buffer or Hootsuite, plus their mobile app is one of the best.

3. Social Oomph

SocialOomph has pretty much all of the tools you need to automate your Twitter profile, including auto-sending direct messages to new followers, automatic follow new followers, delete all DMs or tweets, and creating an RSS feed to tweet.

They offer many features for free, along with paid premium features. If you manage multiple social profiles this is the tool for you. Along with Twitter, SocialOomph supports Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, and Plurk.

4. Commun.it

This app is a great way to keep track of your Twitter network. It displays the people you are influenced by and the ones you influence the most.

Get updates about who is mentioning your brand outside of your network. It's good practice to keep track of influencers, this app is the best way to do that.

5. Argyle Social

This tool is a piece of advanced social media software that has a host of valuable features. It helps track clicks on links and where visitors to your site have come from.

It allows you to measure each social networks value so you can improve engagement. In terms of specific metrics, this tool is the best at what it does.

6. Audiense

This is an enterprise level, Twitter-certified management tool that is used by beginners and pros alike.

This tool connects you with the right influencers, finds the best time to tweet for max CTR, runs automated direct message campaigns and easily bulk follows and unfollowers like minded Twitter users. Which sets it apart from the rest.

7. Tweriod

Monitoring social media is a good thing to help you watch and learn the platform. Tweriod keeps track of the time most of your followers are active.

Tweriod helps you to get to know your followers better. You can use this data to schedule tweets for the most active time of the day to increase engagement. Excellent advanced analytics gives ths tool an edge.

8. Tweepie

Tweepie offers a clean, easy to use interface. It's the most ZEN of the apps we've listed!This tool helps you to clean up your followers.

Use it to easily remove unfollowers and inactive users. Tweepie will also promote your profile to other Twitter users with similar interests.

9. Refollow

Like Tweepie, Refollow is a clean-up tool with a little extra. Refollow allows you to check a followers bio and stats before you remove them from your community.

You can also keep track of your Twitter network and sort followers bu interests and engagement. The bio feature makes this a must have tool for managing your Twitter network.

10. Twilert

Social media success is all about reputation management. This program allows you to stay alert and respond quickly. Think of Twillert as the “Google Alerts” for Twitter. Set up you keywords and you'll receive an mail alert every time they appear.

This is a great tool for keeping track of engagement with your brand. Everytime your brand is mentioned, you're notified and can repond and engage immediately. Twillert one of the best stand-alone Twitter tools for reputation management.

11. TweetStats

Recognizing social media patterns is important to success on any platform. TweetStats is a free tool that keeps track of your tweets by the hour, day, month, reply statistics and tweet timeline.

It's a simple tool that can give you a unique insight into your Twitter usage and engagement.

12. Klout

Klout is a pretty famous social media analytic tool that keeps track of all of your social media accounts including Twitter. It ranks users based on authority. It's a great tool to monitor and improve your influence online. Influence is the key to increased engagement and authority. This tool can help you keep track.

These are a dozen of the best Twitter tools out there that the pros rely on to keep them on top. From advanced analytics, to automation, using these tools can help you to create a Twitter, and general social media strategy that works. Checl them out and up your Twitter game.

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