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15 Companies Doing It Right On Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words and nowhere is this more important than online. There's nothing that works better for engaging with prospects than stunning, creative, engaging, visual content!

Studies have shown that people will remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and 10% of what they've heard. What can your visual content say about your brand?

If you're looking for a great social site that is visually oriented and growing, consider Instagram!

Why Instagram Matters

Instagram's usage has doubled in just two years to over 600 million active daily users (as of 12/16). While it's not the right platform for every business, engagement on Instagram is 84x higher than Twitter and 10x higher than Facebook.

Instagram is a great platform for giving prospects insight into your corporate culture and brand. Like any other content you'd post, In order for Instagram to be an effective platform you need to make your content feel relevant and keep it fresh, interactive, and aligned with your brand image.

Instagram offers several new features to keep your content fresh. These include stories, live video and bulk uploads, all great options for highlighting events like a new product launch, a company event, or just what's happening around the office. It's a great way to engage with customers. An effective Instagram marketing strategy considers all aspects of creating content and engaging with your audience.

15 Companies That Are Doing It Right On Instagram

Compelling images on Instagram can drive traffic. By posting images that catch your viewers attention you can drive users to your bio where they can find a link to your website. Instagram users are often driven to action, like visiting a website after viewing relevant images. In fact a recent Locowise study found that 75% of Instagram users take action after viewing an Instagram advertising post.

Here are 15 companies that are generating great success and driving engagement on Instagram. Check them out!

1. Nike

Nike is an inspirational brand for amateur and professional athletes. You won't find pictures of sneakers here. Instead they focus on athletic achievements and inspirational moments. They are currently using Instagram to promote their equality campaign. It's connecting with their audience, generating engagement and building awareness of their views.



The bond between players should exist between people. Thank you, New Orleans. #EQUALITY #nike

A post shared by nike (@nike) on

2. Magnolia

This is the brand of “Chip and JoJo” the couple behind the TV show Fixer Upper. They use their Instagram to feature behind the scenes clips, design inspiration and promotions they're having in the Waco market. They encourage visitors to comment on posts and use hashtags to get people engaged with a topic.


3. Panera Bread

What could be better than beautiful photographs of delicious baked goods? Bolstering your brand image by making consumers aware that your business serves preservative free “clean” food. Panera also uses Instagram to highlight their support for community programs. They use hashtags and provide a link in their bio for more information about their anti-preservative initiative.


4. Lorna Jane

Australian activewear company Lorna Jane has used Instagram to excellently brand their business. All of the images feature their target market; young, sporty 20 and 30 something women who value looking good as they maintain an active lifestyle. Their images show the brand's clothing as well as the women who embody their target buyer personas. It's a perfect representation of the brand's identity.


5. Paris Opera Ballet

The “City of Light” is known for many things like great food, great wine, delicious cheese and art. The Paris Opera Ballet has perfected capturing the last one on their Instagram account! The account features candid images of the dancers during rehearsals, performances and backstage giving visitors an excellent glimpse at what goes into their elaborate productions. They also highlight various performance venues creating interest with theatre goers.



"La Valse" de #Balanchine sur la scène du Palais Garnier dès le 02 mai. #LaValse #ballet #operadeparis #repetitions #comingsoon ©Laurent Philippe/OnP

A post shared by Ballet de l Opera de Paris (@balletoperadeparis) on

6. Chobani

Chobani is a consumer brand that you would expect would focus their Instagram posts on their product. While it occasionally happens, instead they show recipes and meals consumer's created that use their yogurt as an ingredient, expanding their market beyond simply selling a snack. By featuring customer photos of recipes and meals, they encourage engagement among visitors.


7. Levis

Levi's uses their Instagram to showcase their products. By paying attention to events like festivals, Levi's keeps their brand timely and relevant. They use the hashtag #LiveInLevis to allow consumers to show off how they live life in their Levis!


8. Desenio

Color is a great brand identifier. It can establish brand consistency and brand familiarity. The Swedish online print company Desenio uses color effectively on their Instagram account. It's an engaging technique. They use consistent colors (blues, greens, grays and black) and post images of things and situations that their visitors aspire to.


9. GoPro

A full 80% of GoPros photos are user generated images. This allows them to showcase the adventures their viewers have had, thanks to their portable camera products! They use their posts to drive traffic to their bio, where you can click on a link to learn how to share your your photos with them (and more about their products!)


10. No Your City

This documentary film producer creates fascinating stories of people around the world, with a focus on New York City. They use their Instagram account to showcase gorgeous images of the cities themselves. The photos are consistently vibrant and stunning, which has helped them to grow their brand.



A beautiful day for ballet 🎭 #NoYourCity (photo by @nyclovesnyc)

A post shared by NewYorkNico & Grecobs (@noyourcity) on

11. Pottery Barn

One technique that works well on Instagram is to engage visitors and customers by using their photos, rather than simply photos of your products or brand. Pottery Barn uses photos submitted by customers showing their products in real life settings in their customer's own homes. No tricks, just a real look at what their products can look like, in your own life!



Saturdays are made for cat naps and snuggles! 😺 #caturday #pbpet #catsofinstagram [📸: @statelyhomelane]

A post shared by Pottery Barn (@potterybarn) on

12. Fitbit

Fitbit recently used Instagram to launch their Alta HR. To promote the product they uploaded a group of photos which showcased the colors available. They add interest by using video and initiating conversations with their visitors through their “why do you Fitbit series?


13. Staples

Staples uses several effective techniques on Instagram. They engage followers by asking questions and including CTAs in their captions. They also stay true to their playful brand personality.


14. Starbucks

Starbucks is always creating new drinks and using Instagram to launch and showcase them. Like other brands, Starbucks engages with customers by posting customer images as well.


15. Gatorade

Gatorade is the drink of choice for both amateur and professional athletes. They post great images highlighting athletes, their dedication and accomplishments. Almost every post is hash tagged #winfromwithin which is a great way to connect with athletes from around the world.



Go the extra mile in practice. Sweat the extra inch in the game. #WinFromWithin

A post shared by Gatorade (@gatorade) on

Instagram offers businesses and brands the opportunity to grow their customer base using engaging imagery and a creative approach. Whether you focus images on your target market to establish your brand identity, or use hashtags to build and engage with your community, Instagram is a great platform.

Remember to keep your content relevant and engaging, and your images beautiful, fresh and interactive. Get your customers and followers involved by posting their images of your products and keep your images aligned with your brand identity. A picture really is worth a thousand words and Instagram is the perfect platform for your visual marketing.

Marketer's Guide to Using Instagram

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