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4 Benefits of Scrum & Agile Marketing for Inbound/Digital Marketers

After implementing Scrum and the Agile Marketing methodology just over a year ago, I’ve realized just how much our day-to-day lives have changed at Bluleadz… in a good way!

We switched from completing tasks that came through from clients immediately and being guilty of always saying “yes,” to working in weekly sprints, planning those sprints at the beginning of each week, and assigning points to for each of our services based on our service catalog. This new methodology helped us transform into an even better inbound marketing machine for our clients and deliver on our promise of great results and business growth.

Over the past year, here are some of the benefits that have come out of Scrum and Agile Marketing:

1. Happy Employees/Team


Regardless of your role or job title, there has probably been a point in time you’ve felt overworked, unhappy, started to become burnt out, and wondered why there were not more hours in the day. By assigning points to our services, we were able to help combat this issue and determine how many points our team is realistically able to complete each week to improve our time management skills, reduce stress, and minimize the chance of having our team members become burnt out.

To help maintain the happiness of our team members, everyone must give a “happiness score” and an explanation of their score during our weekly sprint planning sessions based on the previous week so we can address any issues and make sure the upcoming week is a better week for everyone. As an agency, this has helped us identify and resolve any issues before they become a problem and cause anyone to become unhappy.

2. Completing Client Priorities On Time

An important part of our weekly sprint planning meetings is to prioritize everyone’s items/tasks for the week so that high-priority items are completed at the beginning of the week.

To help with this, every morning, each team has a 15-minute stand-up meeting where each team member talks about what they did the day before, what they’re going to be working on that day, and if there are any impediments that are preventing them from completing any of their work. This way, if any new priorities come up, the team can be sure to re-prioritize if needed.

3. Improvement in Team Communication & Collaboration

Some huge benefits that have come from Scrum and Agile Marketing for us have been improvements in both team communication and collaboration. Our 15-minute stand-up meetings have been great for team communication.

Instead of wondering what the designers or copywriters are working on or when a certain item is going to be completed for a client, the whole team talks about this each and every morning. If I need to move a certain item up, I can talk to my team to ensure I won’t be holding up something else another client may be expecting that day.

Our weekly sprint planning sessions and daily stand-ups have really helped us to bounce ideas off each other and improve our team collaboration which has resulted in better ideas, designs, and results for our clients by making everything we do more of team effort.

4. Creation of Realistic Timelines & Completion Dates

With the implementation of Scrum and Agile Marketing, we’ve determined how much overall work can get completed in a single week based on our team capacity which has allowed us to be more realistic of what work can and will get completed for each client each week. It also helps with being able to push back on clients who are more task oriented and have a habit of firing off “things to do” rather than following the strategy and working on items and tasks that will actually move the needle and help us work towards the big picture.

Another problem we’ve had in the past was overpromising and under-delivering for clients. We would be very optimistic about completing a certain campaign or project in a shorter amount of time than what was actually needed or assuming there was capacity for the work that needed to be done without actually knowing what other work was on someone’s plate.

This resulted in telling clients we could have something done by the end of the week and then finding out the completion date would realistically be another week longer. Calculating team capacity and using our service catalog with points helped us overcome this obstacle and provide more realistic timelines and completion dates for launching campaigns and completing projects.

These four benefits are just the tip of the iceberg for all that Scrum and Agile have to offer for inbound/digital marketers. Has your agency implemented Scrum and Agile Marketing? If so, what are some of the benefits you’ve seen from it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jackie Wiley

Jackie Wiley

I joined Bluleadz in 2014 after graduating from the University of Tampa. I love helping my clients grow their business by working with them to create unique content. Born in Naples, FL, I enjoy watching Friends re-runs, relaxing at the beach/pool, and spending time with friends and family.