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The 5 Best LinkedIn Company Pages in 2021 (+ How to Recruit Top Talent)

When it comes to your hiring process, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable recruiting tools that you can use. But in order to use the platform for recruiting, you first need to set up a company page that reflects the quality of your business. 

Your LinkedIn company page could make or break a job seeker's decision to apply for a position with you, so it's important that you devote some time to making it the best that it can be. 

What Is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn company page is like a profile specifically for your business. It’s an introduction of your business to the world of LinkedIn, and it’s often a person’s first interaction with your company.

While you might think that LinkedIn is a simple professional networking platform, think again. Your LinkedIn company page actually serves an important purpose within your recruitment marketing and sales strategy – it attracts top talent and helps you fill your sales pipeline.

Elements of a LinkedIn Company Page  

There are four main sections of every LinkedIn company page: Home, About, Jobs, and People.

Each of these sections plays an important role in contributing to building a well rounded page. If one section lacks depth it reflects negatively on the entire page, and as a result, your company.

1. Home


This is the main feed of your company page. Any updates you post or articles you share will show up here. This section should receive a consistent stream of updates to keep it fresh. A stale home feed will quickly turn talent and prospects away.

On your home page, you should post content that establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. Content like blog posts, articles, videos, and more are all great options. But make sure not to flood your feed with a bunch of shallow content – you should curate it carefully, including only the best quality and most engaging material.

You should also post statuses with company updates! Short and sweet insights into the life of your business will attract people by displaying that you’re constantly moving forward, but remembering to bring your audience along with you instead of leaving them in the dark.

2. About

This one is pretty basic but very important. The about section is where you write a summary encompassing what your company does. What industry are you in? What services or products do you offer? What’s the mission of your company?

This will also include a lot of straightforward information like company size, headquarters location, year that the company was founded, specialities, and whether you’re a public or private company.

People will turn to your about page when they want to find out the specifics of your company and whether or not it’s relevant to them. With that in mind, this section requires a lot of TLC to be effective. Make sure you’ve written the best company summary possible, one that clearly and accurately reflects your business in an engaging way.

3. Jobs


The jobs section of your company page is about as straightforward as it gets. It hosts all the open positions at your company.

Make sure you keep this section regularly updated, for both direct applicants and recruiters. This will make your recruitment process much smoother and faster, especially if you allow candidates to apply directly through LinkedIn.

And remember to delete positions that have been filled; otherwise you’ll waste job seekers' time and receive an influx of unwanted resumes and applications.

4. People

This is another important section, but one that doesn’t require much work on your end. The people section includes every person that works at your company – employees and executives alike.

It also breaks up the information from their LinkedIn profiles and compiles it into data presented at the top of the page, including where they live and where they studied.

This allows people looking at your company page to make a stronger connection with your employees, and thus your business overall. If they see a connection point – like a mutual city or university, then it inspires a sense of camaraderie.

How Company Pages Help With Recruiting on LinkedIn

In addition to the four main sections, the best LinkedIn company pages include an optional “life” section on their profiles. The purpose of this section is to further build your recruitment marketing strategy by providing a space to highlight all the great aspects of your company culture.

The top of the page features a large header photo to set the atmosphere of your culture. This photo sets the tone for what job seekers will think of your business, and whether it’s a relaxed or strict place of work.


There’s a section featuring the executives of your company, which is a great first introduction to your leadership team. Applicants can directly visit their LinkedIn profile pages to learn more about them and get a better idea of what their management style is like.

You can include plenty of photos to showcase employees around the office and add text sections to discuss your company culture. What makes your company a great place to work? What kinds of people are you looking for? Consider these questions when writing content for your life section.

Make sure that you inject life and energy into these sections; otherwise you’ll risk appearing bland!

You can also include employee testimonials, so job seekers can hear about your company culture directly from your team. It’s also a great way to get to know some of your team members a little better!

Overall, the life section of your page allows you to provide a well rounded vision of what working for your company is like. It’s a great resource for getting applicants excited about your work culture and attracting top talent to your open positions, which they can then go and look for in your jobs section.

Best LinkedIn Company Pages

When you put care and effort into building your company page, it clearly stands out from those who simply fill out the bare minimum.

Below are five examples of some of the best LinkedIn company pages. These companies have put careful consideration into each of the sections on their profiles. 

However, we're going to focus our discussion of these pages on the three aspects that you have the most customizable control over – the home, about, and life sections of your company page. 

1. Deloitte

Deloitte is a large management consulting firm based in New York. With over 280,000 employees, it's the largest professional services network in the world. 



Their home page includes a mix of engaging videos, event announcements, company news, and thought leading industry articles. 

They keep their feed fresh by posting multiple times per day, which gives their audience plenty to engage with. However, their feed is not sullied by shallow content – they only include high quality material that adds value to their page. 



Their about section is in depth and clearly expresses the commitment to their industry while also explaining what their company does.

They highlight key missions with phrases like "Deloitte drives progress" and "Our work combines advice with action and integrity. We believe that when our clients and society are stronger, so are we." These statements express passion for their work and highlights why they stand out in their industry. 



Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 10.38.08 AM-1

Their life section draws the visitor in with an engaging header image that features the words "Destination? Impact." The text does just that – makes an impact. 

They start by providing a little more background information on their company and what they do, and then launch into a brief touch upon the future of their industry, supplemented with a video. 

Their "My story. My Deloitte" section is an important tool within their recruiting strategy, as it uses video to provide an insight into the passions of their employees.

It will help applicants to get to know a few of the team members on a more personal level and allow them to get a better feel for the kinds of people that Deloitte employs. 

2. The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the environment across 72 countries on six different continents. They currently have an expansive network of over one million members and use their LinkedIn page to continue their growth. 



The Nature Conservancy posts regular weekly thought leadership content focused around the latest environmental issues, and often centralizes around how businesses can make a difference in environmental conservancy. 

Their content features a mix of engaging videos and articles that include impactful photos, which draw in their audience of over 160,000 followers. 



Their about section is clear, direct, and user friendly. They make great use of white space, breaking up their paragraphs into short chunks to make them easily digestible for the reader. 

They start off by stating their mission, which provides a clear vision to potential applicants. They then dive into the pride they take in their work and discuss accomplishments they have made in environmental conservation.

These back-to-back elements establish The Nature Conservancy as an impactful organization that is making a real difference for their cause. This greatly boosts their recruiting efforts, as top talent are attracted to organizations like this. 



The Nature Conservancy's life section is brief but impactful. They include imagery to display the expansive reach the organization has throughout the world, and their content emphasizes core values and passion for the environment as key elements to building a career with them. 

They also include CTAs to encourage job seekers to reach out and explore what available jobs they currently have. While it's a simple gesture, it can make the difference between whether or not a candidate reaches out. 

3. Coca-Cola

Does Coca-Cola really need an introduction? The beverage mogul has expanded far beyond soda to encompass a wide range of drinks, so it's only fitting that such a powerful company has a powerful LinkedIn page. 



Coca-Cola uses their home feed to post regular company news and updates about the massive impact that they continue to make in their industry.

They also include updates on the progress of various missions they partake in, such as their #BalanceforBetter initiative in which they seek to create a more inclusive work environment. 



While Coca-Cola really doesn't need an introduction, they clearly define their purpose in the opening of their company summary anyway – exemplifying their defined focus on their purpose. 

They then go on to discuss their expansive portfolio, which lets readers know that they're so much more than just a soda company – they now encompass a wide range of drink products. 

They also mention how they're constantly trying to improve and move their company forward into the future. Improvement and growth are attractive to top talent job applicants, who look for companies they can build their careers with. 



Like all the best company LinkedIn pages, Coca-Cola's includes a life page that highlights why they're a great place to work, and what kinds of people they're hoping to add to their team – "we're looking for the best and brightest who can help us inspire moments of happiness through our brands and actions." 

This message is positive and uplifting, and thus reflects well on Coca-Cola's company culture, drawing in job seekers and spurring them to apply for open positions. 

They also include a little more background information about the Coca-Cola company, and a link at the bottom that prompts visitors to check out their "Global Women's Initiative." This CTA reflects the values of Coca-Cola – they clearly support and encourage the value of women in the workplace and the empowerment of female careers.

This expression of core values is especially attractive to female applicants who prioritize their job search toward openly inclusive, equality-centered companies. 

4. Hewlett Packard (HP)

Like Coca-Cola, this company really doesn't need any introductions, but let's go ahead with it anyway – Hewlett Packard (HP) is one of the biggest companies in the tech industry, best known for their computers and printers. 



HP uses their home feed to showcase a wide range of different content that is extremely engaging.

It includes videos, blogs, and articles to highlight thought leadership content, company news, and new product releases. They even include information about company projects, like a trailer for their documentary on the history of printed photographs, History of Memory

Additionally, they also include content covering their company culture with tagged threads like #HPWay and #HPProud. 



HP takes a different approach to the traditional LinkedIn company summary, but their tactic is still highly effective. They keep their summary brief and impactful, with short, clear, and powerful sentences.

It leaves an impressive mark on their readers, and further establishes them as a powerhouse in their industry. 



HP's life section is inspiring and motivating to job applicants. It talks about who they are and what they do, emphasizing that they "create technology that makes life better for everyone." It then puts the action in the reader's hands, asking if they'll join in the mission. 

They then discuss employee benefits, which is an especially attractive element to top talent. But more than that, they discuss how they invest in their team members and their careers, exemplifying how much they care about the success of every individual employee. 

Thy also make a point to mention that they celebrate the differences in people and prioritize talent above all else. Finally, they include company photos of their team members and employee testimonials. 

Their life section is thorough and well rounded, so readers get a full picture of what life is like working for HP. 

5. Unilever

Unilever is a consumer goods company specializing in food and drink, cleaning products, beauty, and personal care products. They are headquartered in London, England.

Unilever boasts over 5.6 million followers, so clearly they're doing something right with their LinkedIn company page. 



Unilever's home feed is stuffed with a healthy amount of widely ranging quality content. They feature partnerships and employee stories, include articles about the impact of their nonprofit efforts, and discuss news like the winners of their annual Young Entrepreneur award. 

They also share content that celebrates the impactful efforts of other companies, like Dove's project #ShowUs. By celebrating these efforts, they exemplify themselves as a great company to partner with. 



Unilever provides an abundance of information to their readers in their about section. In addition to explaining what they do and how they impact the world, they gear their language toward their recruitment marketing efforts by writing primarily to a job seeking audience. 

They draw in prospective job applicants by combining enticing language like "unleash your curiosity, challenge ideas and disrupt processes" with subtle calls to action like "join us" in their final paragraph.

They emphasize the value of every employee by saying "Every individual here can bring their purpose to life through their work." This message draws in ambitious top talent who are career oriented and looking to make an impact in their industry. 

Additionally, Unilever also expresses the immense pride that they take in their global impact and accomplishments with phrases like "we believe in business as a force for good."



Unilever's life page is colorful and attractive.

Their messaging, "A better business. A better world. A better you," is incredibly impactful for the reader, and implies that working for their company can help you improve yourself and improve the world to make it a better place. It attracts people that are passionate about their careers and about making a difference. 

Their page emphasizes the value of each individual employee and showcases their positive workplace culture that encourages you to "bring your real self to work." 

Additionally, they display the excellent opportunities for growth they provide by showcasing the Unilever Future Leader Program, in which they train their employees for management positions. 

Overall, their life page is composed of a good balance between highlighting company culture, purpose, and the career benefits you can achieve by working for them. 

Build Your Page

Now that you've seen a few examples of the best LinkedIn company pages, it's time to build yours up.

Take time to develop quality content to include on your page, especially in the life section. This should include videos, blogs, and exemplary photos to encompass the full company culture of your business. 

Remember, all of the sections of your company page should come together to provide a clear image of your business.

LinkedIn is a professional networking hub that can make a big difference to your marketing and recruiting strategies, so you need to present your company in the best way possible. 


Erika Giles

Erika Giles

Erika is a Marketing Copywriter at Bluleadz. She is a huge fan of houseplants and podcasts about conspiracy theories. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and enjoying the outdoors.