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How to Write the Best Social Media Bios for Every Platform

Social media has played an increasingly important role in the world of business in the last decade. Today, if a business isn’t utilizing social media platforms in their marketing strategy, then they’re behind the times.

That being said, social media can actually hurt your company’s reputation as much as it can help it. Lousy social media profiles won’t do your business any favors. On the other hand, well written, optimized profiles can do wonders for your brand.

Why Your Social Media Biography Matters


Your social media profile is often the first interaction that a consumer has with your brand, and in order to find out what kind of products and services your company provides, the first thing they do is look at your bio.

It's also your first shot at attracting potential customers. If your social bio is engaging, it will likely draw people in. On the other hand, flat, nondescript bios will likely be quickly passed over.

Your bio should not only share what your company specializes in, but it should also reflect the personality of your brand. Inject life and voice into the messaging, and consumers will be able to connect with it.

Tips for Writing LinkedIn Bios

While having a good personal LinkedIn summary is essential, the company bio is even more important. LinkedIn is a professional social platform, so this one needs to be taken seriously, as it’s often used for business networking.

You’re allowed a maximum of 2,000 characters, so you’ve got some room to write a solid bio.


  • Most importantly, keep the language professional, but not dry. LinkedIn is used by fellow professionals, organizations, and job seekers, so make sure that your bio is written in a tone that addresses this audience. You’re not writing to your customers or pitching a new fun product.
  • Break your bio up into short paragraphs of no more than a few lines each to improve readability. Trust us, white space is your friend.
  • At the core of your bio, tell the audience what your company does, and why it’s unique within the industry.

Examples of Good LinkedIn Bios



Spotify's LinkedIn bio is a hard-hitter. They begin with their company mission and use language to express passion for the work they do, all while maintaining a professional tone.

They then touch upon the achievements that they have made, and how they are continuing their success today. You get a clear idea of what Spotify does and why they stand out in their industry. 



Lululemon's LinkedIn bio delivers their purpose in a concise, clear, and engaging way. While their language is professional, they express an immense amount of passion for their industry, with phrases like "Yoga is our first love." They also provide information in a subtle but clear way – letting the reader know how expansive their retail market is, all the way from Vancouver to Shanghai. 

Additionally, the vision that they discuss in the final line targets those that may be interested in their products and those who may want to partner with their brand. 

Tips for Writing Instagram Bios

Instagram allows a maximum of 150 characters for your bio, so you’ll need to make it count. In clear, concise, and engaging messaging, tell the audience what your company does.

Instagram is a colorful, visual platform, so have a little fun with your bio in here! Don't be afraid to inject some life into it.



  • If you have any current campaigns that use specific hashtags, include that hashtag in your bio! This will allow visitors to click on it and be taken directly to all the content that’s associated with that campaign.
  • Instagram is that magical land where you can include an emoji without looking unprofessional. Just make sure that you use them wisely and appropriately. For example, if your company is focused around being environmentally friendly, include an Earth emoji!
  • Make sure you include a link to your website or company blog at the bottom of your bio.

Examples of Good Instagram Bios

Burt's Bees


Burt's Bees Instagram bio is passionate and highly impactful. They start by stating the core beliefs of their company, and then add a note about why their products are unique – "Formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum & SLS."

They also include a shortened hyperlink to their product website and emojis to add a fun but relevant visual element.


Canon-Instagram-BioCanon's Instagram bio tells you where you've arrived, and it includes a passionate note about their mission – "Where imagination shapes innovation." This line is intriguing, and draws the audience in.

Additionally, they include a call to action that tells the user exactly what they can expect if they click on the link provided. 


Nike-Instagram-bioPretty much everyone under the sun knows Nike, so they don't necessarily need to tell you what it is they do. That being said, you still get a pretty good idea that their organization has something to do with athletics, delivered in a very powerful single line.

In addition, they also include their popular hashtag #justdoit and a short hyperlink to their website. 

Tips for Writing Facebook Bios

It’s easy to overlook Facebook bios, because they don’t generally pop up as the first thing you pay attention to when you look at a Facebook page. However, Facebook bios are just as important as on any other social media platform. Users look to a page’s Facebook bio to find out more details about the company’s purpose.


  • Make sure you keep it brief – similar to Instagram, you are allowed a maximum of 155 characters to get your point across, so make every word count.
  • Add some passion and say something about the mission of your company! Facebook bios should be impactful. 

Examples of Good Facebook Bios



Starbucks' Facebook bio delivers their company mission clearly and with impact, while keeping it concise. They also include a hyperlink to a YouTube video for the user to watch and learn more about their brand. 



Oreo's bio really speaks for itself. Clear, concise, and to the point, it establishes the cookie's relevance and highlights the company's long standing history. It's impressive to see the cookie has existed for over 100 years.

Plus, this bio showcases the global appeal – "the world's favorite cookie." The bio accomplishes a lot with very few words. 



Patagonia's Facebook bio is equally as concise as Oreo's, but they give you a little extra idea about the purpose of their company. While they don't directly state the industry that they're in (clothing), their bio answers the important "why" questions of the mission behind a brand. 

Tips for Writing Twitter Bios

Twitter is almost an entirely different ballgame from the other platforms. It’s all about making an impact with each and every tweet, so your bio should be no different, whether you’re a large organization or a sole individual.

And once again, you’ve only got 160 characters to get your point across, so make it count.  


  • Keywords are a big part of your searchability on Twitter, so it’s important to integrate them into your bio smoothly.
  • Like Instagram, you should use relevant hashtags in your Twitter bio for ongoing campaigns or brand elements. That being said, don’t flood your bio with them – it’s best to include just one powerful hashtag.
  • Add some humor! Twitter is possibly the funniest of all the social media platforms, so don’t be afraid to inject a little humor into your bio! It drives engagement with your audience and makes your profile stand out.

Examples of Good Twitter Bios

Red Lobster

Red-Lobster-Twitter-BioRed Lobster's Twitter bio is like their seafood and their tweets – fresh! It's a witty line that makes the audience chuckle, but also lets you know that they are clearly in the seafood industry. They also include the relevant hashtag, #RedLobster. 


Adidas-Twitter-bioOnce again, Adidas is one of those brands that you probably already know. Therefore, they know that they don't really have to give you a lot of information in their bio.

Instead, they're focused on using their ability to inspire their audience to draw them in. In addition to their motivational line, they also include a hashtag for a recent product release that they're currently promoting, the #NITEJOGGER. 

Robert Downey Jr. 


If you're looking for an example of a funny Twitter bio, look no further. While this isn't exactly an example of a company's social media bio, Robert Downey Jr. has aced his Twitter bio. 

One Final Lesson – Be Consistent, But Not Stale!

While your brand should remain consistent across platforms, don't keep the same bio for every social media platform that your company is present on! Your message should always be clear and in keeping with the overall theme and goal of your brand, but make sure that you shake it up a little! These social media bio examples can spark inspiration for fresh ideas. 

There's a reason that there's different social media platforms – it's because they all provide different content in a unique way. If you tailor your social media biography to fit each platform, you'll boost engagement and keep your followers coming back again and again.


Claire Cortese

Claire Cortese

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