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12 Creative Ways to Promote Your Ebook

Over the last few days, we’ve been talking about the best way to write an ebook.

Writing an ebook is a great method for strengthening your content strategy, but it only makes a difference if people read it! You can gain a following for your ebook with many link building techniques, but what if you want real readers within days of publication?

It might sound like a dream come true, but it’s far from it. All you need is a plan for promoting your ebook. 

Let’s look at powerful ebook promotion tactics you can use right away.

1. Use Your Mailing List

A well-cultivated mailing list is made up of the people who are most excited about what you have to say. Ideally, you have a list segment for prospective customers who will be eager to read your new work.


If not, get started working on one as soon as you can. This way, you can hit the ground running and deliver targeted, relevant content to an excited segment of prospects. 

2. Piggyback on Your Video Content

Your existing video content can be used to promote your ebook or any other content you want to get immediate attention for. A video “outro” can be converted into a new CTA that can win traffic for your ebook, even when the video’s original content is out of date.

3. Add It to Your AI Chat Bot

When users access your AI chat bot to get quick answers to their questions, they’ll usually see a short text message at the very beginning of the session. Mentioning your ebook can help you get clicks, but be sure to balance this against your bot’s other conversion goals.

4. Comment on Blogs and Forums

Self-promotional comments and forum posts are typically looked down on, but there is a huge exception: Webmasters and readers alike love relevant content volunteered in response to a real question or recent post.


Check your blog roll for relevant posts where you can help. You can deliver takeaways from your ebook that are relevant to the topic being discussed. 

5. Entice Social Media Influencers

Influencing is hard work. Social media mavens need to work every day to make sure they have fresh content to share with their followers.

With that in mind, you can help others achieve their goals by messaging them directly about your work. Shares can build your readership fast.

6. Add Your Ebook to Your Signature Line

Sending out a lot of emails? Sales professionals can join in the fun by adding an ebook link to the bottom of their prospecting emails.

This is less likely to interfere with conversion goals because prospects really can check out your signature and respond to your message at the same time.

7. Literally Send the Link to Your Prospects

Useful content is a great way to foster a relationship. Prospects you’ve been warming up for a few weeks might find something of value in your ebook that they can use right away.


Depending on the book’s subject, you might even fork it over to leads who have lapsed. This could potentially reignite a stalled relationship. 

8. Add Your Ebook to Your Website

As ebook promotion methods go, this might not be the most mind-bending of all. Still, you’d be surprised at how many people forget to do it.

If your ebook is going to be a major part of your content strategy, there should be some way for visitors to access it from your main menu. If you bury it, your audience will have to dig around. And not many visitors are willing to look too far for your ebook, so make it as easy as possible for them to find it. 

9. Include Your Ebook on High Traffic Posts

Check out your analytics data. What does it tell you about your high traffic posts?


Sometimes, posts you might have spent only an hour or two on can end up as huge traffic engines. Update them with in-text links or replace older CTAs with a call to download your ebook now.

10. Slice and Dice Your Ebook into New Posts

New blog posts are a central part of any ebook promotion strategy. A detailed ebook could be carved up into several blog posts, with one covering each major topic.

Interested readers will be inclined to click through to the ebook for more, and your overall SEO efforts will prosper too.

11. Leverage the Power of Fresh Video


Video can serve your ebook promotion as a powerful lead in to the written text – or, you can go one step further.

A series of videos is ambitious, but it can be a powerful alternative for visual or audio-focused learners. Plus, each video can include its own CTA to encourage your audience check out the text version.

12. Use Social Media (Creatively!)

Yes, ebook promotion on social media is a pretty obvious idea. But you can cut through the clutter and attract readers by taking a different approach.

Overlay quotes from your ebook with compelling visuals, data, or complete infographics from the text to spark some real interest. This way, your followers can get a sneak peek of what your ebook has to offer. 

When it comes to creating an ebook, there are so many steps. Promoting your ebook should be a part of your ebook creation process, not just an afterthought. Use these promotion tactics to drive conversions and expand the reach of your ebook. 

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Rob Steffens

Rob Steffens

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