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Top 21 Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Subscribe To

Inbound marketing is a lot like learning to play an instrument. You begin by learning the basics.

As you master the fundamentals, you begin to expand your studies. The best way to truly learn an instrument, or any other teachable skill for that matter, is to imitate and emulate the masters and eventually as your knowledge base grows, you develop your own voice and become a master yourself.

When it comes to inbound marketing, the same principles hold true.

As you develop the fundamentals and become fluent in creating content, understanding design, social media, and SEO, there comes a time when you need to expand your knowledge base. The best way to do that is to study the masters and the teachers among us.

When it comes to marketing, understanding the psychology of your market and delivering an effective message is like any other learned skill. With practice and guidance, you too can become a master marketer.

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Here are 22 inbound marketing blogs you should subscribe to that can help you to develop your own style and voice.

1. HubSpot

When it comes to inbound marketing blogs about techniques and knowledge, HubSpot is the go to blog. Every agency reads this one religiously, and for good reason: It's really the cream of the crop! 


2. Moz

If you want to take your SEO and online skills to the next level, this collection of information is right for you. Some of the industry's top experts, spin doctors, and marketing wizards offer their advice, how-tos, research, and insights through Moz's awesome blog.

3. Bluleadz

Not to “toot our own horn,” but our team has a lot of knowledge, and we love to share it all on our blog. We're a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency, and our job is to educate our clients and our readers about the best practices in the industry...and we take our job very seriously!


4. Square 2 Marketing

With over 50,000 subscribers, Square 2 Marketing's blog will help you turn your website into a lead generating machine. They share everything from content marketing tips to web design best practices, helping you improve your business along the way.

5. Weidert Group

Weidert Group's Marketing & Sales blog is a phenomenal read for any marketer. With tons of valuable information on all things inbound, reading this one will fill your brain with fresh ideas.

6. Kuno Creative

Kuno Creative's blog is a great read to enjoy during your morning coffee sesh. In it, you'll find everything from information on using SEO best practices and branding to developing a coherent social media strategy.


7. Impact BND

From the basics to advanced concepts, Impact BND's blog is a great go-to resource for all things inbound. Their great topic tags make finding relevant content easy. Whatever you need, they've got it.

8. PR 20/20

The PR 20/20 blog offers fresh content daily from a number of different writers. It's a great way to get different voices and opinions in one place, and they're definitely in the upper echelon in terms of useful knowledge.

9. Lynton


If you're looking for answers or information on everything about the internet and web solutions, look no further! This is a great resource and a must read. Their engaging titles will draw you in to any article.

10. Danny Brown

Danny's blog is the #1 marketing blog according to HubSpot ... and that's high praise considering the source. He shares information through the art of storytelling, and it's not only incredibly entertaining; it's effective!

11. Jeff Bullas

Funny, informative, and another thought leader in the inbound space, Jeff shares must-have marketing tips on his blog – with plenty of awesome pictures and infographics too! If Forbes is calling him a top influencer of chief marketing officers and the world's top social marketing talent, you know he's the real deal.

12. The Content Strategist by Contently


Contently's blog, The Content Strategist, hosts everything you need to know about developing and maintaining a strong content strategy. With six simple topics – accountable content, strategy, digital transformation, storytelling, ROI, and trends – finding what you need will be a breeze.

13. Seth Godin

The term “thought Leader” was created for guys like Seth Godin. He's one of the top minds in the field, and his blog is a must read! His articles are short and punchy, getting right to the point, but teaching you a lot at the same time. You might find yourself reading 20 articles at a time!

14. Daily Blog Tips

If you want to learn about all things blogging from SEO tips to content ideas, this is the place. Don't worry: it's not all blogging all the timeDaily Blog Tips covers a variety of topics, so you'll always find an interesting read to dive into.

15. Search Engine Journal


If you want to know everything about link building and SEO tips, this blog featuring SEO pros can help you learn the ropes. Their page title says it all: Actionable SEO Tips and Strategies That Work.

16. John Chow

As an author and blogger who has been featured on TV, John Chow knows marketing inside and out. And he's an entertaining read!

His blog covers everything from email marketing to social media and more. He makes sure to keep his content relevant and timely, but always tries to add some fun content in there as well. (Who wouldn't enjoy a Tesla road trip to Ostrichland vlog?)

17. Copyblogger

If you're an entrepreneur, a marketing manager, or just getting started, this is a great blog for general information and specific strategies. Copyblogger has all the insights on productivity, creativity, and improving your copywriting – a writer's dream blog!

18. HotJar


This blog
will keep you up to date on all of the latest user insights, user experience (UX) design tips, and digital marketing strategies. Plus, Hotjar's blog graphics are to die for – just looking at one will entice you enough to learn more.

19. SalesHub

As a platinum-level HubSpot Certified Agency Partner, of course SalesHub made this list! With topics ranging from sales enablement to content strategy, SalesHub has got you covered. They are a must read for any marketer looking to improve their skillset.

20. Content Marketing Institute

If you're looking for all things content marketing, this is the blog to check out. The words are in the name, after all! With consistently relevant topics, you'll definitely find a piece worth reading that can help you improve your content creation and content marketing strategy.

21. Duct Tape Marketing


Own a small business? Blogger and thought leader John Janstch is a small business expert! Get his small business marketing ideas and strategies right here – his blog is a great read for marketing any business.

These blogs can serve as great inspiration for your own marketing blog. Find some fresh ideas and topics, but be sure to put your own spin on it. Plagiarizing aside, you want your content to have your own unique voice and take.

Now, go hit that subscribe button, and let the inspiration roll in!

Know of any other great inbound marketing blogs? Share with us in the comments below. 

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2017. It was updated in November 2018 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Rob Steffens

Rob Steffens

I am the Director of Marketing here at Bluleadz. I'm a huge baseball fan (Go Yankees!). I love spending time with friends and getting some exercise on the Racquetball court.