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33 Catchy Business Tagline Examples & How to Create Your Own

Great taglines have a few things in common — they're memorable, short, and they perfectly define a brand. Creating a business tagline requires some specific steps and a lot of attention to detail mixed with some creativity.

Experts indicate taglines should be memorable and tug on the emotions of consumers. Think of the tagline as the most concise way possible of defining your brand.

What Is a Business Tagline?


A tagline is a phrase that communicates a brand's mission, purpose, or culture in a clear, entertaining fashion. Their main goal is to engage consumers and make them feel more connected to the brand.

Some of the more popular business taglines that you're familiar with have likely been repeated more times than you can count. There's a reason for that.

That short, snippy phrase is meant to be an ear worm that triggers a picture of a specific brand's logo or product the second you hear it. That's brand association at its finest.

What a Business Tagline Is Not

It's important that you don't confuse a business tagline with another branding tool, like a slogan or your mission statement. Your tagline is meant to invoke an emotion in relation to your business.

This differs greatly from the use cases of a mission statement, value prop, and the like.

Benefits of Business Taglines

Your tagline is meant to help boost your business, but there are several explanations as to how it does that.

Chiefly, though, you'll want to create one for a few core reasons that directly impact your business' revenue and growth.


Differentiates Your Brand

A catchy phrase is a great way to stand out from the rest in your market. If you can get your audience to memorize your tagline, then you'll be top of mind when it comes to the pain points you target.


Being recognized as unique is crucial, especially in saturated, competitive industries. You should invest in what you can to keep yourself recognizable.

Boosts Brand Trust Awareness

The more familiar a consumer is with your brand, the more likely they are to do business with you. Just by knowing your tagline, a consumer will have an easier time trusting you than your competitors.

The logic is that they feel as if they already know you, usually through a friend or family member. With that validation, they'll feel confident in purchasing from someone who has proven their credibility.

Broadcasts Business Value

By nature, your tagline should communicate either what or how much value your business offers. So, it stands to reason that when your tagline is well-known, so is your value.

Get your company's messaging out there through a clever and creative tagline.

How to Create a Business Tagline: 3 Easy Steps

If you already have an idea in mind, it's an incredibly simple process to come up with a business tagline. The trickiest part is ideating a concept.

Here are three easy steps to help you figure out what your customers will be mumbling under their breath every time they hear your company's name:

1. Know Your Goals.

Know your business goals and the purpose of your company so you can portray this in everything you do, including your tagline. If you want to change the world one product at a time, your tagline should reflect that far-reaching goal while also explaining the product.

A tagline says a lot with a little, but you must first know your direction and the unique selling proposition (USP) of your company so you can communicate it to consumers.

2. Brainstorm Your Business.


Writing an effective tagline and summarizing your business in a few words is quite a challenge.

Take the time to figure out what your business is about. One of the simplest ways to figure out words that define you as a brand is to get a large piece of paper or a whiteboard and start writing what comes to mind. Connect related words with lines and circle the ones with power.

Once you have a sheet with some words, start drawing on what you have and putting them together into a phrase that defines who you are, what you do, or the problem you solve.

3. Trim the Words.

Speaking of using just a few words, try to trim down whatever you've come up with.

Is there one word that says the same thing as two words? Do you need articles in your tagline, such as "a" or "an?" Try different ways of saying the same thing.

For example, one client came up with a tagline that stated they take your item and turn it into their art. A better way of saying that (without giving away their tagline) was simply, "Your item into art."

Tips for a Catchier Business Tagline

Once you've got the bones laid out, spruce the tagline up a bit with different tricks and practices that will make it even easier to remember.

Here are some solid tips to keep in mind when refining your tagline:

Understand Your Audience.

Before creating a tagline for your business, you must understand your target audience. If the best taglines tug on the emotions, then you must first understand the emotional pain points of your customers.

If your customers are mostly working moms, then an issue they face might be lack of time to finish everything. If your tagline shows how your product solves that problem, you've hit gold with those few words.

Study the Competition.


A tagline is your opportunity to stand out from competitors. The last thing you want is a tagline that is eerily similar to one already in use.

Take the time to make a list of all the taglines your competitors use. If you know what they're using, you can ensure you don't accidentally create a similar tagline. Make a list of the most powerful words used by competitors and double check you aren't using similar words or phrasing.

Tie the Tagline to Your Brand.

Once you come up with a tagline, you must then tie it into your brand.

Does it explain what you do for people or what your product does? Not only should it embrace the emotional pain point as mentioned above, but it also needs to be specific to your brand. If the tagline is so generic it could apply to nearly any product in the world, it needs more work.

Use Your Tagline Consistently.

Once you land on the perfect tagline that defines your brand and audience, use it across different platforms. The more you use your tagline, the more people begin to associate it with your brand.

Add your tagline to your website, to social media pages, to emails you send out, and to any printed materials. Any type of material released about your brand should contain your tagline if possible.

Include a Benefit.

Note how many of the most popular taglines out there offer a benefit to the user in some way.

For example, Meow Mix's tagline claims the food is so good your cat craves it. Tranquil Shores points to the word "recovery" as the benefit of its brand. SoulCycle says you'll take a journey.


Think about the benefit to customers when they use your product or service and how you convey that in the fewest words possible.

Use a Generator.

If you feel truly stuck on coming up with a tagline, use one of the tagline generators online and see what wording the wizard offers.

You'll still need to tweak it into something specific and usable for you, but it's another method of brainstorming and it works well for some businesses. Here are a few generators:

  • Shopify: Type in a single word describing your business and see what the generator comes up with. This one shows dozens of potential taglines at a glance.

  • Procato: Type in your business name or a word. The generator looks at hundreds of other taglines and slogans and comes up with some ideas for you.

  • Slogan Generator: Type in a word or the name of the product or business and get ideas for slogans and taglines. The generator offers tips along the way to help you brainstorm ideas.

Any slogan or tagline generator works for brainstorming ideas for your own tagline. If you don't find the perfect one with a generator, choose a few as a starting point and work from there. 

Choose an Evergreen Tagline.

Consider whether you'll use the tagline for many years to come and make sure none of the elements are too trendy. Your tagline becomes synonymous with your company.

While you can change it, you'll lose traction from all the time and effort put into getting it and keeping it in the minds of consumers. It's better to choose a tagline that will be as current in 10 years as it is today.

33 of the Best Business Tagline Examples

There's probably at least 10 different taglines you can come up with from the top of your head. Whether you heard them over the television endlessly or read them on a wrapper for years, you've definitely been exposed to some great ones.

Here's our list of some of the greatest business taglines in the game right now.

1. Meow Mix

Meow Mix has an easy-to-remember tagline that gets right to the heart of what it does — create good-tasting food for cats. "So good, cats ask for it by name."

You've likely heard the line used in its television commercials along with cats meowing as though asking for the food.


Did you know that HOKA is a New Zealand name meaning "to fly"? That's perfect for a running shoe brand. 

As a nod to the shoe and the country's adventurous spirit, HOKA claimed the tagline "Time to Fly." It's short and sweet, plus it calls back to the performance that customers expect from a good running shoe. 

3. Airbnb

Airbnb's "Belong Anywhere" works so well because it speaks directly to what travelers are looking for. Bumbling through hotels while you're on vacation is often a disconnected, unengaged experience. Airbnb was created to solve that problem.

You can now book warm, personalized spaces so that you feel like you "belong" no matter where your travels take you.

4. Nike

There may not be a person alive who hasn't heard "Just Do It." And, honestly, it's catchy and motivational at the same time. Nike encourages its consumers to go above and beyond in chasing the goals, whether it be running a marathon or acing an exam.

Nowadays, you don't even have to see the brand name to know that it's Nike. You just need that iconic swoosh and those three simple words.

5. Lay's

If you want to talk about clever advertising, Lay's nails it with their tagline: "Betcha Can't Eat Just One."

The challenge achieves two things: First, it points out the fact that consumers rarely, if ever, eat a single chip and call it a day. It's almost instinctive to reach into that bag again and again until it's empty.

Secondly, it doesn't overpromise on flavor or nutrition, which could work against the brand. It simply calls on the fact that humans enjoy salt and crunch. And that alone can be enough to compel a purchase.

6. Arby's

"We Have The Meats" definitely stands out from the rest of the fast food restaurant taglines. Arby's has maintained its brand of being the fast food sandwich joint since 1964. Their tagline reflects on that, speaking directly to their consumer base.

If you've seen the commercial, then you know that the sick bass line that precedes the line is awesome too.

7. Jared's

Jared's tagline is confident and bold: "He went to Jared's." It's pretty well known and became synonymous with any successful proposal.

Showcased by their commercials where, usually, a man proposes to a woman and she accepts, everyone will whisper that he got his ring at Jared's. It's implied that that fact alone is what won her heart, since clearly Jared's has the best jewels around.

Like we said, confident and bold.

8. Publix

If you've been to the southeast, then you know that Publix is a big name grocery store in the region. In fact, it's "Where shopping is a pleasure."

Their tagline speaks to the excellent customer service and fair prices that the brand is known for. Shoppers appreciate the deals and friendliness they experience upon every visit.

9. Sprite

Sprite has a campaign with the tagline "Obey Your Thirst." It's definitely attention-grabbing and pairs well with their slew of celebrity endorsements.

From the mouths of Lil Yachty, Lebron James, and other big names, consumers are challenged to sate their thirst with an ice cold, refreshing Sprite.

10. McDonald's

"I'm Lovin' It" is also world renowned. McDonald's tagline doubles as its jingle, hummed by everyone from age three to 80.

Since the fast food joint works hard to deliver on fast and delicious service, their company slogan is pretty accurate.

11. Dunkin'


Source: PR Daily

Dunkin' has had the mantra of "America Runs on Dunkin'" for years. The concept that their coffee is what helps keep the United States moving is a fantastic marketing play that definitely boosts their brand to heights above their competition.

12. Maybelline

"Maybe she's born with it," right? "Maybe it's Maybelline."

The cosmetics company's comparison of their products to natural, effervescent beauty is a bit ostentatious, but it works well in their industry.

13. American Express

Amex has adopted a new tagline of "Don't Live Life Without It." This is a pretty unique stance, but it works especially well when you factor in all of the places you can use their credit card and the rewards you can reap from doing so.

From travel to food and beyond, don't live life without the freedom that an Amex card gives you.

14. CoverGirl

America's Next Top Model has put the tagline "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl" on the map in pop culture today. Marketing to consumers that being beautiful is effortless with CoverGirl, it's a great campaign to instill trust in your products.

15. California Milk Processor Board

"Got Milk?"


This tagline has become so big that it's its own movement. With a varied roster of spokespeople, advertising campaigns, and merchandise, drinking milk has been endorsed for years on years.

Whether you're into dairy or not, you have to give props to this evergreen campaign.

16. M&Ms

M&Ms have a hard outer shell that sets them apart from most other chocolate. You may think all chocolate is the same, but M&Ms offers chocolate lovers convenience.

This is why their tagline, "Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands" is perfect to help M&Ms stand out. 

17. Dollar Shave Club

"Shave time. Shave Money" is a clever tagline coined by Dollar Shave Club that creatively shows two essential features to their business. The first feature is convenience, and the second is cost. 

18. Southwest Airlines

When you think of a friendly airline with decently priced fare, you probably think of Southwest Airlines. They have made a name for themselves as a flyer favorite. Their current tagline is "Low Fares. Nothing to Hide." 


They won't let their favorite flyers down by offering one price, then hiding a bunch of fees, seat costs, and baggage charges right before checkout or at the airport. Instead, they're proud of their transparent pricing, and they make that apparent to their target audience. 

19. Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola "Taste the Feeling" tagline was created around a campaign to address the decline in sales due to the health concerns of the sugary drink. 


Source: Coca Cola 

The tagline's purpose is to provide people with the idea that the simple pleasure of drinking a Coke makes a moment special. 

20. Kay Jewelers

Before you even read the tagline for this one, you probably already had their tagline in your head. Kay's tagline, "Every kiss begins with Kay" gives consumers the romantic feeling associated with getting and giving a nice piece of jewelry. 

This tagline has brilliantly been embedded into most of our minds and reminds us that jewelry is a special and romantic gift. I can picture a couple in the snow on a Kay Jewelers commercial already.

21. Toyota

What do cars do? They drive. Driving means you're going somewhere.

Toyota has a simple tagline, "Let's go places", that implies that Toyota is the one to get you to those places. It's straightforward. It's concise. It's memorable. 

22. Lush

Lush is a relatively smaller brand than most of the other brands on this list. Their tagline isn't extremely catchy, but it perfectly sums up what they offer in just three words. Its simplicity and relevancy is what makes it so impressive.

Their tagline is "Fresh Handmade Cosmetics." The tagline is in its pure and simple form, just like the cruelty free products they sell. 

23. Apple

Apple's branding typically revolves around classic simplicity. Their tagline is simple and poignant – "Think different." While the tagline isn't often on most of their products, it does shows up every now and then in advertising or on product packaging. 

24. BMW

BMW is about luxury and performance. They have one of the top luxury car brands around and a great tagline to emphasize it. Their tagline is "The Ultimate Driving Machine." 

It creates the sense that a BMW is a force to be reckoned with. 

25. Bounty

Paper towels are a necessity in most households, unless you have decided to make your kitchen paper-free. It's a purchase you make often, and you hope that the paper towel will do its job to clean up your messes. 


Source: Bounty

Bounty displays their paper towel's performance in their tagline by suggesting it's fast and does its job to pick up messes. It is "The quicker picker upper."

26. General Electric

These days, we are used to seeing General Electric appliances in homes and places of business. Their products are everywhere and it seems like they have been around forever.

GE engineered much of the technology we have around today. So you may wonder why the tagline, "Imagination at Work"? 

They wanted to let business partners, customers, and stakeholders know that they were getting back to their innovative roots by inspiring imagination so they could thrive at what they do. And what they do is create technological innovation to help change the world. 

27. The U.S. Marine Corps

As I read this tagline, I thought of the memorable commercials, reading it in the deep voice of the actor: "The Few. The Proud. The Marines." It is a timeless tagline that is straightforward. 

It is no nonsense and contains no fluff, which makes it a great and powerful tagline that attracts people to the U.S. Marine Corps. They may want to know more about it just by wondering what it means to be one of the few and proud. 

28. De Beers

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on Earth. So not only is De Beers' tagline catchy, it is also truthful because diamonds technically do last forever.

Although it's not what they meant. Diamonds represent status and in many cases the everlasting love that goes along with diamond engagement rings. 


Their tagline, "A Diamond is Forever," says to consumers, "Hey, if you want what you have going on with your relationship to last forever, buy one of our diamonds and it will."

It is a classic way of creating and marketing the image of a lifestyle that people want, and the only way for them to get it is to engage with your brand. 

29. L'Oreal

Hair and beauty products and brands often have a similar way of marketing to their customers. It is usually to make beauty consumers believe they lack something that one of their products can fix.

But with L'Oreal, they say, "Because You're Worth It."


Source: Slogan List

This tagline celebrates your beauty saying that you should buy the products because you deserve them, and because you deserve to look your best every day with L'Oreal. 

30. Ford

Ford is one of my personal favorites because it is two words and is the epitome of simplicity. It is just "Go Further."

They don't know where their drivers are going or why, but they let you know that you can go further in a Ford. 

31. Skittles

Skittles created a memorable tagline that calls back to what you'll expect to find every time you rip open one of their pouches. No matter the variety, you'll "Taste the Rainbow." 

If you're anything like me, you'll start craving candy when you hear one of their many whimsical ad campaigns. The creativity and versatility of this slogan has proven to be successful since it was introduced in the 90's.

32. Red Bull

Red Bull is an excellent example of an effective, catchy tagline that links back to their product. For an energy drink company, their tagline should be one that makes you believe you'll be able to run an ultra marathon with their product, right?

That's exactly how I feel when I read that "Red Bull gives you wings."

33. State Farm

Perhaps one of the catchiest jingles in advertising, State Farm's slogan will be stuck in your head all day — "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." You can thank their commercials for that.

When looking for an insurance company, State Farm might be the first thing that comes to mind, along with their tagline. 

Taglines are not set in stone. You can change your tagline as your brand evolves and provide your consumers with a general sense of what you believe your brand does for them or the experience consumers have with your brand.

With successful business taglines, it is best to remember that clever and simple go a long way when it comes to establishing yourself as a memorable brand in the minds of your consumers. 

With these bangers bouncing around in your head, you're well on your way to crafting something pithy and original for your business. Boost your brand with a catchy tagline and see where it gets you.

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General FAQ

What Is a Business Tagline?

A tagline is a phrase that highlights your brand's positioning and identity. It's what people will associate with your brand and the value you provide.

How Long Should a Business Tagline Be?

Oftentimes, a tagline is only a few short words that create a short statement.

How Do You Create a Tagline for Your Business?

When coming up with a tagline for your business, it's important that you understand your target audience, keep in mind your business goals, and study the competition.

When it comes to writing your tagline, brainstorm words associated with your brand, keep it short and punchy, and aid the help of a tagline generator if you need a little inspiration.

Jackie Jacobson

Jackie Jacobson

Jackie is a Copywriter at Bluleadz. She graduated from Elon University with a degree in Creative Writing and is currently living in Charlotte, NC. If you need her, you can find her exploring the city or relaxing with a good book.