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5 Inspirational Website Design Platforms You Should Focus on in 2019

As a designer/developer, we’re constantly challenged to design something outside the box.

However, this isn’t always an easy task – designs can sometimes be subjective rather than objective. Nevertheless, this is good for designers, as it allows us to flex those well-needed design muscles a bit and grow as professionals.

This pushes us to search for answers/inspirations to see what other designers are doing. Below is a list the five most inspirational website design mediums that I’ve found and used on a daily basis.

1. Pinterest


Pinterest is a website and mobile app social media platform that focuses more on using pop culture pictures as opposed to words to communicate.

Users are able to create a free profile, which then allows them to upload assets such as images, gifs, and some videos to create a personal board.

Users are also able to share this content as well interact with other content by “pinning” it to their board, commenting and liking others’ work, and finding items of interest by simply searching for them based on types or categories.

One of the key things about Pinterest is that there’s almost no limit to the type of information you can find on there. So, if you’re into pop culture fashion, Pinterest can give you tons of ideas.

As for designs, there’s almost anything from a simple sketches to well thought-out website designs on there that can be used as an inspirational piece for your next design project.

2. Awwwards 


Awwwards is a website that encourages other website designers and developers to submit their work as part of a competition to be recognized as the most creative and innovation website of its time.

These website are graded based on design, usability, creativity, content, mobile report, and developer votes, each with its own scale of 1-10.

One of the best things about Awwwards for aspiring developers is that it reminds us that there’s almost no limit to what can be done on a website from a creative and user interface (UI) development standpoint.

3. UI Movement 


UI Movement focuses on UI on both websites and mobile applications. Once you enter the UI Movement website, you will notice that they are heavily invested on smooth animations and transitions.

Viewers are encouraged to log in using their Twitter account and interact with the different projects by liking as well as sharing on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Though the main focus of this website is on mobile user interfaces, as a website developer, there are tons of inspiration you can use to enhanced the UI on your next website project.

4. Behance 


Behance is a well-established social media platform that is both a website and a mobile app. It is owned by Adobe and runs at about $9.99 a month.

Users are able to interact with each others' work by following, liking, commenting, etc. Account holders of Behance are also encouraged to share/tell what software or combination of softwares were used to complete the project such as Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, After Effect, etc.

One of the key aspects about Behance – besides the fact that it showcases beautiful inspirational designs ranging from websites to fine arts, illustrations, fashion, animation, etc. – is that it also has a job listing features that allows designers to showcase their portfolio to prospects.

5. Dribbble 


Dribbble is another platform that showcases a collection of high-quality creative work ranging from photography portfolios to website designs, illustrations, and the like.

Users are encouraged to share these designs on other platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter as well as like and comment on each piece of work.

However, unlike the previously mentioned creative platforms, Dribbble members are more of a “private group” in that outsiders cannot just sign up to become a member; instead, they have to be invited by other members using a special invitation code.

Nevertheless, from a simple viewing standpoint, this is great for inspirational purpose.

With these five resources at your fingertips, the website design inspiration is endless. Scroll around a little and find things that catch your eye – you may just find what you were looking for.

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Karey Mitchell

Karey Mitchell

I've been with Bluleadz since 2016. I work closely with our marketing/sales team to brainstorm marketing strategies to make everything look pixel-perfect. I’m a curious person at heart and jump to every opportunity to learn something new or take on a challenge.