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Instagram Marketing 101 | Marketing Minute

Instagram Marketing 101 | Marketing Minute #018


Hey, my name is Baylor Cherry, and I’m a Marketing Specialist here at Bluleadz. Today, we're going to be talking about marketing with Instagram.

So, the first thing most companies overlook is next steps; conversion elements, buttons, subscribe details, and in-video callouts.

If your audience is on Instagram, they expect some form of content consistency. This is where weekly video series, image contests, and other forms of interaction thrive.

As a purely social platform and tool, the content you send out can't be the same as a snippet or excerpt from a blog or landing page article. New audiences can be organically targeted by paid media, separating companies from competitors and connecting with new users.

Finally, there’s Instagram Stories. These are Instagram’s answer to Snapchat and they act in many of the same ways. They're streaming channels for video clips, selfies, and on-the-fly updates for your Friday night.

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Instagram is one of those marketing platforms that many companies use, but few get right. In fact, the most successful Instagram users are usually individuals, musicians, artists, and B2C companies.

Instagram is tough for B2B; however, there are several ways that businesses can improve their approach to Instagram marketing. Attention to conversion opportunities and posting consistency can go a long way in building an Instagram brand — one that viewers interact with and look forward to each time they open the app.

Conversion Elements and Engagement Opportunities


First things first, when it comes to marketing bottom lines, conversions are everything; however, crucial Instagram marketing steps that too many companies miss out on are those that involve conversion opportunities and general engagement with audiences. By this, we mean links to related materials in descriptions, the Instagram bio(s), and conversations with other posters.

Instagram is a social platform; as such, users need clear actions to take following high-level content. Your Follow or Subscribe button should be your highest priority CTA on Instagram. In-video callouts, or even incentives, perform well here.

Give users a taste of what they'll be getting by hitting the Follow button; address valuable content you have to offer, as well as additional resources, partner channels, and the like.

Unique and Bold Content

The most successful business Instagram accounts are those that use the platform to highlight their brand through interactive content (contests and similar material) and culture posts (the behind-the-scenes posts about individual team members, new products/offers, and recent company events/activities).

Instagram is a wholly visual platform, and it comes with its own limitations and advantages in terms of content.


It's limited when it comes to segmenting and campaign alignment, but thrives on interaction, a strong hashtag game, and personalization, which helps with adding a face to a brand.

Paid Media and Instagram

Paid ads on Instagram occur in the form of Promotions. These are managed very similarly to paid advertisements on Facebook and other social platforms.

Paid Instagram ads (photo, video, photo gallery, or a number of other main types) support several conversion elements and next steps, such as:

  • Apply Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Get Directions

The only roadblock to launching a Promoted Instagram post is upgrading your account to a Business Profile. Additionally, Business Profile owners can publish ads through their Facebook profile and Facebook Ads Manager.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allow businesses to post "temporary" photos and videos of exclusive content, meant not so much as to attract new users but rather to keep existing followers engaged.

As Instagram's answer to Snapchat, Instagram Stories are time-sensitive and can be edited with location tags, hashtags, stickers, and more; in general, they're a great tool for keeping prospective viewers interested in your brand and new products.

If you're looking for an easy way to generate user activity without clogging your Instagram feed, Stories can be a valuable asset. 

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Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn

Alex is a University of South Florida mass communications graduate and Video/Media Specialist at Bluleadz. He is a big movie nerd, loves (possibly dangerous) concerts and enjoys taunting co-workers with a camera. He's probably seen The Royal Tenenbaums 14 times by now.