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3 Video Marketing Tips for SaaS Companies

So, let's be honest. SaaS isn't always glamorous, and it can be difficult to create value without some proof of what a product does or how it can benefit customers. How can there be videos of a product if there is no tangible product? That's the exact reason why video can be so powerful for SaaS businesses.

With the right approach, video marketing can keep your SaaS product grounded and provide new website visitors (or, all those top-of-the-funnel users) a glimpse of what you have to offer.

Product demos give prospects a peek at your service, ultimately driving those prospects to sign up. Walkthroughs and support videos keep existing customers happy while also showcasing new product features. Webinars allow cross-collaboration with partners and set the field to directly address consumer questions. Finally, a kick-ass, 60-second teaser video of your brand, your product, and your product's benefits may end up being the most valuable marketing asset that your SaaS company has in its arsenal.

The software doesn't sell itself. Video can provide the leverage you need to create stronger impressions with both new and returning audiences. Here are 3 tips and ideas on using video to market your SaaS company.

1. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Demo Videos

SaaS companies actually have a huge advantage when it comes to giving prospective buyers a preview of their products: Everything's online. There's no demo model to ship, and no need for technical sheets or product specs when you can show users features directly with a demo video.

These types of videos excel at engaging new leads; think of them as "the demo before the demo." 

Unless audiences are current users of a product or already familiar with it, a given software often seems abstract; this is where video shines. "Business Management Solutions for Enterprise" becomes much clearer when audiences have access to a no-questions-asked demo of the software's features. This is why these videos can be so powerful on "Request a Demo" landing pages and similar pages.

Think like the consumer. If you're researching new software tools to manage your quarterly budget, and you visit Company A's website, you can read all the articles, specs and ROI stats you want; however, a preview of the software, its interface and its benefits will create a stronger impression and clear the air on how a given product can help.

It's easy to feature a "Request a Demo" CTA across the board on your website, but some visitors may not be fully invested in your product yet. This is where product demo videos can incentivize prospects with a preview of features and pique their interest.

2. Delight: Ongoing Support and Training

Similar to the previous point, a great advantage that the SaaS industry has over others is that their entire business is web-based. When a consumer has an issue with a product, they don't want to wait on Customer Support for half an hour; they want a solution then and there.

SaaS companies can benefit from this by featuring videos that essentially walk-through common questions, whether those questions are addressed to potential or existing customers. Take a FAQ page and turn it into a support video library, with actual demonstrations on solving problems users might have.

Yeah, support videos go against the concept of "our software is flawless and no customer has ever experienced an issue," but that's unrealistic. Support videos show the end-user that you're aware of things that come up, and that you aren't just ready to address them: you've already addressed them.

3. Customer Testimonial Videos to Strengthen Products

Let's zoom out a bit from the software demos and product videos, and focus on building buyer confidence. Social proof. For companies that operate in dry or technical landscapes, assurance is a big deal. Buyers aren't purchasing a new coffee table; they're signing up for a subscription or yearly contract, so confidence in what they're buying plays a large role in their decisions.

This is why, of the many ways SaaS companies can use video, we believe testimonials may be tied with demo videos for most powerful. SaaS occupies an intangible space; there will be no "unboxing videos" of a new app or software, and review videos will be largely limited to screen recordings.

Featuring your product champions on-camera and talking about your service and its benefits are surefire ways to inject a human element into your buying process. This is especially helpful because, with SaaS, the opportunities may be few and far between.


Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn

Alex is a University of South Florida mass communications graduate and Video/Media Specialist at Bluleadz. He is a big movie nerd, loves (possibly dangerous) concerts and enjoys taunting co-workers with a camera. He's probably seen The Royal Tenenbaums 14 times by now.