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What is Progressive Profiling and How Can it Help Me?

When you’re getting to know someone, chances are, you aren’t going to probe them with deeply personal questions that violate their privacy (unless, well, that’s what you’re going for, but I don’t recommend it).

In a situation like a first date or introducing yourself to a classroom, you’re most likely going to keep it succinct and provide the bare minimum. Things like your name, where you’re from, your favorite color, etc.

With progressive profiling, it’s similar to the process of getting closer with someone: a friend, significant other, or, in our case, a lead. Why ask for the same things over and over on a form when you could take that reconversion opportunity to learn something new about them?

Welcome, friend, to the world of progressive profiling.

Understanding How Progressive Profiling Works

Progressive profiling is a HubSpot capability on forms that allows you to gather more information from your leads and nurture them through premium content offers and other resources on your website – without all the probes and uncomfortable silence.

If you already have the First Name and Last Name of a contact, for instance, as long as you have queued up questions, if/when they go to fill out another form, they’ll see different fields required in order to get a content offer.

Don’t worry – I function in visuals, so let’s delve into a real-world example. You start by going to Contacts → Forms in HubSpot. From there, you select a form (or create a new one).

I’m using our Ultimate Blogging Checklist as an example:


Notice the queued questions? That means if a lead has provided any of the default questions, when they go to fill out another form, they’ll see something different.

It’s extremely useful when you’re trying to assess your database for lifecycle criteria, as well as a slew of other benefits. Before going onto that, though, let’s make sure you know how to flip the switch.

How to do it

Enabling progressive profiling is really easy, and only takes a minute! Look at the previous sample below:


The important things to note here are the asterisks and smart form button (which are underlined from left to right, respectively).

The asterisk means the form field is mandatory, and the smart form button enables progressive profiling to automatically queue the next question if a user has already provided the information.

Just make sure you know your personas, and have come up with queued up questions to replace the ones in the initial field. Here are some of ours to help give you some suggestions:


The order they are in this image are the order they’ll appear – so be mindful of that!

Ways it Helps Marketers

Progressive profiling is like gathering lead intelligence – where the pieces of the puzzle can help you better help your contacts and their pain points. It can also help with:

  • Establishing lifecycle stage criteria - Based on a lead’s activity and information provided, you can see where they are in the funnel and better define what constitutes an MQL, SQL, or opportunity. 
  • Preparing more targeted email campaigns - Perhaps the reconversions can provide insights to their industry/specific niche so your emails will resonate and actually speak to them. (And of course we know personalized emails have a better overall open and engagement rate, so this is something marketers are always seeking.)
  • Content inspiration - Questions such as “What’s your biggest marketing challenge?” on a form may give you interesting answers you never thought about before. From this, you can create content that helps answer your lead’s challenge and have them look to you as a true thought-leader.
  • Draw more leads - Often, if someone arrives at a landing page with a long form, they’ll be more discouraged to fill it out. With progressive profiling, you can shorten and simplify your forms with the intention that you’ll continue marketing to them, and reconversions will allow you to learn more about them without being intrusive.
  • Prevent repetition - No one likes mindless repetition. Helping your users save even a few seconds of time can be helpful for your brand in their mind in the long run.

Making it Happen

Progressive profiling is a great way to gather actionable lead intelligence that can be vital for your sales team (when they get to SQL status, of course).

If you have any questions about how to enable progressive profiling in your HubSpot portal, feel free to reach out! We help our clients with this and other advantages the platform provides.

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Shelby Catalano

Shelby Catalano

Shelby is an Inbound Marketing Consultant who started out as a Copywriter here at Bluleadz. She graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from The University of Tampa, and enjoys aerial arts and watching cat videos in her spare time.