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Why You Should Switch to Content Hub: Outgrowing HubSpot CMS

"The King is dead, long live the King!" HubSpot has retired its old CMS Hub and in its place has launched an AI-enabled content creation and management powerhouse with Content Hub.

This new and vastly improved hub includes everything the old CMS Hub did -- but now bundled with advanced functions and features that make it a more valuable, convenient marketing and sales content generation platform than ever.

Explore why advanced marketers are migrating from HubSpot CMS to Content Hub, unlocking a new realm of possibilities.


Why You Should Switch to Content Hub: Outgrowing HubSpot CMS

Identifying the Signs That You've Outgrown HubSpot CMS

Recognizing when your current content management system (CMS) is no longer serving your needs is crucial for growth. Here are some warning signs that you've outgrown the old CMS Hub:

  • You're encountering issues with content production scalability—you need to produce more content, but generating that content manually is taking more time and resources than you can comfortably afford.
  • It's taking your content team more time than they have available to tweak existing content for new formats.
  • You're having trouble translating your content to markets with a different dominant language.
  • Image selection and customization are becoming a bottleneck in your content generation process.
  • You are relying on a series of third-party integrations to supplement your CMS' limitations.

As your business evolves, the demand for a more robust platform like Content Hub becomes apparent. The need for advanced analytics, greater personalization, and enhanced user experience are telltale signs that you've outgrown HubSpot CMS and are ready to transition to a more comprehensive solution.

Content Hub offers a seamless ecosystem, reducing the need for external plugins and minimizing complexity. 

Unveiling the Power of Content Hub Professional for Marketers

Man on TV shouting into megaphoneContent Hub Professional is tailored for marketers seeking to amplify their content strategy with cutting-edge tools. It provides unparalleled control over content management, enabling teams to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels with ease.

The platform's rich features such as adaptive content recommendations and advanced content staging environments allow marketers to preview and optimize their campaigns in real time—ensuring that every piece of content resonates with the target audience.

In addition to these capabilities, Content Hub Professional's robust analytics and reporting tools empower marketers to make data-driven decisions.

With deeper insights into content performance and user engagement, marketing strategies can be refined to achieve maximum impact.

For example, say that you have a blog. You want to check how well each post performs in terms of the views generated, how often people click on the CTAs for the blog, and how long readers spend looking at your blog. HubSpot makes this easy.

You can check your overall blog stats easily by:

  • Clicking on "Content" in your main HubSpot nav (Marketing in the old nav)
  • Clicking on "Blog" from the expanded menu
  • Clicking on the "Analyze" dropdown
  • Clicking on "View blog analytics" from the dropdown

This will take you to the analytics page where you can check various blog analytics. You can also save these reports to a data dashboard by clicking on the "Actions" dropdown over each report and clicking on the "Save report" option.

To do a deep dive into a single blog's performance:

  • Go to the blog index (Click on "Content" and "Blog" from the main HubSpot nav menu)
  • Search for the blog by typing the name into the search bar
  • Mouse over the blog you want to examine and click on the "More" button
  • Click on "Details" from the dropdown

This will take you to a screen showing performance information for that blog. On this screen, you can adjust the data to show information from the whole of the blog's life, a rolling date range (last "X" days), or a specific date range. 

You can check the number of page views, form submissions, traffic sources, and more to assess how well specific topics and keywords are functioning and use that data to modify future blogs.

Exploring the Advanced Features of Content Hub Enterprise

Content Hub Enterprise is the flagship choice for large organizations with complex needs. It extends the capabilities of the Professional version, adding enterprise-grade features such as:

  • Multi-site management
  • Advanced security controls (Single sign-on, code alerts, etc.)
  • Custom development environments
  • Sandbox account for testing new features, designs, and workflows
  • Custom object definitions and pipelines
  • Organizing up to 300 internal teams

These tools are designed to support global teams, streamline workflows, and maintain brand consistency across extensive digital footprints.

Moreover, Content Hub Enterprise offers extended integration capabilities, connecting seamlessly with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and more.

This ensures that all departments within an organization can leverage the content ecosystem efficiently, from marketing and sales to customer support and beyond.

Revolutionizing Content Creation with AI Tools in Content Hub

Spinning vinyl record on a record playerThe integration of AI tools in Content Hub is a game-changer for content creators. These AI-powered features enable marketers to generate content quickly, with tools that can suggest topics, create outlines, and even draft content. This automation not only saves time but also ensures consistency and adherence to brand voice.

Artificial intelligence in Content Hub also provides deep learning capabilities that help in understanding audience preferences, fine-tuning personalization efforts, and optimizing content for search engines.

The result is a more dynamic, effective content strategy that can adapt to the changing landscape of digital marketing.

How Migrating to Content Hub Can Propel Your Marketing Strategy Forward

Migrating to Content Hub represents a strategic move for marketers aiming to stay ahead of the curve. With its advanced features and AI integration, Content Hub provides the agility and efficiency required to tackle the challenges of modern content marketing. It streamlines operations, enhances collaboration, and delivers a cohesive brand message across all channels.

The scalability of Content Hub ensures that as your business grows, your content management platform grows with you. Adopting Content Hub can lead to significant improvements in content quality, audience engagement, and ultimately, a stronger return on investment for your marketing efforts.

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