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Inbound Sales

Help your buyer and stop selling to them

You CAN shorten the sales cycle; it doesn’t take an exotic remedy or spell to do so. All it takes is a different approach – one that forces you to put yourself directly in the shoes of your prospect and go “What would I want if I was this person?”

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Traditional Sales is Broken

Nobody likes the idea of a salesperson. Anytime you walk in a store you probably cringe when someone bombards you with a “Can I help you?” Why? Because you’re not READY to be helped, and clearly didn’t reach out or signal the need for it.

This is a direct comparison to how “traditional” sales is broken – the brick and mortar approach, of going door-to-door; cold calling; all of that is gradually fading away in a world where most don’t want to be bothered with things that don’t relate to them. You’ve probably heard that we see thousands of intrusive advertisements a day, and have learned to tune the majority of them out.

Consequently, traditional sales results in:

Sales Frustrations

Cold calling and email blasting purchased lists leads to spam reports, little success and overall frustration for all parties. Leads aren’t properly rated, and there’s little to no information about prospects in their database (if any). This is what perpetuates the common saying that “marketing isn’t giving me good leads.”

Marketing Frustrations

Without knowing what sales needs, marketing does what they THINK will help – which means spotty results, and unhappy ROI for everyone. Not having the common questions and intel means marketing points the finger that “sales isn’t properly working the leads and closing.”


Only 10% of salespeople in any organization are what we might call "top performers" - those who regularly close at least half of their qualified prospects

How to Fix it

Fixing the cycle of traditional sales is easier than you might think – after all, it starts exactly with that: how you think. Stop selling to people; it doesn’t work (especially with today’s readily available Internet marketing resources)! Selling has an icky connotation surrounded by an ultimately self-serving end goal, but inbound sales does not. Inbound sales means you put your buyer’s needs before your own.

Much like the inbound marketing methodology, inbound sales has a parallel methodology that solves all the pain points of the used car salesperson. We’ve derived 2 comprehensive solutions to help your business align with this methodology and jump start sales:


Sales Development

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a holistic rating system for low, medium and high leads? With an SDR sequence, you can. This module helps you develop a prospect fit matrix so you can solidify where your leads stand and get in on the conversation with your prospects. This enables you to have a helpful conversation rather than a "salesy" one. 

With this, you can eliminate the confusion with leads and align them properly with your buyer’s journey. Never ask yourself again whether someone is qualified enough or whether they’ll be a good fit for your business. You'll have all this information right in front of you.

Starting at:


Sales Enablement Services

Pump targeted adrenaline directly into your sales team with this module. It’s exactly what it sounds like – we enable your sales team by providing them all the tools they need to close more deals. Included is an inbound sales workshop, an audit of your business’s sales process and a flowchart that’s developed with you on interacting with prospects.

By organizing your team and opening up the conversation with marketing, moving forward, we continue as another pair of eyes on your sales qualified leads (SQLs) and opportunities, and function as inbound helpers for ways you can reach the Holy Grail and shorten the sales cycle.

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Success Rate

Slick Sales Sam

With their ear to the ground, sales is able to maximize on marketing’s efforts and bring substantial ROI to their company. They can then relay any common questions or pain points to marketing, which will help qualify future visitors, leads and prospects coming to their website.

Mad Marketing Max

Knowing where sales has roadblocks, marketing is able to procure helpful resources, and information on contacts to bridge the gap. As a result, marketing can then create compelling content that resonates with visitors. This will result in a traffic and lead boost to your website. 

Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Ready to raise your hand and get the adrenaline pumping? Let’s talk! (No sales necessary.) Fill out the form and one of our Inbound Specialists will be in touch.