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We’ve been advocates of inbound marketing for 8+ years. Our objective? Your ongoing growth and success.


No Gimmicks; Just Results

You may be wondering what inbound marketing is, or how it can help your business. It’s important to understand that it's not just a marketing method – it’s an entirely new way of thinking. 

Inbound marketing is the business of helping people find what they need, because let's face it: no one likes being sold to. Buyers have all the power to tune out phony advertisements and impersonal ads.

There's a better way to engage with your visitors, all while being personal and resonating with their needs. That way is inbound marketing, and it's been proven to work. 

We Are An

Extension of Your Marketing Team

No single person is responsible for inbound success; teamwork is what gets the job done. From curating content, making videos, creating lead nurturing emails, designing effective calls-to-action, and more, our inbound team cranks out campaigns that speak to your buyer personas and facilitate both growth and return on investment (ROI). 

Inbound Marketing Consultants (IMCs)

Consider IMCs your main point of contact in our inbound partnership. They keep you updated on all monthly sprints and efforts with weekly calls, agenda emails, and supplemental HubSpot knowledge whenever you need it. They execute social media and editorial calendar strategy as well as reporting and analytics. 

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Our Designers create digital content including eBooks, calls-to-action, and other graphics for your website. They carry the perfect blend of design expertise and developer know-how so your site has the desired look and feel. Consider their mission to imbue your website with functionality and a modern touch – all while following your style guide seamlessly.


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Copywriters are the content ninjas and are an essential piece to the inbound puzzle. They’re responsible for writing blog, landing page, email, and premium offer content for your buyer personas. We hone in on this process with you, and in order to achieve goals, we consult with your company’s subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure blogs are informative and resonate with visitors in order for them to begin converting on your site. You can find out a more in-depth visual guide about this process

See How Bluleadz Handles Content.

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PPC Specialist

Depending on your business’s needs, we have a PPC Specialist in-house to bolster your pay-per-click (PPC) initiatives. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. We monitor your limit and are able to increase the campaign’s effectiveness by ruling out what’s working and what isn’t from campaign data. 


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Video Specialist

Video is undoubtedly the next frontier of marketing, which is why we have a video guy on-site to boost your efforts. From Wistia analytics to in-video CTAs and annotations, we can help you capture qualified leads and understand how to improve your video marketing initiatives.


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Pricing Modules

Wondering how an inbound partnership works? Our Pricing page makes it easy for you to plug-and-play with our modules to figure out what works best for your business’s needs. The best part? You can add and remove additional modules per month; you’re not locked into any kind of contract or annual commitment.

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it; we encourage you to see how others have benefitted from an inbound partnership:

nexogy used Inbound Marketing to increase contacts by 638% in 4 months with help from Bluleadz.

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Rastrac - a fleet management company - saw a 375% spike in contacts when they partnered with Bluleadz.

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Identropy increases monthly blog visits by 70% and subscribers by 62% with Bluleadz's  Inbound Marketing Strategy.

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Lowman Law Firm - a personal injury attorney - saw a 175% spike in visitors and 322% in leads.

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Sacremento based plumbing company partners with Inbound Marketing agency Bluleadz which yields a 620% in organic website visits.

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Pave the Way for ROI

The biggest key performance indicator (KPI) that’s requested of us is for our efforts to generate ROI. While inbound takes time to ramp up, it’s important to understand that it compounds upon itself, meaning you’ll see more results the longer you follow the inbound methodology.

Based on previous data, we’ve constructed an ROI calculator so you can put in numbers to see projections on how much you could benefit from one of our inbound plans.

Pretty nifty, right?


Visitors Per Year *


Leads Per Year *


Customers Per Year *


* Results are not guaranteed. Projections are based off of average plan performance.

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