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10 Free Tools To Help You Create The Best Email Subject Lines

Free Tools To Craft The Best Email Subject Lines

Posted in Email Marketing. 4 min read

Your email’s subject line is, simply, the most important thing you’ll write in the entire message.

Why? More people will read your subject line than any of the inside text – and they use that 3-second first impression to determine whether they’ll even click on your mail. You only get one chance, and it could decide the fate of your entire marketing campaign.

The subject is your email’s “headline,” and just like blog posts, that’s where it lives or dies.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise email marketers spend plenty of time looking for ways to make their email subject lines more powerful.


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Luckily, you don’t have to be the world’s top direct response copywriter to make your emails more effective. Even small improvements to your email subject lines can yield big bottom line returns.

10 Terrific Tools For Better Email Subject Lines

1. SubjectLine

This free service will evaluate any subject line according to email marketing best practices and give you an instant score. You’ll get immediate, actionable advice so you can continue tweaking your subject until you get the results you want.

Visit SubjectLine

2. Headline Analyzer

The free Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule digs deeper to focus on scoring your headline’s word choices. It helps you tweak the reading level as well as the “word balance” – helping you tap more evocative words. Plus, you can easily compare past headlines.

Visit Headline Analyzer

3. The Hemingway App

Concerned that your message might be going over your readers’ heads? Inspired by the man most celebrated for his short sentences, the Hemingway App focuses in on the readability of your subject line. You can even use it to analyze entire blog posts if you choose.

Visit The Hemingway App

4. PutsMail

You might feel like you’ve finally narrowed it down to the perfect subject line – but what will it look like when it actually reaches your readers’ email box? PutsMail helps you answer that crucial question by providing a complete HTML mock-up of how your message will look.

Visit PutsMail

5. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Where does your subject line’s impact come from? This tool digs deep into your headline and uses proprietary research to analyze it in three categories: Spiritual, Empathic, and Intellectual. It helps you craft your message to resonate with customers on a deeper level.

Visit Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

6. Email Subject Line Keyword Checker

Should you use keywords in your email subject lines? Since subject lines don’t use SEO, the debate rages on whether they aid open rates. Drawing on the performance data from 2 billion emails, this tool by Adestra predicts the impact of keywords on your campaign’s success.

Visit Email Subject Line Keyword Checker

7. ISnotSPAM

If your readers get confused by your subject line, they’re much more likely to mark your email as spam – reducing your email campaign deliverability in the future. ISnotSPAM analyzes your message, including the subject line, to protect you from the spam filter.

Visit ISnotSPAM

8. Subject Line Researcher

Exclusively for Mailchimp members, Subject Line Researcher is an “all in one” subject line tool. It lets you score and compare subject lines instantly, or list subject line “seeds” to get keyword and structure advice. You can see instantly how different phrases might help your campaign.

Visit Subject Line Researcher

9. Subject Line Gold by Touchstone

It’s not as convenient as the others – making you sign up for a free trial before you can get to the good stuff – but the Touchstone tool is the only one that lets you create a virtual simulation of your email marketing database to test subject lines for open, click, and delivery rates.

Visit Subject Line Gold by Touchstone

10. Subject Lines That Work

Last, but not least, check out this compilation of 164 email subject lines that really work, broken down into 11 powerful categories. If you need new inspiration to make your email campaigns work better than ever, try seeing how your current subjects stack up to these.

Visit Subject Lines That Work

A Good Subject Line is Worth (Many Times) its Weight in Gold

At first, subject lines might look like a troublesome subject. A lot is riding on them!

But think of it this way: There’s no easier and more exciting way to raise your email campaign performance in just a few minutes of work. A single phrase, usually less than 40 characters, can transform your business ... that’s even more power per character than a Twitter tweet.

No matter what methods you use to craft your subjects, one thing is certain ...

You need to analyze your performance to figure out what really works for you!

Make sure your email marketing platform (or your inbound marketing consultant) offers detailed data on delivery rates, open rates, and clickthrough. With this information, you can refine your subject line selections over time by focusing on what resonates with your audience.

Remember: Always be asking what your prospects and customers would be delighted to find in their email. When users realize that your messages always add value to their lives, they are that much more likely to open them, regardless of subject.

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