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20 of the Best Customer Survey Questions You Should Be Asking

Customer Survey Questions


If you’re looking for the best customer survey questions, you’ve come to the “write” place!

It’s not always easy to get people to answer customer survey questions. If you pick questions that are clear, specific, and at least a little bit interesting, though, you’ll be much more likely to get insights into your customers that you can really put to use.

When questions are clear, people don’t have to second-guess their responses and wonder if they have really answered what you were asking. Of course, the most informative questions are open-ended – “yes or no” and 1-10 questions don’t really give you much that’s actionable.

Most people are willing to answer 3-5 open-ended questions before they start to get distracted. Naturally, which questions you decide to ask will always depend on who the survey taker is and what type of knowledge you want to glean from the encounter.

In this post, we’ll be going through some of the top questions to ask your customers – whether you want to get general information about their needs and preferences, rate post-purchase satisfaction, or gather marketing details for your next marketing campaign.

At the end, we’ll be covering two super-special “secret” questions with extraordinary powers.


Let’s look at some of the most useful customer survey questions around:

Qualifying and General Information

1. What is Your Biggest Question About [topic]?

This empowers your content strategy. When someone gives you a new question, one of the first things you should do is turn it over to your marketing team to align it with keywords and ensure future prospects can get the answer from your site.

2. What is Your Biggest Challenge in [area]?

Understanding challenges helps you to figure out where the survey taker fits in and whether there is currently a buyer journey that fully meets their needs.

The biggest challenge might be something you have nothing to do with at all, but it still gives you inside into their thought process!

3. What Product, Service, Tool, or App Do You Wish Someone Would Make?

This is a truly gourmet “food for thought” question. The way it’s phrased makes it easy for respondents to let their imagination run wild in a way that “what needs aren’t being met?” just doesn’t allow. These answers can make great fodder for product development.

4. What Made You Choose Us Over the Competition?

There’s usually a number of reasons one brand gets picked over the rest. However, this is a potent way to uncover differentiators that you might not even have thought about yet. Most decision-makers think beyond price and features, so you should, too!

5. What is the Biggest Challenge in Your Position?

This question will help you anchor your buyer personas by digging down to what keeps them awake at night.

It’s helpful to look at these responses in the context of job title and company size to come to grips with how factors influence each other.

6. What are Your Strategic Goals Over the Next 3-6 Months?

Odds are good that decision-makers who have just on-boarded a new solution are counting on it to deliver on some vital long-term goals.

Knowing exactly what’s going on behind the scenes enhances your support efforts and enables you to up-sell and cross-sell, too.

Customer Satisfaction

7. Would You Recommend Our Products or Services? Why or Why Not?

This is really the most valuable of all customer survey questions in terms of judging satisfaction.

It’ll tell you more than any combination of stars, thumbs (up or otherwise) or other symbols. It gets to the root of your success or not-so-success right away.

8. How Could We Improve [product/service] to Meet Your Needs Better?

Feature check! You’re always looking for ways to refine your solutions. Here’s a chance to find out what needs could still be addressed better before any customer frustration bubbles to the surface.

Of course, some requests will still be unattainable. (No, we can’t add beer on tap to our CRM.)

9. What Do You Like Most and Least About Our Product?

This question can be a major eye-opener once you’ve collected it from a few hundred users. The trends you identify here are likely to be some of the most pressing ones when it comes to updating your offerings and keeping them competitive.

10. What’s the Most Recent Example of a Time
When We Exceeded Your Expectations?

This one calls on the respondent to think a little bit, which can cause some to bail out. Still, it works to your advantage: They’ll usually recall a concrete example, which makes it easier for you to reproduce whatever went right in the future.

11. What’s the Most Recent Example of a Time When We Could’ve Done Better?

This is the reverse of the question above – its evil twin, if you will. People are more likely to remember (and report) negative experiences.

It’s also harder to overcome a negative impression. It makes sense, then, that you want problems out in the open where they can be solved.

12. If You Could Change Just One Thing About Our Product or Service, What Would it Be?

Unlike question #2 above, survey takers don’t usually grab this question and jump over the moon with it. It’s much more likely to elicit a modest response: Some detail that you might actually be able to fix right away or within a short time. Every little bit counts!


13. Where Do You Go for [industry] Advice?

In an ideal world, your display advertising and guest content would show up exclusively on well-regarded websites that B2B decision-makers trust. Keep an eye on these answers to optimize your brand-building initiatives.

14. How Could We Make Our Blog More Useful to You?

What kind of content are your prospects and customers looking for? Your blog should continue building the relationship after the sale.

There are few better ways to do that than with some fresh, piping hot content that will keep meeting their needs.

15. Are There any YouTube Channels You Subscribe to for [industry] Information?

B2B decision-makers are using video more than ever before. Video is fast, convenient, and easy to consume on the go.

No matter the industry, you can get real inspiration by observing (and learning from) techniques thought leaders in this space are using.

16. How Did You First Hear About Us?

In an ideal world, your analytics suite would tell you everything you need to know about where users come from and what they do once they find you.

In the real world, though, it’s usually a whole lot simpler to just ask. This is perfect for helping establish marketing ROI.

17. What is Your Preferred Method of Learning?

Everyone learns differently. Although schools are structured for visual learners who absorb information by seeing or reading it, there’s also auditory and even kinesthetic learners.

With this question, you’ll discover a little more about which content is most helpful to the respondent.

18. How Would You Look for a Business Like Ours on Google?

For all the time and sweat you might invest in seeking out good keywords, your website visitors will always have ideas you never would’ve dreamed of.

Some won’t yield much traffic, but they can be powerful touchstones to raise your visibility through latent semantic indexing.

And ... the Two Secret Customer Survey Questions

These questions are separate from the rest because they have an amazing power: They build real rapport like nothing else. Not only will they give you an unparalleled glimpse into how your customers think, but they communicate that you genuinely care about helping those customers succeed.

Each one can represent an opportunity for a new customer touchpoint that might never have come around otherwise. So, when you implement these customer survey questions, just be sure you’ve got resources in the pipeline to follow up – that’s where they shine.

19. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

You really never know what you’re going to get from this question: It could be something as small and simple as a UX question or it might reveal a sweeping misunderstanding of how your solution works. A personalized answer from a subject expert should be your go-to play here.

20. What Else Would You Like Us to Know?

This simple query opens up a lot of doors. You’ll often find that customers give surprisingly full and detailed answers. This might be the place where they decide to disclose that they know lots of colleagues who would love what you do. You’ll never know unless you ask.

The right customer survey questions can unlock unexpected revelations about the people behind the screen. Concise, powerful customer surveys should become one more part of your ongoing outreach – monitor them, compare the answers across different customers and customer groups, and replace any questions that consistently attract low quality answers.

What are your favorite customer survey questions? The best answers you’ve ever gotten?

Let us know about them below!

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Published on May 25, 2018


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