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7 Kindergarten Lessons That'll Help You with Your Marketing Objectives

Long gone are the days of naps and snacks from kindergarten yesteryearsor are they?

There are so many good things that we learned in kindergarten, such as minding our manners, the golden rule, and how to have fun while getting a bit more scheduled and organized to prepare us for the next adventure and lesson life had in store for us.

Just because you may not be five years old anymore, doesn’t mean that some of the basic kindergarten lessons we learned don’t apply in adulthood; in fact, they are even relevant in helping you reach your marketing objectives too.

The 7 Kindergarten Lessons to Help You With Your Marketing Objectives

You learn a lot in grade school, but kindergarten still seems to be the favored year for learning pivotal life lessons.

The following 7 lessons are ones you learned in kindergarten and are applicable to various aspects of your marketing objectives.

1. Sharing is caringespecially in a social world 

Learning how to share your toys was a valuable lesson in kindergarten just like learning how to share your content on social media is in marketing.  

The rise of social media platforms offered marketers an easy tool to help them reach their marketing objectives by allowing them to share valuable content.

In relation to marketing objectives, sharing your content and thoughts on social media is a tool marketers can use to drive traffic and help in the conversion process from prospects and leads to happily ever after customers.

2. It doesn’t have to be perfectat least not your content

Remember the days of finger painting? In kindergarten, you would essentially get an A in art class for completing an assignment; the art teacher wasn’t looking for a masterpiece, just the fact that you did your best because art is never perfect.

Writing is a form of art and one of the first lessons in any English class is that the writing process is endless; this means it will always be unfinished because there will always be room for revisions.

Well, the same is true of blog posts. Countless times companies will spend so much time revising a blog post that they lose sight of its purpose, such as building SEO.

Vince Lombardi said it best when he said:

“True perfection is unattainable, but if you chase perfection you will catch excellence.”

Yes, you want your content to be accurate, but it’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all masterpiece and that’s what a lot of people don’t realize.  

Focus on getting it published so others can awe at its beauty too; you’ve chased perfection in the topic and content, now catch SEO excellence and get it published.

Marketing_Objectives_-_Sandbox.jpg3. Playing together in the sandbox for better smarketing

Playing well in the sandbox is one of many kindergarten lessons that benefits you long after the sandbox days.

Sales and marketing teams have been known to clash in their perspectives of each other’s roles within an organization; however, they go hand in hand and show better results when they play well in the sandbox together—aka smarketing.

Smarketing is a powerful hybrid of sales and marketing teams collaborating to create and fulfill their smart goal objectives.

4. Treat others how you want to be treated

Treating others how you want to be treated is arguably one of the most valuable kindergarten lessons we learned. But, it is also a pertinent lesson for marketers too.

Do you enjoy being sold to? Chances are you don’t, so why would your website visitors and potential customers enjoy it?

Design your website and content to be their educational hub by leveraging information to educate your audience with content that actually helps them rather than being a sales pitch megaphone.

Marketing_Objectives_-_Imagination.jpg5. Use your imagination and be creative

The average five-year-old has a pretty vivid imagination and it’s generally encouraged and appreciated in kindergarten.

In marketing, you have to be creative. Don’t get stuck in a monotonous marketing routine—mix up your content; you can offer variations of content, including:

  • Vlogs
  • Slideshares
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Tip sheets
  • Checklists
  • Catalogs

6. Listen to others

Listening is an essential skill we learned in kindergarten. In marketing, we do the same thing to help sustain our marketing objectives.

However, instead of listening with our ears, we listen to our audience with metrics and numbers to learn what’s resonating with them, what they like and what they don’t like and tailor our objectives accordingly.

7. Napping is Critical to Success 

Some companies are going back to yesteryear and are creating nap rooms because they are realizing that naps are a big winner, not just for kindergarteners, but for adults too.

Naps can help refresh your creative juices especially when it comes to writing good content and remembering that sometimes walking away for a few minutes or simply sleeping on an idea can help spark and foster creative content.

What’s Your Favorite Lesson from Kindergarten?

There’s a lot of lessons from kindergarten we can apply to our personal and professional lives. My personal favorite kindergarten lesson I like to implement in my personal and professional life is #4 Treating Others the Way You Want to be Treated.

I’m a huge fan of human decency and not a fan of people spitting out a sales pitch. I prefer to make an educated decision and conducting my own research before I make a purchase, so companies that help me do that get my business.

We want to know what your favorite kindergarten lesson is that helps you with your marketing objectives, so practice kindergarten lesson #1 and be social; leave us a comment below or tweet us at @Bluleadz.

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Brianna Celeste

Brianna Celeste